Mushulatubbee District, English Names

With the passage by the U.S. Congress of the Indian Removal Act that same year, the legal mechanisms were put in place for President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with Indian groups for their deportation.

The Choctaws, Mississippi’s largest Indian group, were the first southeastern Indians to accept removal with the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in September 1830. The treaty provided that the Choctaws would receive land west of the Mississippi River in exchange for the remaining Choctaw lands in Mississippi. The Choctaws were given three years to leave Mississippi.

English names listed on the1831 “list of claims allowed under the treaty in Mingo Mushulatubbee’s district”. These are “persons that have relinquished their land.


Samuel Bacon
John Bartlett
Widow Beans (or Beams)
Silas Bohannon
William Bohannon, Jr.
Widow Bradford
Alexander Brashears
Delila Brashears
Turner Brashears
Zaddock Brashears
Henry Bridgeworth
William Bucklis
James Campbell
Henry T. Carr
William Cobert
John Coleman
Allen Corney
Jacob Daniel
John Doaty
Capt. Adam Folsom
Capt. Isaac Folsom
Nancy Gillet (Big Nancy)
Capt. Talking Warrior
Col. David Folsom
George Folsom
Israel Folsom
Capt. Jeremiah Folsom
John Folsom
McKee Folsom
Nathaniel Folsom, Jr.
Polly Folsom
Robert Folsom
Shame Folsom
William Folsom
Samuel Garland
Jeremiah Gardner
Mark Griffy
William Hall
John James Hancock
Charles Holston
Capt. Joseph Kincade
Hartwell Hartway
Horse Hunter
Charles H. Howell
George Hudson
Capt. Benjamin James
Delila James
Capt. Isaac James
John James
Levi James
Jack Jenkins



J. B. Johnson
Stanmore H. Johnson
Frederick Jones
Isaac Jones
J. B. Jones
John Jones, Sr.
S. Jones, Sr.
Andrew Kincade
Capt. Joseph Kincade
Capt. James King
Elisha B. W. Kirkny (?)
Mattew Labrose/Labrosa
James Loving
Adam Lucas
Charles Lucas
James Lucas
Louie Lucas
Viney Lucas
Cornelius McCann
Middleton Mackay
James McClue (or McClure)
William McClure
John McIntosh
John McKinney
Matthew McLaughlan
Sampson Moncrief
John Moore
Alleb Nirrus
Daniel Nail
Molly Nail
Nat (or Naught)
Joseph Pickens
Levi Pickens
Vicey Pickens
Isaac Pinson
Ere Pitchlyn
John Pitchlyn
Peter Pitchlyn
Christian Spring
Jane Stearns
James Terryl
John Victor
Capt. John Wade
Capt. William Wade
Walking Wolf
John Walker
Noah Walls
Thomas Walls
Lewis White
Thomas Wooldridge


Choctaw, Roll,

Armstrong Roll of Choctaw, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 1831. Document 512, Correspondence on the Subject of the Emigration of Indians between the 30th November, 1831 and 27th December, 1833 With Abstracts of Expenditures by Disbursing Agents, in the Removal and Subsistence of Indians. Furnished in answer to a resolution of the Senate of 27th December, 1833, by the Commissary General of Subsistence., Vol. III, printed in Washington by Duff Green, 1835.

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