Genealogy of the Cherokee Ward Family

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8Samuel Ward. Louisa England, Laura Spears, Tennessee Howell and Louisa J. Vann
9Susie Ward. Joshua Lindsey
10Lucy Ann Ward. George Colcher, Matthew Thompson, Robert Howell and Napoleon Bonaparte Luckey.
11Malinda Josephine Ward. Samuel Elihugh Thornton.
113213Samuel Ward. Cynthia Annie Wagnon
2George Howard Ward. Mary Carroll
3Martin Ward. Sallie Cooper
114213John W. Sutton. Mary Copeland
2Harriette Sutton
OK3Henrietta Sutton. – Elledge
4Loretta Sutton. Youngbird
5Catherine Sutton*
6George Morris*
115213Sabra England. William Henderson, Joseph Kirby and John Stover
2Matilda England. William Queen
OK3Hepsie Tngland. Jeremiah Roberson
4Joseph England. Sabra Cooper, Martha Adams and Mary Brown
5Tillman England*
6William England. Arminda England and Elizabeth Medley nee Harlin
7Chapman England*
116213Narcissa Monroe. John M. Ward and Samuel Melton
2Simpson Foster Monroe. Rebecca Hopkins
OK3Fincher Monroe. Mary Shields
4Lucretia Monroe. James Humphrey, ____ McDuff, _____ Mulford, James Joleff and William Colwell
5Thomas R. Monroe. Saphronia England and Susie Conner
6Susie Carroll. John Carroll
7Annie Carroll* Hareford
8Lucy Jane Carroll* William Hathaway
9Lettie Carroll*
10Caroline Carroll. Thompson Fields
117213John S. Ward. Jennie Loveless
2Mildred Ward. John Woods and Lewis Wilkerson
3Martha Ann Ward. Lewis Scrimsher
4George Hilmon Ward. Margaret McIntosh
5Frances Catherine Ward. James Duncan, ____ Marcurn and Charles Barney
118213Elizabeth Jane Ward. Daniel Newnon McIntosh
2Mary Adeline Ward. Wiley Ingram, Martin Vann, Joseph Brown and John A. Richards


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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  1. I am trying to trace a Rachel Ward that was said to be born in Pennsylvania circa 1835 and later married Peter McDonald(also Penn circa circa 1835) in Ohio. Peter later died in Ohio and the decendents later moved to Indiana. Could this be of this family?

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