Quinipissa Indians

Quinipissa Tribe: Signifying “those who see,” perhaps meaning “scouts,” or “outpost.”

Quinipissa Connections.  The Quinipissa belonged to the southern division of the Muskhogean stock and probably were very closely related to the Choctaw.

Quinipissa Location. On the west bank of the Mississippi River and some distance above New Orleans.

Quinipissa History. There may have been a connection between this tribe, the Acolapissa, and the Napissa or Napochi. (See Mississippi) They were met first by La Salle and his companions when the latter were on their way to the Gulf of Mexico in 1682. They treated the explorers in a hostile manner but made peace with Tonti in 1686. When Iberville ascended the river in 1699, no tribe of the name was to be found, but later it was learned that the chief of’ the Mugulasha tribe, the then forming one village with the Bayogo was the same chief who had had dealings with La Salle and Tonti. According to some writers, the Mugulasha were identical with the Quinipissa; according to others, the Mugulasha had absorbed the remains of the Quinipissa. In May 1700, the Bayogoula rose against the Mugulasha and destroyed them as a tribe, though they probably adopted many individuals. We hear nothing further regarding them.

Quinipissa Population. There is no separate estimate of the number of the Quinipissa. (See Bayogoula Indians)

Connection in which they have become noted. The Quinipissa are noted only for the encounter, ultimately hostile, which La Salle had with them in 1682 when he descended to the mouth of the Mississippi.

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