Township 20-28 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian

Exhibit D

The list of land filed with the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, December 16, 1902, and amended January 23, 1903, by Walter S. Logon, claiming to be the attorney for the Delaware Indians, is found as indicated below, from the Commission’s records, to be claimed and occupied by Delaware Citizens of the Cherokee Nation, as per Commission’s citizenship cards, and to this land there has not appeared any adverse claimant.

NOTE: After you find your ancestor listed on this page, you should take the the Card Number, and go to the Final Roll Database and search there.

Township 20 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Card NoRegister No.SectionSurnameGiven NameMiddleAcres
Delaware 325472Section 25BulletteGeorge270.00
Delaware 325472Section 36410.00
Township 22 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 137829Section 13WashingtonWilliam60.00
Delaware 137829Section 13WashingtonWilliam30.00
Township 24 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 96398Section 25McEwinWilliam120.00
Delaware 96398Section 36McEwinWilliam80.00
Township 25 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 79100Section 14BronsonJulia80.00
Delaware 8040Section 36Patiacow130.00
Township 26 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 125406Section 1OverleesCarrieV.20.00
Delaware 87627Section 13ThursdayMary240.00
Delaware 98814Section 13BufordJane80.00
Delaware 87627Section 24ThursdayMary140.00
Delaware 207653Section 24SarcoxieJohn190.00
Delaware 8040Section 24Patiacow30.00
Delaware 8040Section 25Patiacow50.00
Delaware 125406Section 25OverleesCarrieV.130.00
Township 27 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 6161Section 1WashingtonMary50.90
Delaware 219219Section 1YoungJohn160.76
Delaware 437437Section 1YellowjacketJohn180.00
Delaware 376376Section 1Frenchman70.00
Delaware 146376Section 1FrenchmanFrank40.67
Delaware 85376Section 2FrenchmanFrank40.76
Delaware 85376Section 2Frenchman20.00
Delaware 117711Section 2BuffaloThomas31.10
Delaware 133462Section 2EasyWidowJ.20.22
Delaware 437437Section 12YellowjacketJohn230.00
Township 28 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Delaware 184136Section 12WilsonWilliam20.00
Delaware 184136Section 13WilsonWilliam490.00
Delaware 117711Section 13BuffaloThomas50.00
Delaware 146378Section 13FrenchmanFrank50.00
Delaware 146378Section 14FrenchmanFrank130.00
Delaware 184136Section 14WilsonWilliam30.00
Delaware 184136Section 24WilsonWilliam70.00
Delaware 117711Section 24BuffaloThomas160.00
Delaware 74219Section 25YoungJohn140.00
Delaware 196378Section 25BrittonMinnieMrs.20.00
Delaware 117218Section 35BuffaloThomas150.67
Delaware 146378Section 35FrenchmanFrank10.00
Delaware 196218Section 36BrittonMinnieMrs.40.00
Delaware 74219Section 36YoungJohn220.00
Delaware 19861Section 36WashingtonMary100.00
Delaware 146378Section 36FrenchmanFrank10.00

Allotment of Lands to Delaware Indians, 58th Congress, 2nd Session, Senate, No.104, 1904

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