Biographical Sketch of Francis M. Kennedy

(II) Francis M., son of James and Margaret (Houston) Kennedy, was born in Kells, Scotland, May 30, 1830. His whole life after coming to this country was spent on his farm in Italy, New York, with the exception of the last six years, when he lived retired from active work, in Canandaigua, New York. He was a member of the Protestant church, and adherent of the Republican party. He married (first) in Italy, Yates county, New York, 1853, Phoebe J., daughter of James and Rachel Fisher. Children: James M., born September 23, 1854, deceased; John A., born May 19, 1857, deceased ; Grant Maitland, see forward. Mr. Kennedy married (second) Lillie I. Griswold. Children: Margaret, born July 7. 1893; Mary J.. November 25, 1875; Frances F., September 1, 1880: Frederick G., December 16, 1884; Ralph H., April 20, 1887.

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