Database of Choctaw Mixed Blood Names

Part of the appendices from Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal, by Dr. Samuel James Wells, consists of three expansive tables:

  1. Appendix A: Known and Probable Mixed Bloods (On this page. See further notes below table for more descriptive notes on Appendix A)
  2. Appendix B: Choctaw Mixed Bloods, 1831-33 (on a different page)
  3. Appendix C: Probable Mixed-Blood Heads of Household, 1834 (on a different page)

Database of Choctaw Mixed Blood Names

1Abrams, JnoAlabamaYD 539
2Adam, ElizahPHalbert
3Adam, PosseyPHalbert
4Adams, ElijahMcHennys RRCARM
5Adams, JohnChoctaw AcademyPHd 109
6Adcock, JohnWashington Co.YLackey FCLS
7Adkins, Mrs. JaneTrading HouseFStkd RCTP
8Alford, JamesChickasawTAdair:n394
9Allen, BenjaminPHalbert
10Allen, JamesCCushman:414
11Allen, JohnPHalbert
12Allen, JohnChoctaw AcademyFHd 109
13Allen, PeggyChickasawYPMHS:8:569
14Allen, SamPutacacocahPARM
15Allen, SamuelYellobushahCMEX 18:13
16Allen, WilliamChoctawTRG2 V41 MDAH
17Alley, JamesPHalbert
18Ally, JamesPHalbert
19Anderson, (none)BokHoMa headPARM
20Anderson, AdamPHalbert
21Anderson, AndelPHalbert
22Anderson, Danl.ChickasawhayPARM
23Anderson, Danl. Jr.ChickasawhayPARM
24Anderson, Ed.PHalbert
25Anderson, GainsPHalbert

Appendix A – Notes

Names: Listed alphabetically. There are a few names listed twice. In most cases this represents different individuals, especially if the names are from the same source. In the case of duplicate names from separate sources, a chance of the names being the same person is likely, but not assumed.

Location: The orthography varies but is taken as it appeared in the source document. In some cases the source gives more specific location information than that in the listing of the appendix. The location listed may also be a creek, river, or district. Entries such as, Alabama, or, Creek, are the state or Indian nation indicated.

Sources: The sources for Appendix A are diverse and numerous, however the majority of entries are derived from only a few basic references. Below is a list of sources and the abbreviations used.ARM: Armstrong Roll, pre-Removal Choctaw census taken after the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. In most cases the Armstrong Roll includes location of and

  • information about land lived on.
  • ASP: American State Papers.
  • FR: Foreign Relations
  • IA: Indian Affairs
  • PL: Public land
  • DRC: Mentioned in the articles of Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.
  • Choc Rsv: Choctaw Reserve Records, National Archives, RG 75, (and microfilm series M-234).
  • Coppick: Coppick letters in Lackey Collection, McCain Library, University of Southern Mississippi (USM).
  • D 539: Doc 539, 19th Cong., 2nd sess., “List of Mixed Bloods Claiming Land from the Treaty of Fort Jackson.”
  • D 1315: Doc 1315, 23rd Cong., 2nd sess., “Claims to Choctaw Reservations of Land Under the 14th Article of the Treaty of 1830.”
  • HALBERT: Halbert Roll of Choctaw claims, Alabama Department of Archives and History.
  • HAM: Hamilton’s Colonial Mobile
  • HAWKINS: Letters of, see Bibliography for this and other entries indicated by author’s names.
  • Hd 109: House Document 109, 26th Cong., 2nd sess., “Choctaw Treaty — Dancing Rabbit Creek.”
  • Lackey: Lackey Collection, McCain Library, USM. MEX: Mississippi Genealogical Exchange, volume, page.
  • PMHS: Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, volume, page.
  • RG2: Record Group 2, (folder or volume)
  • Territorial Governors Records, Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH).
  • Stout: Stout Collection, McCain Library, USM
  • T 500: National Archives, RG 75, Records of the Choctaw Trading House, 1803-24.”

Identity (MB): Seven identities are utilized.

  • C: Countryman, a white man living in Indian country with an Indian wife.
  • F: Identified as a full blood.
  • I: Identified as an interpreter.
  • N: Identified as Negro (Black).
  • P. In all probability a mixed blood. A very conservative standard is used to identify individuals as being of mixed blood. All names in the appendices by the very nature of the source documents are those of Choctaw Indians. Individuals assessed as Probable were not positively identified by documentation as having mixed blood, but the combination of surname, location, etc. all indicate a high degree of probability.
  • T: Identified as a trader, probably a countryman.
  • Y. Identified by sources as a mixed blood.


Wells, Dr. Samuel James. Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal. University of Southern Mississippi. 1987. © Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987. Used by permission.

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