Biography of Dyers Family

Dyers Family. I will now mention a family of Dyers that were born in the town of Benson, Vermont. I will give the names of those who came to Springwater to live, as they come in order of age: Lima, born in 1802, came to Springwater in 1882, and died here in 1873; and Horatio Dyer, born in 1805, came to Springwater in 1828, and engaged in mercantile business. He married Electa A. Southworth, daughter of Alva Southworth, Esq. They raised a family of four children, two sons and two daughters. After a few years he quit selling goods and engaged in farming. He was successful in both trade and farming, and in 1884, he sold his farm and removed to Dansville where he and his two sons, Solon S. and Frank, engaged extensively in the mercantile business, in which they continued until his” death, which was in 1880, his wife having died a few years previous. The two sons are still continuing the business at the old place. The daughters are also living at Dansville. One is Mrs. Marcus 0. Austin, and the other Mrs. Charles Stephen. Thomas T. Dyer, another of the family first mentioned, was born in 1810 He came to Springwater In 1829, and was engaged in a store of his brother’s for many years. He was also postmaster here for a few years. He finally got married and went to the state of Ohio, where he resided until some eight or ten years since, when his wife died and he came back to Springwater and remained here until his death,’ which happened in 1882. The father of this family having previously died, the mother came West in 1832, to Richmond, N. Y., where she was attacked with cholera and died, and Lima came to Springwater to live with her brother Horatio. The youngest son of the family, Daniel E. Dyer, was born in Benson, Vermont, on the 22nd day of November, 1817, and remained there until the fall of 1834, when he came to Springwater to live, and where he has made it his home ever since. He first tried farming, then teaching school, after which he tried selling goods by traveling from house to house. He was rather successful in business, in about 1842 or 1843, commenced selling goods at the old store on the corner where Allen & Whitlock now are, and continued the business for ten or twelve years. On the 13th day of September, 18, he married Cordelia H. Day, daughter of Dr. Elisha C. Day. She was born in Cohecton, Sullivan County, N. Y., May 18th, 1817. Dyer was engaged in selling goods at the time the railroad was being built, from 1850 to 1853, and had the most of the Irish trade, and sold a large amount of goods and made considerable money, but soon after this his health failed and he retired from the business, and is now trying to enjoy the fruits of his labors of earlier days, and having no children and no one but himself and wife to provide for, and having an abundance of means, he has taken it upon himself to look after the wants of the widows and orphans, and is very liberal in supplying the wants of such as he considers deserving poor about him; and there are many that will remember with grateful hearts the assistance they have received from him in time of need.



Walbidge, Orson. Early History of the town Springwater, Livingston County. 1887.

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