Genealogy of the Cherokee Ward Family

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12Madora Stover. James Campbell Trott
13William Riley Stover. Minerva E. Garrison
11223314George Monroe Ward. Emily Jane Roberts, Amanda Skaggs nee -, Charlotte Mayes, Mary Ezell and Martha Jane Nidiffer
2Nannie Ward. William Hamilton and John Henry Clark
OK3Lucy Ward* Stephen Brown
11224314Samuel Taylor Ward. Catherine Jane Lear
2Joseph Lynch Ward. Alice N. Scott
OK3George De Shields Ward. Eliza Frances Phillips
4John Lowrey Ward. Laura Ann Edmondson
5William Wyly Ward. Addie Belle Handlin
6James Oliver Ward*
12225314Lucy Jane Dameron. John Anderson Johnson, John Hunt
2Martha J. Dameron*  George W. Johnson
OK3Mary Ann Dameron. Lemuel Cowart, R. H. F. Thompson
4Susan Frances Caroline Dameron. Charles Patterson
11226314John Marcus Countryman. Belle Hopkins, Esther Blevins nee Ward, Dove Piercefield and Vinita Belle Mayes
2George Washington Countryman. Minerva Ballard
OK3Mary Countryman. Ransom Blevins, William Taylor and James Ward
4Andrew Jackson Countryman. Clementine Hastings, Rebecca Morris, Rebecca Duncan and Zimerhew Black nee Ward
5Lucy Ann Countryman. Samuel McDowell and Caleb Conner
6Samuel Countryman*
7Malinda Nancy Countryman. Thomas Ballard and George
W. Williams
11227314George Washington Clark. Lydia A. Scraper
2James Clark*
OK3Lucy Ann Clark. William Abbott Thompson, Joshua Bertholf Duncan and James Abercrombie Duncan
4Louisa Maria Clark. Daniel Young
5Ellen Clark. Joseph M. Scraper and Washington Taylor
6William Andrew Clark. Lillian Belle Berry
11228314Valzie Lucy Ward. John Emmett Vann
2Jeanette Ward. Berry H. Ladd
3Minnie Viola Ward. Robert Edward Lee Rogers
4Nina Ward. William Thomas Byrd
5Joseph McCann Ward
6Zona Ward. Justis Jones
7Hugh Tinnon Ward. Lulu Barlow
8Rose Alvin Ward*


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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  1. I am trying to trace a Rachel Ward that was said to be born in Pennsylvania circa 1835 and later married Peter McDonald(also Penn circa circa 1835) in Ohio. Peter later died in Ohio and the decendents later moved to Indiana. Could this be of this family?

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