Land Amended January 23, 1903

Exhibit B

The following described land in the list of land filed with the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes December 10, 1902, and amended January 23, 1903, by Walter S. Logon, claiming to be the attorney of the Delaware Indians, is found, as indicated below, from the Commission’s records to be claimed or occupied by Cherokee citizens, as per Commission’s citizenship cards, and who are not Delaware, or listed as such upon citizenship cards of the Commission.

NOTE: After you find your ancestor listed on this page, you should take the the Card Number, and go to the Final Roll Database and search there.

Township 22 North, Range 14 East, Indian Meridian

Card NoSectionSurnameGiven NameMiddleAcres
Cher 4709Section 6HalsellEdwardL.481.78
Cher 4709Section 7HalsellEdwardL.130.44
Cher 560Section 32EdwardsWilliamS.20.00
Township 23 North, Range 14 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4872Section 4RoscopfJames20.00
Cher 9634Section 34ScidmoreOtisS.30.00
Cher 6542Section 35PowellFrank90.00
Cher 6542Section 35PowellFrank220.00
Township 25 North, Range 14 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 9593Section 8GreenwoodJohnP.160.00
Cher 3821Section 16BluejacketWilliamF.80.00
Cher 4572Section 16WallaceWilliamB.90.00
Cher 9755Section 16McNabbSanford30.00
Cher D-44 FreedmanSection 29ThompsonBlue40.00
Cher D-859 FreedmanSection 29DanielsAndrew60.00
Township 26 North, Range 14 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 9782Section 15AustinZula30.00
Cher 9782Section 16AustinZula10.00
Township 27 North, Range 14 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4263Section 1PatrickGeorgeW.40.00
Cher 5599Section 1OwenRobertL.160.00
Cher 2741Section 5CrittendenChristopherC.71.03
Cher 4321Section 10NorwoodAndrewH.10.00
Cher D-520 FreedmanSection 13ColbertJames40.00
Cher 4321Section 15NorwoodAndrewH.10.00
Cher 1252Section 19StathamAsaC.40.40
Cher 4294Section 30MorrisonRobertT.20.00

Township 28 North, Range 11 East, Indian Meridian

Cher 4332Section 3WinklerSusanM.10.00
Cher 6721Section 4FitzsimmonsCharles60.00
Cher 4332Section 5WinklerSusanM.40.00
Cher 4230Section 7LannomHaroldD.14.73
Cher 4332Section 9WinklerSusanM.210.00
Cher 2534Section 9SullivanWillisS.20.00
Cher 4332Section 10WinklerSusanM.100.00
Cher 2534Section 10SullivanWillisS.20.00
Cher 6257Section 19WillisJohnP.40.00
Cher 5599Section 20OwenRobertL.80.00
Cher 5599Section 28OwenRobertL.80.00
Cher 5599Section 29OwenRobertL.290.00
Cher 4507Section 31CourtsSarahE.124.06
Cher 2741Section 32CrittendenChristopherC.90.00
Cher 4785Section 33CokerDavidN.30.00
Cher 5599Section 35OwenRobertL.450.00
Cher 5599Section 25OwenRobertL.60.00
Cher 5599Section 36OwenRobertL.290.00
Township 29 North, Range 14 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4332Section 31WinklerSusanM.40.00
Township 23 North, Range 15 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5256Section 36ForemanAda90.00
Township 25 North, Range 15 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5599Section 2OwenRobertL.321.44
Cher 5599Section 3OwenRobertL.402.31
Cher 555Section 7CowartWilliamL.80.00
Cher 5599Section 10OwenRobertL.160.00
Cher 5599Section 11OwenRobertL.160.00
Cher 555Section 17CowartWilliamL.80.00
Cher 555Section 18CowartWilliamL.100.00
Township 26 North, Range 15 East, Indian Meridian
Cher D-622Section 3DodgeArthur71.36
Cher 5424Section 9RogersRuthE.70.00
Cher 5424Section 9RogersMaudeE.40.00
Cher 4616Section 12JohnsonJohnW.10.00
Cher 4453Section 14WilkinsMarionF.20.00
Cher 4453Section 15WilkinsonMarionF.40.00
Cher 9753Section 23YoungAmanda160.00
Cher 5599Section 34OwenRobertL.160.00
Cher 5599Section 35OwenRobertL.160.00
Township 26 North, Range 15 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5599Section 6OwenRobertL.356.23
Cher 4561Section 26MallenElizabeth10.00
Cher D-622Section 21DodgeArthur30.00
Cher 4561Section 26MallenElizabeth150.00
Cher D-622Section 33DodgeArthur50.00
Township 28 North, Range 15 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4691Section 18StewartRufusS.30.00
Cher 4691Section 19StewartRufusS.10.00
Cher 4691Section 20StewartRufusS.30.00
Cher 9572Section 27CaveWilliamT.20.00
Cher 4614Section 27RogersEdward30.00
Cher 4625Section 28ShufeldtJohnH.20.00
Cher 4625Section 33ShufeldtJohnH.10.00
Cher 4488Section 33ElliottJamesH.100.00
Township 29 North, Range 15 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 1013 FreedmanSection 20BradfordFannie300.00
Cher 3035Section 20BurnsBernardD.20.00
Cher 5015Section 29BrownEvaJ.90.00
Cher 4358Section 29LymanMary70.00
Township 22 North, Range 15 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5330Section 5CollinsIdaM.39.96
Cher 10152Section 10McClellanCharlesM.20.00
Cher 4889Section 28StarrWatt30.00
Cher 4712Section 29BeaversCharlesM.70.00
Cher 4928Section 29EatonWalterR.40.00
Cher 4928Section 32BeaversCharlesM.90.00
Cher 1712Section 32EatonWalterR.10.00
Cher 5292Section 33MurphyJames30.00
Township 23 North, Range 16 East, Indian Meridian
Cher D-979Section 6MabryGeorgeA.100.00
Cher D-580Section 8DawsonJohn7.92
Cher 5330Section 32CollinsIdaM.60.00
Cher 10152Section 33McClellanCharlesM.10.00
Township 21 North, Range 16 East, Indian Meridian
Cher D-435Section 7PattersonMartinL.36.78
Cher D-324Section 9DawsonFrancisM.80.00
Cher 4512Section 11PattonJohnH.20.00
Cher 4512Section 14PattonJohnH.20.00
Cher 4512Section 15PattonJohnH.65.55
Township 25 North, Range 16 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4498Section 6RingoWilliamP.30.00
Cher 4537Section 14RobertsWilliamE.20.00
Cher 5320Section 24CunninghamAlfredC.10.00
Cher 4517Section 29FlanaganPat320.00
Cher 4517Section 32FlanaganPat160.00
Cher 5476Section 34RobinsonJollyE.50.00
Cher 5602Section 35McKnightJesse30.00
Township 26 North, Range 16 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4398Section 4RowleyIdaM.20.00
Cher 4515Section 4GottAlfredM.30.13
Cher 5692Section 5RobinsonWilliamH.80.00
Cher D-820 FreemanSection 6WolfeGrant80.17
Cher D-788 FreemanSection 6MurrellHenry39.77
Cher D-789 FreemanSection 7ClaggettCharles20.00
Cher 4614Section 15RogersMaryE.40.00
Cher 1525Section 15RileyJames120.00
Cher 4437Section 19CessnaMadisonA.20.00
Cher 4526Section 23RileyRufusR.30.00
Cher 4525Section 23RileyJames30.00
Cher 4432Section 23RileyAtwoodT.100.00
Cher 7374Section 26TuckerSusan20.00
Cher 555Section 29CowartWilliamL.10.00
Cher 4437Section 30CessnaMadisonA.50.37
Cher 555Section 32CowartWilliamL.30.00
Cher 4584Section 32DaleJamesF.50.00
Township 27 North, Range 16 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5599Section 6OwenRobertL.293.75
Cher 4434Section 13McCalebAddisonM.10.00
Cher D788 FreedmanSection 17MurrellHenry40.00
Cher 1056 FreedmanSection 23HendersonEmma10.00
Cher 1047Section 27FisherWilliam50.00
Cher 4644Section 29RobinsBenjaminF.160.00
Cher 4375Section 30CanadaMontgomeryF.110.00
Cher D-829 FreedmanSection 31WolfeGrant160.00
Cher D-829 FreedmanSection 32WolfeGrant80.00
Township 23 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5463Section 3BeekEllis90.00
Cher 5443Section 4McSpaddenWilliamF.43.64
Cher 5463Section 4BeekEllis40.00
Township 24 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4537Section 5RobertsWilliam85.18
Cher 9302Section 7Littlejohn231.78
Cher 5554Section 15NelemsFelix30.00
Cher D-571Section 17LewisTom160.00
Cher 5070Section 18BaconCharlesH.50.00
Cher 9302Section 18Littlejohn10.00
Cher D-571Section 20LewisTom240.00
Cher D-571Section 21LewisTom40.00
Cher 5494Section 27TaylorDavid80.00
Cher 5684Section 32CochranJesse20.00
Cher 5430Section 32McIntoshJohnR.90.00
Cher 5432Section 32ByrdJane10.00
Cher 5450Section 35
Township 25 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 6085Section 20GourdFrankR.20.00
Cher 5499Section 20HenryCatherine30.00
Cher 5422Section 28MilamWilliamG.40.00
Cher 5521Section 28MehlinJamesG.20.00
Cher 5320Section 28CunninghamAlfredC.20.00
Cher 4537Section 32RobertsWilliamE.220.00
Cher 5422Section 33MilamWilliamG.10.00

Township 26 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian

Cher D-307 FreedmanSection 9MartinIsrael10.00
Cher D-952 FreedmanSection 10BrownCharles30.00
Cher 4393Section 20ChaneyJames10.00
Cher 9746Section 29EliMaryEllen80.00
Cher 9746Section 32EliMaryEllen10.00
Township 27 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 3316Section 6FosterWilliamE.20.00
Cher D-610Section 6ConnorMarthaE.95.58
Cher 8233Section 8VannEllis50.00
Township 28 North, Range 17 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 10178Section 29ConnorHeirs150.00
Cher 10178Section 31ConnorHeirs80.00
Cher D-610Section 31ConnorMarthaE.20.00
Township 24 North, Range 18 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 3296Section 1HarveyJohn65.53
Cher D-619 FreedmanSection 1MartinFrances40.00
Cher D-802Section 12CormicleNathan80.00
Township 25 North, Range 18 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 3250Section 22HicksMillardF.160.00
Township 15 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian
D-44 FreedmanSection 1DavisWilliam10.03
Cher 2002Section 1FullerJamesS.55.11
Cher 2165Section 1BerdNancyE.5.00
Cher 1736Section 1WilleyCharlesE.40.00
Cher 13Section 17FiteFrancisB.40.00
Cher 13Section 20FiteFrancisB.69.98
Cher 2218Section 20CappsMary10.00
Township 16 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 6956Section 36WilleyJananna10.00
Cher 1739Section 36WilleyCharlesW.30.00
Cher 1669Section 36WilleyMiloJ.10.00
Cher 1669Section 36WilleyMyrtle10.00
Cher 86Section 36TynerSarah20.00
Cher 2002Section 36FullerJames10.00
Township 22 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 2891Section 20FincherSarahE.20.00
Cher 13Section 20FiteFrancisB.140.00
Cher 13Section 21FiteFrancisB.440.00
Cher 7578Section 22McKinzeySimon10.00
Cher 13Section 22FiteFrancisB.70.00
Cher 13Section 28FiteFrancisB.200.00
Cher 13Section 29FiteFrancisB.120.00
Township 23 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 13SectionFiteFrancisB.80.00
Cher 13SectionFiteFrancisB.390.00
Cher 10209SectionBillingsleaJulia10.00
Cher 13SectionFiteFrancisB.160.00
Cher 2620SectionHancockWilliamA.80.00
Cher 3142SectionClarkGeorge60.00
Cher 13SectionFiteFrancisB.320.00
Cher 13SectionFiteFrancisB.270.00
Cher 3123SectionPoplinGeorgeW.10.00
Cher 13SectionFiteFrancisB.120.00
Cher 13SectionFiteFrancisB.160.00
Township 24 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian
705 FreedmanSection 4ReeseJeese80.00
Cher 3243Section 4SecondineMalinda30.00
Cher 3356Section 5SmithMarthaM.30.00
Cher 3243Section 5SecondineMalinda40.00
Cher 3468Section 6FoxThomas80.24
Cher 3243Section 8SecondineMalinda60.00
Cher 5452Section 8HawkinsCharles20.00
Cher 3243Section 9SecondineMalinda100.00
Cher 3243Section 9RameFred30.00
Cher 3219Section 36ThompsonLoraB.40.00
Cher 4124Section 36CoxJohn40.00

Township 25 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian

Cher 2916Section 29HamptonWilliamC.120.00
Cher 3182Section 29WilliamWilliams20.00
Cher 3185Section 32WilliamWilliams20.00
Cher 3190Section 32HarlinWilliamL.100.00
Cher 2819Section 32HerodJoelE.40.00

Township 28 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian

Cher 5660Section 1SeigelGeorgeW.58.44
Cher 3968Section 14LandJosephC.40.00
Cher 3968Section 23LandJosephC.220.00
Township 29 North, Range 19 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 6522Section 36MeekFrancisA.80.00
Cher 5660Section 36SeigelGeorgeW.270.00
Township 15 North, Range 20 East, Indian Meridian
D14 FreedmanSection 6DavisWilliam56.56
Cher 1699Section 6ScottWalter32.50
Township 16 North, Range 20 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 2307Section 30EiffertHenry90.00
Cher 2165Section 31BerdNancyE.140.00
Cher 454Section 31FieldsMike10.00
Cher 363Section 31BeckJennie50.00
Township 24 North, Range 20 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 3785Section19LandrumJohnson20.00
Cher 3058Section 30TroutAndrewM.140.95
Cher 3425Section 31TroutEdnaJ.80.00

Township 25 North, Range 20 East, Indian Meridian

Cher 4709Section 27HalsellEdwardL.10.00
Cher 4709Section 28HalsellEdwardL.160.00
Township 28 North, Range 20 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4067Section 6AndersonAlexanderM.77.56
Cher 4491Section 7McGheeAlbertV.40.00
Cher 4005Section 7KinnisonPressleyB.9.30
Township 23 North, Range 21 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 3974Section 10ThompsonWyman61.70
Cher 3974Section 11ThompsonWyman309.60
Township 24 North, Range 21 East, Indian Meridian
Cher D-176Section 9HarmanJamesH.50.00
Cher 3790Section 15CollinsSarahE.60.00
Cher 3679Section 15HawkinsJohnI.240.00
Cher 3415Section 17WoodallJamesT.10.00
Cher 3679Section 22HawkinsJohnI.120.00
Freedman 743Section 22LandrumSpencer40.00
Cher 27Section 22ScottRobertL.110.00
Cher 3811Section 22MillerStan80.00
Cher 4169Section 25WardWilliamH.30.00
Cher 4169Section 26WardWilliamH.20.00
Cher 3552Section 35YostJamesD.30.00
Cher 4169Section 35WardWilliamH.70.00
Cher 4169Section 36WardWilliamH.20.00
Township 24 North, Range 21 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 9585Section 21ColstonSterling320.00
Cher 17Section 22ThompsonMiltonK.230.00
Cher 9585Section 22ColstonSterling10.00
Cher 7033Section 22BlackstoneRobertD.240.00
Cher 7012Section 22BlackstoneRobertD.80.00
Township 25 North, Range 22 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 2960Section 38CountrymanGeorgeA.30.00
Cher 2960Section 36CountrymanGeorgeA.10.00
Cher 5830Section 36HastingsJohnR.20.00
Township 26 North, Range 23 East, Indian Meridian
Cher D-2846Section 7SarasasRichard40.00
Cher R-645Section 23RandallWilliamP.160.00
Township 11 North, Range 24 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 1280Section 6BrutonWilliamO.161.33
Cher 960Section 6QuesenberryArgyle9.75
Cher 1817Section 6FryCharles109.92
Township 21 North, Range 24 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5137Section 5MorrisThaddeusM.80.00

Allotment of Lands to Delaware Indians, 58th Congress, 2nd Session, Senate, No.104, 1904

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