Genealogy of the Cherokee Duncan Family

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5Josephine Brown Duncan. Walter Box, William Penn Chandler and
6Ruth Etta Duncan. Jefferson Thompson Parks
11229314Taylor Duncan. Lydia Hummingbird
2Felix Grundy Duncan. Elizabeth Shell
OK3Mary Lunnie Duncan* Alexander Wright. 4 William Wirt Duncan. Sallie Gullage
112210314Timothy Brown Hitchcock. Annie Laura Shirley and Lucy Jane Manus
2Etta Smith Hitchcock. Samuel James Burns.
OK3Irenaes Duncan Hitchcock. Lulu Osborn
112211314Charlotte Catherine Duncan. Rudolph Haegert and John Sheridan Martin
2Joshua Lafayette Duncan. Zipporah E. Truitt
3Delen Rosencrantz Duncan. Philip Donahoo and Arthur Archibald
4Annie Ellen Duncan. Thomas Humphries Prim
11321314Jefferson Thomas
11322314Rebecca Ann McLaughlin. Andrew Jackson Click
2James L. McLaughlin. Sarah Ann Smith
OK3Andrew L. McLaughlin*
4Joshua Ezekial McLaughlin. Celia Davis, Etta Renfro and Margaret Caroline Inlow
5Mary Jane McLaughlin. Lewis Glenn and John Hendricks
6Joseph Frank McLaughlin. Minnie M. Price
7Maria C. McLaughlin. Jack Jones
8Rachel S. McLaughin. William H. Donelson
9Charles McLaughin*
10Benjamin Reuben McLaughin*
11323314Joseph Landrum. Arie Beck
2John B. Landrum. Elizabeth Duncan* and Charlotte Jane Crickett
OK3Lydia Landrum*
11324314Thomas Landrum. Pauline Sidney nee Martin
2Rebecca Landrum*
OK3Hiram Terrell Landrum. Arkansas Cherokee Martin
4Samuel Landrum*
5James Proctor Landrum*
6Rachel Landrum. Samuel Walls
11325314Joseph Landrum*
2Cynthia Landrum*
3Daniel Landrum. Mary Hinton* and Annie Hoskins
4Nannie Landrum. Alexander Cochran
11327314Dixon Landrum



Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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3 thoughts on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Duncan Family”


    I am trying to research Narcissa Duncan Carey. She is listed as Edmund Benge Duncan’s daughter, but , if the birthdates are correct, he would have only been 11 when she was born in 1795. Any chance she was adopted into Edmund & Mary’s family? Could her father possibly be Bob Benge?
    She appears to be my 3rd great grandmother, as the mother of Sarah Ann (Carey) Hicks, who is my maternal grandfather’s ( Sherman Hicks) grandmother.
    Thank you very much. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!

    Moniece Charlton

  2. Michelle Deal, Proctor, Petty

    I’m trying to find information on my Great Grandmother who raised me several years of my life after my mother Sylvia Jean Proctor Deal Watson decided she didn’t want me. My Great Grandmothers name was Mary Angie Duncan and resided in Nashville, TN . I was later taken from her and adopted by an “Uncle” Billy Wayne Proctor also from Nashville, TN because of her failing health. My mother passed away in her 20’s I was told due to a car wreck. I am just trying to find out who I am, the uncle and his wife Wanda Gail Lawrence would not give me any information on my family and I’m not even sure that who I was told was my father really was. If anyone can help me I would be greatful I feel so lost in this world, I called my Great Grand Mother Momma Waggoner and she was my mother, she may not have given birth to me but she’s the o e who I claim as was my Mom. Bulaimajean Waggoner was a great aunt who helped Momma Waggoner I called her Aunt Jean and she married A Mr. James T Owens and had one son Rick Owens. Any help is appreciated. My email is

  3. First visit here, but need to make a correction. Dorcas Benge’s maiden name was Lightfoot. She was the daughter of Cap. John Lightfoot and GaHoGah, of the Deer Clan. The sister of Dorcas was Nancy who married a Foster before marrying Adair. Dorcas and Nancy were half-blood Cherokee. The unknown Benge who first married Dorcas was either Trader John Benge or his son “Chief” Robert Benge. Don Shadburn in the book “Upon Our Ruins” makes the statement that it is believed Trader John was the father of Edmund Benge (who later took the name Duncan). There is also some controversy about who the parents of Trader John were, as I have seen on at least one site where his mother was called Ann and was a full blood Cherokee. That said, Please correct me if you know otherwise.

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