Genealogy of the Cherokee Conrad Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

11122314Polly Gourd.    Wickliffe
2Rider Gourd. Catherine Wolf
11123314Joseph Gourd*
2Nannie Gourd. Joshua Roach
OK3Charlotte Gourd. Llachlan Beavert and William Pinckney McCay
4Susie Gourd. Wiliam H. Turner
5Looney Gourd. Julia Cliffner and Lydia Humphreys
6Archibald Gourd*
7Richard Gourd* Nannie R. Gourd nee
8Ellis Gourd. Susie Hendricks
9James Gourd. Elizabeth Hendricks, Nancy Jane Lillard nee Patrick and Adeline Johnson nee Payne
10Thomas Gourd*
11Jennie Gourd. Wilkerson Hubbard Parris
12Elizabeth Gourd. James G. Mehlin
13Mary Gourd. Asa Guinn
11Alice Gourd* Andrew Henderson Norwood
11124314Nannie Foreman. John T. Foster and Redbird Sixkiller
2Sarah Foreman. Benjamin Foster and Elijah Mayfield*
OK3Elias Gourd Foreman. Jennie Alberty and Mary Sanders nee Smith
4Catherine Foreman. Aaron Crittenden, George Tiesky Scudders Downing and Nelson Terrapin
5Ellis Foreman. Elizabeth Crittenden and Sarah Kelly nee Phillips
11125314Samuel Campbell. Polly Starr and Elizabeth Cramp nee Hildebrand
11126314Looney Gourd. Sallie F. Carter and Dorothy Theresa Meeker
2Charles Gourd* Samantha Miller
OK3Sarah Gourd*
4John Gourd. Artemissa Beavert
5Timothy Gourd. Julia Roberson
6Thomas Gourd. Paralee McPherson
7Alexander Gourd. Elizabeth Daugherty
11127314Jesse Gourd. Susie Benge
2Sarah Gourd. Stephen Vann
OK3Thomas Gourd. Maria Smith
4Caroline Gourd
5Nannie Gourd
6Charles Gourd. Nannie Christy
7Maude Gourd. John Downing and Wesley Lester Carroll
11128314William Downing. Susan J. Reese
2Charles Downing. Susan Downing nee Reese
3Cynthia Downing. Henry Lowrey
4Catherine Downing*  William Steele


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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