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Comanche. One of the southern tribes of the Shoshonean stock, and the only one of that group living entirely on the plains. Their language and traditions show that they are a comparatively recent offshoot from the Shoshoni of Wyoming, both tribes speaking practically the same dialect and, until very recently, keeping up constant and friendly communication.

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  • NA-COMANCHE-L, A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Comanche Indians.
  • NA-NEWBIES, A mailing list for anyone who is new to Native American genealogy.
  • NATIVEAMERICAN-BURIALGROUNDS-L, Discussing and sharing of information regarding remaining and lost Native American burial grounds in the United States.
  • INDIAN TRIBES-LOCATION, One for each state.  Ask questions to find the location of your ancestors.
  • INDIAN CEMETERIES, A place to share the location or transcriptions of Indian Cemeteries.

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The list of tribes and organizations below are not federally recognized. Many of them are state recognized organizations only or working towards federal recognition. We do not have the resources to check the validity of each and every organization and expect that you should before attempting to join or send a monetary contribution. We will provide a listing for any Native American organization or tribe.


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Comanche Indian Suggested Reading

Comanches: The History of a People
Master horseback riders who lived in teepees and hunted bison, the Comanches were stunning orators, disciplined warriors, and the finest makers of arrows. They lived by a strict legal code and worshipped within a cosmology of magic. As he portrays the Comanche lifestyle, Fehrenbach re-creates their doomed battle against European encroachment. While they destroyed the Spanish dream of colonizing North America and blocked the French advance into the Southwest, the Comanches ultimately fell before the Texas Rangers and the U.S. Army in the great raids and battles of the mid-nineteenth century. This is a classic American story, vividly and poignantly told.
The Last Comanche Chief: The Life and Times of Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker (1850-1911) was among the last of the free-ranging Comanche warriors who once terrorized the high plains. Parker ascended to the rank of war chief through brave acts in almost constant warfare (Comanche is a Ute word that means “wants to fight me all the time”) with Anglos and other Indian nations alike. But Parker was more than a warrior, Neeley observes. A great political leader, he negotiated a peace treaty with the United States that spared his people the indignities heaped on other nations that fought back.



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