Biographical Sketch of Joshua Locke

(III) Joshua, son of Ebenezer Locke, was born August 21, 1709, and married (first) at Woburn, March, 1732, Hannah, born January 2, 1712, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Reed. He married (second) Tabitha, daughter of Dr. Isaac Bellows, of Southboro, buried at Boston, April, 1744. He lived in Woburn, Westboro, Boston ( ?) and Southboro, and was probably a carpenter by occupation. He sold land in the latter town to Isaac Amidon in 1753. and was on the alarm list of that town in 1757, and died there, in 1767. His second wife survived him. Children: Joshua, mentioned elsewhere; Josiah, born February 6, 1735, at Westboro; Ebenezer, August 5, 1737, at Oxford (?).

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