Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family

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115213Elizabeth Sanders*
OK3Nannie Sanders John Thompson and Thomas Pettit
5David Sanders
4Neki Sanders
6Jolly (“Hoolie ) Sanders. Mary Rogers
7Burns Sanders* Lucy Pritchett
8 Elizabeth Sanders
9Agnes Sanders. Alexander Heaven
10Jennie Sanders
11Thomas Sanders*
11326314Isaac Sanders. Isabel Hampton
2Sallie Sanders* Cornelius Sanders
OK3Charles Sanders*
11327314Elsie Sanders* Alexander B. Clapp
11328314Samuel Childers. Sarah Bean
11329314John Jolly Colwell* Cynthia Chancy
2Cynthia Colwell. John P. Hall
OK3Nannie Colwell. George Washington Starr
4Mary Colwell. Matthew Terrell
113211314Caroline Elizabeth Sanders. George Washington Choate
2Martha Jane Sanders. Cornelius Sanders and George Washington Fields
OK3Elizabeth Catherine Sanders. George Washington Choate
4William Frank Sanders. Ellen Minerva Flournoy
11421314Mary Sanders. William Thornton and William Wilson
2Lucinda Sanders. John Thornton and Lock Langley
3Joshua Sanders. Charlotte Ann Adair, Nannie Ragsdale and Mary Quinton
4Cornelius Sanders. Sallie Sanders, Sallie Smith and Martha Jane Sanders
5William Sanders*
6John Sanders. Elizabeth Tiesky* and Nancy Jane Sweat
11422314Elizabeth Richardson. George Washington Doherty, William Patton and Thomas Pettit
2Charles Augustus Fargo. Narcissa Jacobs and Effie Wilson nee Davis
Ok3Calvin Fargo. Susan Margaret McKinney, Delilah Johnson. nee Baldridge
1431Ruth Thompson. Robert Patton
2Oscar Dunre Pettit. Emily Faulkner
OK3Amanda Pettit* Isaac Abraham Jacobs
11522314Thomas Sanders*
2John Murphy Sanders. Anna L. Bell


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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7 thoughts on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family”

  1. Looking for any info on a Cleo Orlando Sanders (“Uncle Blackie” in our family).
    Was married to Nellie Elizabeth Blue in Kansas but he apparently died at age 41 so there is little information available.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Cheers –

  2. I believe I descend from Thompson Sanders. Nakie Lee. I have very little information. I would appreciate any help I can get.

  3. They say it is lumbee tribe but government back in the day tried to call them cherokee but there seems to be a mixture of races invoved…just trying to get the straight of it. These people are from my dad’s side.

    1. Bethany Hernandez

      I’m a descendant of Walter Chamber Sanders. Do you have any more information on this? I’ve not been able to find out very much about our native heritage, other than the Sanders family went through the trail of tears.

    1. Mae on annie, my grandmother. Initial c ( corlister maybe) for nannie who married a lum, my great grandmother and also nannie as a nickname for Minnie Elizabeth Sanders, my aunt.

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