History of Archer Nebraska, 1887-1987

Archer, located in Merrick County, Nebraska, is a small unincorporated community with historical relevance primarily due to its agricultural roots. Established in the late 19th century, Archer’s development was closely linked to the expansion of the railroad, specifically the Union Pacific Railroad which provided critical connectivity to larger markets. The area was first settled by European-American farmers, and the town was formally plotted in 1886. The geography of the area features the typical rolling plains of central Nebraska, which have historically supported mixed farming and livestock ranching. The proximity of the Platte River has been a notable geographical feature, influencing settlement patterns and economic activities in the region.

In 1987, in celebration of its centennial, the Archer community enlisted Helen Boelts as the chief editor to compile a centennial book in honor of 100 years of history. In this manuscript the writers and editor labor to tell the story of Archer, from its founding by Mr. C. D. Chapman to its establishment and progress in 1987. Of particular importance to genealogists is the large section on the families of Archer Nebraska.

Table of Contents

Business, p. 11
Churches, p. 43
Deacon Gardner’s Items, p. 113
Occupations and Farm Labor, p. 132
This and That, p. 145
Families, p. 170 (see list of families below)
Social Life, p. 246
Centennial Celebration, p. 262

Families Featured

Wilhelm Anderson Family, p. 171
Fred Baker, p. 173
The Boelts Family, p. 174
Frederick G. Boelts, p. 176
Hon. John G. Boelts, p. 178
Rebecca and Fred Boelts Family, p. 179
Winifred Brittin, p. 181
George Eckhoff, p. 182
Frances Eckhoff, p. 182
George H. Ferris, p. 183
Daniel W. Farnham, p. 183
Lutellus L. Frazer, p. 184
The George Gardner Family, p. 186
Emil Hassen, p. 188
The Hansen Family, p. 189
The Huff Family, p. 193
Anton Hummel, p. 194
Jacob and Minnie (Wegner) Ita, p. 195
Jocelyn Babel Kimberling, p. 196
John M. Kyes, p. 197
The Lebert Family, p. 199
Edward W. Lehr, p. 201
Mary Lehr, p. 201
Inez Eckhoff Longdon, p. 202
William Johnston, p. 204
Fred Alexander Marsh, p. 205
The McCutchen Family, p. 206
Dan McCutcheon, p. 208
Elijah McKendry, p. 209
Adolph Nitzel, p. 210
Rankin Family, p. 212
Robert Lee Rankin, p. 214
Milton H. Rawlings, p. 215
The Sampson Family History, p. 216
Ora Sampson, p. 218
The Julius Schmaltz Family, p. 219
Jessie Sinsel, p. 222
William F. Sinsel, p. 223
Lloyd (Tom) Stalker, p. 224
Edward Sullivan, Sr., p. 225
History of Frank Teichmeier, p. 226
Jacob Beam Templin, p. 227
Jefferson D. Van Pelt, p. 228
Mayo Van Pelt, p. 229
Milo Van Pelt, p. 230
Jacob Weber, p. 231
Frank and Minnie Zamzow Family, p. 232
The Herman Weller Family, p. 237
Buren Wells, Mail Carrier, p. 238
Charles H. Woodward, p. 239
Zamzow – Rudolf, p. 240
William Wegner Family, p. 242


Boelts, Helen, Archer Nebr. Centennial 1887 1987, Archer, Nebraska : Archer, Nebraska, 1989.



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