Treaty of October 27, 1832 – Potawatomi

Articles of a Treaty, made and concluded on the Tippecanoe River, in the State of Indiana, on the twenty-seventh day of October, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty-two, between Jonathan Jennings, John W. Davis and Marks Crume, Commissioners on the part of the United States, and the Chiefs and Warriors of the Potowatomies, of the State of Indiana and Michigan Territory.

Article 1. The Chiefs and Warriors aforesaid cede to the United States, their title and interest to lands in the States of Indiana and Illinois, and in the Territory of Michigan, south of Grand river.

Article 2. From the cession aforesaid, the following reservations are made, (to wit:) The reservation at Po-ca-gan’s village for his band, and a reservation for such of the Potowatomies as are resident at the village of Notta-we-sipa, agreeably to the treaties of the nineteenth of September, eighteen hundred and twenty-seven, and twentieth of September, 1828.

For the band of Kin-Kash, four sections:
For O-ca-chee, one section:
For the band Mes-qua-buck, four sections, to include his village:
For the band of Che-kase, four sections, to include his village:
For the band of Che-Chaw-kose ten sections, to include his village:
For the Potowatomies, two sections, to include their mills on Tippecanoe river.
For the band of To-i-sas brother Me-mot-way, and Che-quam-ka-ko, ten sections to include their village:
For the band of Ma-sac, four sections:
For the band of Ash-kum and Wee-si-o-nas, sixteen sections, to include their village:
For the band of Wee-sau, five sections of land, including one section, granted to him by the Treaty of eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, and to include his present residence:
For the bands of Mo-ta and Men-o-quet. four sections, each, to include their village:
For Be-si-ah, four sections.

Article 3. The United States agree to grant to each of the following persons, the quantity of land annexed to their names, which lands shall be conveyed to them by patent:
For Mon-i-taw-quah, daughter of Swa-gaw, one section, to include Wi-me-gos village:
For Wee-saw, three sections:
For Po-quia, the sister of Jose, one section:
For Ben-ack, eight sections:
For Ursule Du-quin-dre, one section:
For Ge-neir, one section:
To To-pen-ne-bee, principal chief, one section:
To Poch-a-gan, second Chief, one section:
To Pet-chi-co, two sections:
To Sau-gana, one section:
To Louis Barnett, one section:
To Mam-qua, daughter of Sau-ga-na, one section:
To Mish-a-wa, adopted daughter of Pit-e-chew, one section:
To Kesis-Shadana, one section:
To Louis Chadana, one half section:
To Charles Chadana, one half section:
To John B. Chadana, one section:
To Pier Navarre’s wife, one section:
To John B. Ducharm, one section:
To Mie-saw-bee, one quarter section:
To Baptiste L. Clare, one half section:
To Mary Lacombe’s children, one half section:
To Joseph Bertrand’s, jr. children, one half section jointly:
To Francis Page, jr. one half section:
To Alexander Rollane, a half blood, one half section:
To Re-re-mo-sau, (alias) Panish, one section and one half section, on the McCou, on the river Raison, in the Michigan Territory, which was reserved to his use at St. Joseph’s treaty, of eighteen hundred and twenty-eight:
To Mary Nedeau, one quarter section:
To Saw-grets, son of Pier Moran, one half section:
To Isadore Mo-mence and Wa-be-ga, sons of Pier Morans, one quarter section each:
To Poch-a-gan’s wife, one section:
To Pet-qua and Kee-see, sons of Ma-kee-sa-be, one half section:
To Pe-nem-chis, one half section:
To Neu-a-tau-naut, one half section:
To Francis de Jean, one section:
To Mary Ann Ben-ack, wife of Edward McCartney, three sections of land, to be located on the south side of the Turkey creek prairie:
For Francis Besion, one half section:
For Miss-no-qui, a chieftess, four sections:
For Luther Rice, one quarter section:
For Med-lin Aucharm, one quarter section:
For Sheaupo Truckey, one section:
For Ju-be Actrois, one section:
For Ash-kum, two sections:
For Pee-pees-kah one section:
For Po-ka-kause, one half section:
For Nas-wau-kee, one section:
For Man-me-nass, one half section:
For Paul Longlois, one half section:
For Peter Longlois, junr., one half section:
For Shaw-bo-wah-tuck, one quarter section:
For Betsey Rousau, one quarter section:
For John Davis, one half section:
For Nancy Cicott, one quarter section:
For Amelia Cicott, one quarter section:
For Lazette Allen, one quarter section:
For Polly Griffith, daughter of Ne-bosh, two sections:
For Chop-y-tuck, or John Payne, one section:
For Joe Borisau, one quarter section:
For Quash-mau, one quarter section:
For Mas-co, one quarter section:
For Mis-sink-qu-quah, six sections:
For Aub-e-naub-bee, ten sections:
For Nee-kaw Dizzardee, one quarter section:
For Mog-see, one half section:
To Kaubee, one half section:
To old Ann Mac-i-to, one half section:
To old Wee-saw, one half section:
To Pe-te-no-on, one half section:
To Tou-se-qua, the wife of Joe Baily, one section:
To Au-taw-co-num, daughter of the Crane, one section:
To Sen niss-quah and her daughter Nancy, two sections:
To James Burnett, one section:
To To-gah, a Potawatomie woman, one quarter section:
To Mary Ann Bruner, one quarter section.

The foregoing reservations shall be selected, under the direction of the President of the United States, after the lands shall have been surveyed, and the boundaries to correspond with the public surveys.

Article 4. In consideration of the aforesaid cession, the United States will pay fifteen thousand dollars annually for twelve years; Thirty-two thousand dollars, in goods, will be paid as soon after the signing of these articles, as they can be procured, and ten thousand dollars, in goods, will be paid next spring, at Notta-wa-si-pa, and to be paid to that band, and pay their just debts, agreeably to a schedule hereunto annexed, amounting to twenty thousand seven hundred and twenty-one dollars.
The section of land granted by the treaty of St. Joseph to To-pe-nau-koung, wife of Peter Longlois, shall be purchased by the United States, if the same can be done for the sum of eight hundred dollars.
The United States agree to appropriate, for the purpose of educating Indian youths, the annual sum of two thousand dollars, as long as the Congress of the United States may think proper, to be expended as the President may direct.
This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the contracting parties, as soon as the same shall have been ratified, by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

In testimony whereof, the said Jonathan Jennings, John W. Davis, and Marks Crume, commissioners as aforesaid, and the chiefs, head men, and warriors of the Potowatomies, have hereunto set their hands at Tippecanoe, on the twenty-seventh day of October, in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two.

Jonathan Jennings
J. W. Davis
Louison Burnet
Marks Crume

H. Hoover, Secretary
Th. J. V. Owen, United States Indian agent
Marius Willet
J. Stewart, Subagent
J. Bt. Chandonnais
J. E. Aunt
Peter Godfroy
G. A. Everts
Robert Simerwell
L. M. Taylor
Francis Comparret
E. N. Cicott, sint
J. B. Baure, sint
H. Lasselle
Henry Ossem

After the signing of this treaty, and at the request of the Indians, two thousand seven hundred dollars were applied to the purchasing of horses, which were purchased and delivered to the Indians under our direction, leaving the sum to be paid in merchandise, at this time, twenty-nine thousand three hundred dollars.

Jonathan Jennings

J. W. Davis

Marks Crume


It is agreed on the part of the United States, that the following claims shall be allowed, agreeable to the fourth article of the foregoing treaty, viz:

To Erasmus Winslow, three hundred dollars,
Squire Thompson, one hundred dollars,
L. Johnson, three hundred and seventy-five dollars,
Francis Comperret, two thousand four hundred and fifty dollars,
Ica Rice, fifteen hundred dollars,
T. P. and J. J. Godfroy, two hundred and fifty dollars,
Joseph Smith, twenty-six dollars,
James Aveline, ninety-eight dollars,
Edward Smith, forty-seven dollars,
Gustavus A. Everts, two hundred dollars,
Alexis Coquillard, five thousand one hundred dollars,
Lathrop M. Taylor, two thousand two hundred and eighty dollars,
Peter and J. J. Godfroy, three thousand five hundred dollars,
R. A. Forsyth, eighteen hundred dollars,
Louis Dupuis, forty dollars,
Timothy S. Smith, three hundred and ninety dollars,
William Huff, one hundred dollars,
Thomas Jones, two hundred and seventy-five dollars
Michael Cadieux, four hundred and ninety dollars,
Arthur Patterson, nine hundred dollars,
Samuel McGeorge, three hundred and fifty dollars,
D. H. Colerick, one hundred and fifty dollars,
James Conner, one thousand dollars.

Jonathan Jennings, Commissioner

J. W. Davis, Commissioner

Marks Crume, Commissioner

Schedule of Claims

It is agreed on the part of the United States, that the following claims shall be allowed, agreeable to the fourth article of the foregoing treaty, viz:

Treaty of October 27, 1832 Schedule of Claims

<strong>Name</strong> <strong>Amount</strong>
Erasmus Winslow0.00
Squire Thompson100.00
L. Johnson375.00
Francis Comperret2,450.00
Ica Rice1,500.00
T. P. and J. J. Godfroy250.00
Joseph Smith26.00
James Aveline98.00
Edward Smith47.00
Gustavus A. Everts200.00
Alexis Coquillard5,100.00
Lathrop M. Taylor2,280.00
Peter and J. J. Godfroy3,500.00
R. A. Forsyth800.00
Louis Dupuis40.00
Timothy S. Smith390.00
William Huff100.00
Thomas Jones257.00
Michael Cadieux490.00
Arthur Patterson900.00
Samuel McGeorge350.00
D. H. Colerick150.00
James Conner1,000.00

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