Probable Mixed-Blood Heads of Household, 1834

Appendix C Notes

Names: Listed alphabetically. There are a few names listed twice. In most cases this represents different individuals, especially if the names are from the same source. In the case of duplicate names from separate sources, a chance of the names being the same person is likely, but not assumed.

Location: The orthography varies but is taken as it appeared in the source document. In some cases the source gives more specific location information than that in the listing of the appendix. The location listed may also be a creek, river, or district. Entries such as, Alabama, or, Creek, are the state or Indian nation indicated.

Probable Mixed-Blood Heads of Household, 1834

Adams, ElijahArkansas
Adams, JohnArkansas
Adams, JohnArkansas
Allen, A.Red River
Allen, James A.Arkansas
Anderson, AdamRed River
Anderson, DanielRed River
Anderson, DanielArkansas
Anderson, JohnArkansas
Anderson, JosephArkansas
Anderson, SamuelRed River
Austin, SamuelRed River
Ayers, NathanielRed River
Bacon, LillieArkansas
Bacon, SamuelRed River
Bagin, CharlesRed River
Baldwin, DavidRed River
Baldwin, JackRed River
Battice, BenjaminRed River
Battice, WilliamRed River
Beams, GilbertRed River
Beams, HettyRed River
Beams, ViceyRed River
Belvin, BillyRed River
Belvin, JohnRed River
Belvin, ThomasArkansas
Black, WilliamRed River
Bliss, EbenezerRed River
Bliss, IsaacRed River
Bliss, JosiahRed River
Bohanan, WilliamArkansas
Bohannon, SilasRed River
Boon, Daniel H.Red River
Bradley, ColbertRed River
Brashiers, BenjaminRed River
Brashiers, LewisRed River
Brashiers, VaughanRed River
Brewer, ColonelRed River
Brewer, JamesRed River
Brhanan, Wm. L.Arkansas
Brinyard, DavidRed River
Buchanan, JessieRed River
Burch, SampsonRed River
Burch, SampsonArkansas
Burrows, GabrielRed River
Byington, SamuelRed River
Calhoun, John C.Red River
Camp, BenArkansas
Camp, BenArkansas
Camp, CorneliusRed River
Campbell, BillyRed River
Campbell, Calvin CRed River
Campbell, JamesRed River
Carney, CorneliusRed River
Cares, JamesRed River
Carps, PensaRed River
Christy, MitchellRed River
Coconer, NicholasRed River
Colbert, TopsinArkansas
Cole, BobRed River
Cole, JessieRed River
Cole, MalindaRed River
Cole, PeterRed River
Cole, RobertRed River
Cole, SampsonRed River
Coleman, JohnArkansas
Coleman, Mrs.Arkansas
Collins, LinionRed River
Congo, LewisRed River
Congo, ThomasRed River
Contee, John R.Red River
Cooper, ElseyRed River
Cooper, JohnRed River
Cooper, JohnRed River
Cooper, LusaArkansas
Cooper, Mrs.Arkansas
Cooper, SusanRed River
Countee, HolinaRed River
Covant, SophiaArkansas
Crabgrass, DanielRed River
Cravat, BillyRed River
Cravat, PeterRed River
Curtis, EdwardRed River
Daley, AlexanderRed River
Daughty, JohnArkansas
Davenport, JosephRed River
Davis, JohnArkansas
Davis, JohnArkansas
DeSearcy, Wm.Red River
Drew, WilliamRed River
Duke, JosephRed River
Duraud, LewisRed River
Dyer, JoshuaRed River
Ellis, JohnRed River
Eskins, JosephRed River
Everidge, ThomasRed River
Fields, WilliamRed River
Filecutchy, BarneyRed River
Fisher, JosephRed River
Fisher, SilasRed River
Fisk, IsaacRed River
Fletcher, JamesRed River
Flinn, AndrewRed River
Folsom, AdamArkansas
Folsom, AllenRed River
Folsom, AllenRed River
Folsom, DanielArkansas
Folsom, DavidRed River
Folsom, EdmundArkansas
Folsom, GeorgeRed River
Folsom, GeorgeRed River
Folsom, IsaacRed River
Folsom, IsraelRed River
Folsom, JacobRed River
Folsom, JerahRed River
Folsom, JohnRed River
Folsom, McKeeArkansas
Folsom, NatArkansas
Folsom, NathanielRed River
Folsom, RhodaRed River
Folsom, RobertRed River
Folsom, SamRed River
Folsom, SamuelArkansas
Folsom, SolomanArkansas
Folsom, WashingtonArkansas
Folsom, WilliamRed River
Frasier, AndrewRed River
Frasier, JamesRed River
Frazier, AmosRed River
Frazier, Alec.Red River
Frazier, BenjaminRed River
Frazier, BillyRed River
Frazier, FisherRed River
Frazier, HarrisRed River
Frazier, JohnRed River
Frazier, JohnRed River
Frazier, LouisRed River
Frazier, MosesRed River
Frazier, SweenyRed River
Fry, BillRed River
Fry, JamesRed River
Fry, PollyRed River
Gardner, IsaacRed River
Gardner, JamesRed River
Gardner, JerryRed River
Gardner, LewisRed River
Gardner, WilliamRed River
Garland, JamesRed River
Garland, JohnRed River
Garland, JohnRed River
Garland, SamuelArkansas
Garland, SilasRed River
Gibson, ThomasRed River
Gillet, NancyArkansas
Gowen, JamesRed River
Gowen, PatrickRed River
Graham, NathanielRed River
Greaves, HenryRed River
Griffee, MarkArkansas
Griggs, LeroyRed River
Hall, MargaretArkansas
Hammon, JaneRed River
Hancock, JamesArkansas
Harkins, George WRed River
Harkins, Jane C.Red River
Harkins, WillisRed River
Harrison, MRed River
Hayes, CharlesRed River
Hayes, JohnRed River
Hayes, PhilemonRed River
Hayes, SolomonRed River
Hayes, ThomasRed River
Hayes, WidowRed River
Hayler, TomRed River
Hervey, JamesRed River
Holderfield, RichardRed River
Holloway, BeckyArkansas
Holmes, DavidRed River
Holsen, CharlesArkansas
Hoomer, JohnRed River
Hoomer, MarkRed River
Hoomer, WilliamRed River
Hudson, GeorgeRed River
Hudson, JamesRed River
Hunter, GeorgeRed River
Imson, IsaacRed River
Jackson, AndrewArkansas
Jackson, BilRed River
Jacobs, ElisabethRed River
Jacobs, LeviRed River
James, BenjaminRed River
James, BenjaminRed River
James, IsaacArkansas
James, IsaacArkansas
James, JohnArkansas
James, RobertRed River
James, ThomasRed River
Johnson, FrileyRed River
Jones, AmosArkansas
Jones, AmosRed River
Jones, BillyArkansas
Jones, CharlesRed River
Jones, DavyRed River
Jones, ElijahArkansas
Jones, IsaacRed River
Jones, JamesRed River
Jones, JamesRed River
Jones, JohnArkansas
Jones, LucyRed River
Jones, NathanielRed River
Jones, RobertArkansas
Jones, SolomonRed River
Jones, TedArkansas
Jones, WilliamArkansas
Juzan, PierreRed River
Kamp, TimArkansas
Kelly, AbnerRed River
Kincaid, AndrewRed River
Kincaid, JosephArkansas
King, HiramArkansas
King, JamesArkansas
King, PeterRed River
Lake, BumboRed River
Lake, JohnRed River
Laman, GeorgeRed River
Leflore, BrazilRed River
Leflore, EastmanRed River
Leflore, FobisRed River
Leflore, IsaacRed River
Leflore, JacksonRed River
Leflore, JoelRed River
Leflore, MitchelRed River
Leflore, ThomasRed River
Leflore, WardRed River
Leflore, WilliamRed River
Locus, CharlesArkansas
Loman, EastmanRed River
Long, JohnArkansas
Loyd, EphraimRed River
Lucas, AdamArkansas
Lucas, JamesArkansas
Lucas, LueArkansas
Macky, DavidArkansas
Magrilbee, BobArkansas
Malone, YancyArkansas
Martin, HenryRed River
Martin, ThomasRed River
May, GeorgeRed River
McAfee, JamesRed River
McAfee, JamesRed River
McAfee, LeviRed River
McAffec, JacksonRed River
McCan, CorneliusArkansas
McCann, GeorgeRed River
McCann, ThomasRed River
McClure, JamesRed River
McClure, Wm.Arkansas
McCoy, DavidRed River
McCoy, WilliamRed River
McCurtain, ThomasRed River
McCurtin, CorneliusArkansas
McCurtin, DanielArkansas
McCurtin, LukeArkansas
McCurtin, SamuelArkansas
McCurtin, ThomasArkansas
McDaniel, PhilArkansas
McGee, ThomasRed River
McIntosh, IsaacRed River
McKee, AlexanderArkansas
McKee, ThomasRed River
McKenna, KatyRed River
McKenney, BobRed River
McKenney, JackRed River
McKenney, WilsonRed River
McKenny, SilasRed River
McKinney, EdmundRed River
McKinney, JohnArkansas
McLaughlin, MatthewRed River
McNutt, MosesRed River
Menton, A. G.Red River
Mickie, AdamRed River
Mims, PeterRed River
Moore, JohnRed River
Moore, LettyArkansas
Morris, AbnerArkansas
Mosley, SamuelRed River
Muscogee, GravesRed River
Nail, JerryRed River
Nail, Joel H.Red River
Nail, MarzRed River
Nail, RobertRed River
Neely, ThomasRed River
Nelson, BluntRed River
Nelson, EdenRed River
Nelson, GeorgeRed River
Nelson, IsaacRed River
Nelson, JaredRed River
Nelson, MaryRed River
O'Neil, JamesRed River
Oxberry, DavidRed River
Pace, WilliamRed River
Palmer, BenRed River
Parks, JoshuaRed River
Patterson, JamesRed River
Pernal, C.Red River
Perry, AndersonArkansas
Perry, HardyArkansas
Perry, IsaacRed River
Perry, IsaacArkansas
Perry, JohnArkansas
Perry, JosephRed River
Perry, LewisRed River
Perry, LuckyRed River
Perry, MosesRed River
Perry, NedArkansas
Perry, NedRed River
Peter, AndrewRed River
Peter, SimonRed River
Philip, JohnRed River
Pickens, JosephArkansas
Pickens, LevyArkansas
Pitchlynn, P.P.Red River
Poor, DavidRed River
Pope, AlexanderArkansas
Potter, JohnRed River
Price, John F.Red River
Pusley, GeorgeArkansas
Pusley, SusanArkansas
Pusley, UriceArkansas
Raiford, EdmundArkansas
Riddle, JohnArkansas
Riddle, JosephArkansas
Riddle, WilliamRed River
Riley, BetsyArkansas
Roebuck, AniziRed River
Roebuck, ElseyRed River
Ropes, WilliamRed River
Russel, WilliamArkansas
Sampson, LeviRed River
Scott, CharlesArkansas
Scott, JohnRed River
Scott, LydiaRed River
Sexton, DavidArkansas
Sexton, JeffersonArkansas
Shields, JamesRed River
Shomme, PeterRed River
Shute, IsaacRed River
Smith, JacobRed River
Smith, LucyRed River
Smith, WilliamRed River
Spring. ChristianArkansas
Stull, WillisRed River
Taylor, WilliamRed River
Terril, JamesArkansas
Thatcher, RobertRed River
Thompson, DavidRed River
Thomson, GilesRed River
Thomson, Wm.Red River
Tibbels, HenryRed River
Tobolar, ThomasRed River
Traylor, ReubenRed River
Turnbull, AnthonyRed River
Turnbull, GeorgeRed River
Turnbull, Turner B.Red River
Underwood, GayaArkansas
Utridge, William
Vaughan, AlanRed River
Vaughan, AlexanderRed River
Vaughan, CharlesRed River
Vaughan, GeorgeRed River
Vaughan, JacobRed River
Vaughan, JamesRed River
Vaughan, PhilipRed River
Vincent, HiramRed River
Wade, AlfredRed River
Wade, EnosRed River
Wade, HenneyRed River
Wade, JohnRed River
Wade, John
Wade, WilliamArkansas
Wadkins, BryantRed River
Wage, JohnRed River
Wall, NoahRed River
Wall, ThomasArkansas
Ward, EvanRed River
Ward, Jereh. H.Red River
Ward, TurnerRed River
Ward, WilliamRed River
Washington, JohnRed River
Washington, Capt. JohnRed River
Watson, HarryRed River
Watson, IsaacRed River
Welsh, JosiahRed River
Wesley, CharlesRed River
White, JamesRed River
White, LewisArkansas
Williams, GeorgeRed River
Wilson, AmosRed River
Wilson, CharlesRed River
Wilson, DavidRed River
Wilson, WinneyRed River
Winlock, TomRed River
Winlock, WilliamArkansas
Wood, WilliamRed River
Woods, StephenRed River


Wells, Dr. Samuel James. Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal. University of Southern Mississippi. 1987. © Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987. Used by permission.

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