Oregon and South Dakota Indians Wounded in Action

The following Indians Wounded in Action, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.


  • John Sampson, Cayuse-Umatilla, France
  • Edson Chiloquin, Klamath-Modoc
  • Roland Jackson, Klamath-Paiute
  • LeRoy A. Moore, Klamath-Madoc
  • Marvin J. Walker, Klamath
  • John Jackson, Jr., Klamath

South Dakota

  • Theodore Taylor, Sioux (Flandreau), New Guinea
  • Ralph Gullickson, Sioux (Flandreau) Aochen
  • Warren Gullickson, Sioux (Flandreau), Leyte
  • Woodrow Keeble, Sioux (Sisseton), North Africa
  • Francis Adams, Sioux (Sisseton), Italy
  • Joseph Gray, Sioux (Sisseton), Germany
  • Leroy Heminger, Sioux (Sisseton), France
  • Nathan Wilson, Sioux (Sisseton), Germany
  • Floyd P. Deegon, Sioux (Sisseton), Palous
  • Herman Thompson, Sioux (Sisseton), Philippines
  • Louis M DeCoteau, Sioux (Sisseton), Germany
  • Louis Provost, Omaha, Belgium
  • Leo Shot With Two Arrows, Sioux (rosebud), Germany
  • Enoch Bald Eagle, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Edward Eagle Boy, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Philip Elk Head, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Joe Paul Fourbear, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Joe Gray, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Robert C. Hale, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • James Hand Boy, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Charles Hiatt, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Lawrence Horn, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Clifford Iron Moccasin, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Charles Kessler, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • George Knife, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Charles Lofferty, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Levi LeBeau, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Vincent J. LeBeau, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Louis LeCompte, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Roy R. Smith, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Sampson One Skunk, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Ziebach Thompson, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Cecil Curley, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Gomet Black Bear, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Robert Manley, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Aloysius A. Fielder, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Earl Kessler, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Douglas Collins, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Philip LaBlanc, Sioux (Cheyenne River)
  • Floyd Jackson, Sioux (Rosebud), Cologne
  • Edwin Demery, Sioux (Standing Rock), Germany
  • Johnson Two Hearts, Sioux (Standing Rock), Africa
  • Walter Tiger, Sioux (Standing Rock), Philippines
  • Joseph Lawrence, Sioux (Standing Rock), Europe
  • Ambrose Antelope, Sioux (Standing Rock, Germany
  • John Beorking, Sioux (Standing Rock), Pacific
  • Frank Vermillion, Sioux (Standing Rock), Italy
  • William Marshall, Sioux (Standing Rock), Germany
  • Abraham Long Chase, Sioux (Standing Rock), At Sea
  • Sidney Eagle Shield, Sioux (Standing Rock), Philippines
  • Alex Village Center, Sioux (Standing Rock) Pacific
  • Peter Token Alive, Sioux (Standing Rock), Pacific
  • Ambrose Dog Eagle, Sioux (Standing Rock), Anzio
  • Joseph Flying Bye, Sioux (Standing Rock), Europe
  • Joseph Codatte, Sioux (Standing Rock), Europe
  • Calvin Flying Bye, Sioux (Standing Rock), Germany
  • Joseph Angel, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • John Beamose, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Philippines
  • Carl C. Bettelyoun, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Everett Bettelyoun, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Joseph Bettelyoun, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Italy
  • Waldron Bettelyoun, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Henry Black Elk, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Moses Blindman, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • Ernest Blue Legs, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Burma
  • Owen Brings, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Carl Broken Rope, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Italy
  • Vance Broken Rope, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Belgium
  • Lanert Brown Eyes, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Morris Bull Bear, (Pine, Sioux Ridge), Belgium
  • Moses Bullman, (Pine, Sioux Ridge), France
  • Leo F. Cottier, (Pine, Sioux Ridge), Belgium
  • Adolph Eagle Louse, (Pine, Sioux Ridge), Philippines
  • Edison Fire Thunder, (Pine, Sioux Ridge), Pacific
  • Ray Flood, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Iwo Jima
  • Blair Gray Grass, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Belgium
  • Adam Gay, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Italy
  • Joshua Gay, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Alex Hernandez, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Alphonso Hernandez, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Vincent Hunts Horses, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Theodore Iron Teeth, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Norman Jonis, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Burnia
  • Richard Jonis, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Douglas Larabee, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Aloysius Little Whiteman, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Italy
  • Walter Martinez, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Luxembourg
  • Floyd Merrival, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Italy
  • Chester Mills, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Peter Nelson, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Belgium
  • Ernest Peck, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Clarence Pumpkin Seed, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Stephen Red Bow, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Homer Red Eyes, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Stanley Red Wing, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Floyd Russell, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Collins Sharpfish, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Hobert Shot to Pieces, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Ellis Shoulder, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Martin Slow Bear, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Italy
  • Loyal E. Stover, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Edward Spotted Bear, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Joseph Topia, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Atlantic
  • Leroy Tenfingers, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • Theodore Tibbetts, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Calvin J. Tyon, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Luzon
  • Roy White Butterfly, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Leonard White Bull, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Italy
  • Levi Yellow Boy, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Eugene Young, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Walter Bossingham, Sioux (Rosebud), Europe
  • Daniel L. Bordeaux, Sioux (Rosebud), Europe
  • Marvin Thin Elk, Sioux (Rosebud), Italy
  • Albert Wright, Sioux (Rosebud), Pacific
  • Thomas Yellow Boy, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Belgium
  • Guy White Horse, Sioux (Rosebud)
  • Leonard Bordeaux, Sioux (Rosebud), Pacific
  • Gabe Neiss, Sioux (Rosebud), Aleutions
  • Clarence Cordry, Sioux (Rosebud), Pacific
  • Jerome White Horse, Sioux (Rosebud), Italy
  • Claude DeCory, Sioux (Rosebud), Italy
  • Laverne Jackson, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Eugene E. Roubideaux, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Michael Bordeaux, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Elmer Brandon, Sioux (Rosebud) France
  • Wilbur Blacksmith, Sioux (Rosebud), Peleliu
  • George F. Flammond, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • William C. Gunhammer, Sioux (Rosebud), Italy
  • Joseph J. Peneaux, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • William Lambert, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Hubert C. McClaskey, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Stephen Moccasin, Sioux (Rosebud), Belgium
  • Harold Whiting, Sioux (Rosebud), Italy
  • Barney Peoples, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Antoine C. Yellow Robe, Sioux (Rosebud), Pacific
  • Richard Larvie, Sioux (Rosebud)
  • Floyd LaPointe, Sioux (Rosebud), France
  • Gilbert Crow Eagle, Sioux (Rosebud), Belgium
  • Herbert DeCary, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Francis Menard, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Aloysius Larvie, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Chester Blue Horse, Sioux (Rosebud), Luzon
  • Floyd J. Moore, Sioux (Rosebud), Luzon
  • Louis G. LaPlant, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Calvin Larvie, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Felix Knife, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Joseph Waln, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Titus White Lance, Sioux (Rosebud), Italy
  • Leonard L. Cordry, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Nelson B. Cordry, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Jonas J. Swift, Sioux (Rosebud, Italy
  • William K. Haukaas, Sioux (Rosebud), Okinawa
  • Roger Chasing Horse, Sioux (Rosebud)
  • Kenneth M. Ellstan, Sioux (Rosebud), Germany
  • Philip Bood Buffalo, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Ben Marshall, Sioux (Pine Ridge), France
  • Wilbert Means, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • Seth Irving, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Pacific
  • Huron Red Dog, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Okinawa
  • Albert Returns From Scout, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Delmar Richard, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Clement Salway, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Edison Richard, Sioux (Pine Ridge), Germany
  • Leland L. Standing, Sioux (Yankton)
  • Henry W. Hare, Sioux (Yankton), Germany
  • Robert Arpan, Sioux (Yankton), Corregidor
  • Rudolph Arpan, Sioux (Yankton) Corregidor
  • Smith Jandreau, Sioux (Yankton), Germany
  • Eli D. Hope, Sioux (Yankton), Italy
  • Louis Weston, Sioux (Yankton), Germany
  • Ulysses J. Little Elk, Sioux (Yankton), Luzon
  • Basil Heth, Sioux (Yankton), Europe
  • Clarence Packard, Sioux (Yankton), Belgium
  • Joseph Cournoyer, Sioux (Yankton), Germany
Louis Provost, Omaha
Louis Provost, Omaha
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1 thought on “Oregon and South Dakota Indians Wounded in Action”

  1. My dad and I are searching for an old soldier named Levi Yellowboy. He served next to my dad in Germany during WWII. Over the years, dad spoke fondly of him and as he approaches his 94th birthday, was hoping to find Levi’s family members. He also wants to make sure that he is buried in a Veteran’s cemetery because Levi was an outstanding soldier. Levi was from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Thank you. Trish

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