Genealogy of the Cherokee Duncan Family

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7Joseph Kell. Margaret Scott
8Daniel O’Connell Kell* Susie Daniel
6William Kell. Ellen Oxier
9Mary Frances Kell. William F. Burchfield and John Oliver’ Truman
10Alice Kell. Thomas Fox French
11Helen Delilah Kell. Robert Mosby French
12James Kell*
11422314John Kell. Margaret Vickers
2Emily Kell* Simpson Clark Bennett
OK3Hannah Kell* Archibald Cochran
11423314Charles Marcellus Kell
2Mahala Abercrombie Kell. Hebard James Tarpley
11425314Rebecca Rolston. Peter McAllister
2John Tate Rolston. Lena Noble nee Schmidt
OK3Frances Tate Rolston
4Emily Rolston*
5Nannie Caroline Rolston. Samuel C. Sager
6Lewis Rolston. Eliza Postell
7Eliza Rolston*
8Zachariah Taylor Rolston*
9Agnes Paschal Rolston. Adam Pfunkuche
10Henry Rolston
11Amanda Rolston. William Jones
12James David Rolston
13Martha Josephine Rolston. Jacob Hulsey
14Robert D. Rolston. Lulu Cunington, Vashti Eckles and Ada Alice Greer nee Atkinson
11426314William Simons*
2Elizabeth Adeline Simons. William Martin
OK3John Ross Simons* Martha Emeline Fields
4Samuel Newell Simons*
5Nancy Ann Simons. Jesse McCreary and Jesse Jones
6Martha Cherokee Simons*
11427314Cynthia Murry*
2Letitia Lilly. James Simmons
11723314 John Emanuel Corban
2Charles Marcellue Kell*
OK3Mahala Abercrombie Kell. Heberd James Tarpley
11724314Alfred Buffington Duncan. Lucy Ann Murphy
2Charles Selden Duncan
OK3Catherine Elizabeth Duncan
4Julia Ann Duncan. James Alonzo Matthews



Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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