Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family

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8 Sarah Roach. Looney Townsend and William Sullivan
9 Joshua Roach*
11625314 Elizabeth Harnage. Lemuel Murrell and John Lewis Wardlow Williams
OK 2 Nannie Harnage. Gilbert Wesley Wilson
11626314 Sarah Caroline Harnage. John Martin Bell and Samuel G. Heffington
2 Ezekial Sanders Starr Harnage
OK 3 William Thomas Harnage. Mary Rebecca Wyche
4 Mary Victoria Harnage. William Lucullus Carr
5 Ida Eugenia Harnage. Jonathan Taylor Ewers and John M. Morse
6 Loretta Beldora Harnage. John Stringer Scott
7 Nannie Elvira Harnage. William Boone
8 John Custis Lee Harnage. Frances Catherine Hunt
9 Lena Harnage. Thomas James Adair
11627314 John Sanders Harnage*
2 Sarah Harnage. Charles Henry Bacon
OK 3 William Wilson Harnage. Jennie Vann
4 Nannie Sabina Harnage. John Dana Bacon
11629314 Nancy Ann Bell. Quinton Kosciusko Gebson and James Ellis Harlan
11721314 Delilah Alberty
2 Martha Elizabeth Alberty. Columbus Marion Reeves
3 Joshua Alberty*
4 George Alberty* Elizabeth Faught
5 Andrew Jackson Alberty. Amanda Folsom nee Dibble
6 Mary Alberty*
7 John Alberty. Emily Clay McDonald
8 Archibald Alberty. Julia A. Peake
9 Patsy Alberty. Stephen Palone
11722314 James Crittenden. Isabel Doherty
2 Lucy Crittenden. Smith Thornton and Eli Sanders
3 Nannie Crittenden. Judge Pathkiller and Stephen Smith
4 Jacob Crittenden*
5 Elizabeth Crittenden. Ellis Foreman
6 Agnes Crittenden. John Sanders
7 Emily Crittenden. Henry Bushyhead
8 Benjamin Crittenden. Nannie Proctor and Mary Weaver
11723314 Toas Shell. Jennie Walkingstick
11724314 Annie Alberty. Nelson Foreman
2 Jennie Alberty. Elias Gourd Foreman
3 Margaret Alberty*
4 Catherine Alberty* Frank Harris
5 Nannie Alberty. James McA. Messer


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

5 thoughts on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family”

  1. They say it is lumbee tribe but government back in the day tried to call them cherokee but there seems to be a mixture of races invoved…just trying to get the straight of it. These people are from my dad’s side.

    1. Bethany Hernandez

      I’m a descendant of Walter Chamber Sanders. Do you have any more information on this? I’ve not been able to find out very much about our native heritage, other than the Sanders family went through the trail of tears.

    1. Mae on annie, my grandmother. Initial c ( corlister maybe) for nannie who married a lum, my great grandmother and also nannie as a nickname for Minnie Elizabeth Sanders, my aunt.

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