Genealogy of the Cherokee Foreman Family

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OK3Nellie Foreman. Adam Bibles
4Charles Foreman. Annie Seabolt and Thirsey Colvin
5William Hicks Foreman* Mary Sweetwater
6Joseph Anthony Foreman. Narcissa Reaves Carey and Lethe Parris
7Sallie Foreman*
8David McNair Foreman. Sarah Sweetwater, Agnes Foreman Sweetwater and Mary Foreman nee Sweetwater
9George Foreman. Elizabeth Fields and Elizabeth Fields
10Thomas Foreman. Elizabeth Chicken
11Susan Foreman. Samuel Jones and Walter Stopp
12James Foreman*
13Edward Foreman. Mary Proctor, Sarah Proctor and Jennie Spaniard nee Terrapin
14Elizabeth Foreman. Johnson Proctor and Redbird Sixkiller
114213Jesse Bushyhead. Eliza Wilkerson
2Isaac Bushyhead. Catherine Ratliff and Ghi-ga-u Snake
OK3George Bushyhead. Go-wo-hi-du
4Nannie Bushyhead. John Walker and Lewis Hildebrand
5Susan C. Bushyhead. Ezekial Lyons and L. P. Harris
6Jacob Bushyhead. Nannie McDaniel and Elizabeth Romine nee Riley
7Charles Bushyhead. Polly Starr and Sallie Miller nec McCoy
115213Eli Hicks. Isabel Miller
2Jay Hicks. Catherine Levi
3Ruth Hicks. Ezekial Beck and William Rogers
4William Hicks*
5Carrington Hicks*
6Margaret Hicks. Jacob Nicholson
7Ella Hicks. Joseph Spears
8Abijah Hicks. Hannah Worcester
9Anna Hicks. Charles French
10Charles Hicks*
11John Hicks*
12Sarah Hicks. Spencer Seago Stephens.
13Nannie Hicks. Sebastian Boynton and William A. Reese
116213Jennie Foreman. CeIle Robbards and Henry Glenn
2Annie Laura Foreman. Lord Wellington Shirley
OK3Archibald Foreman. Sarah Walkingwolf
4Anthony Foreman*
5Susan Louella Foreman. David Sanders, John Horn and John Clark Cleveland
6Daniel C. Foreman. Elizabeth Beck


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

4 thoughts on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Foreman Family”

  1. Richard Barton jr

    Cherokee foreman is my 5th great grandmother who was married to James Barton who was my 5th great grandfather if anyone has any info on them I would like to know thankvyou

  2. Roger W. Dontonville

    Greetings Foremans, I am the great grandson of Abraham Foreman who lived in the Philadelphia area around the turn of the 1900s. My grandfather was Harold Foreman a trainman for the Pennsylvania Railroad. My aunts and uncles have all passed and I have no other resources to help. Does anyone of the Foremans have any info they can help me with? It be greatly appreciated.


    Roger W. Dontonville
    son of Muriel Foreman.

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