Biography of Elbert Jacob Snider

(See Grant and Duncan)-Elbert Jacob, son of Andrew Johnson (born May 1, 1867 in Davis County, Mo.) and Cynthia (Muskrat) Snider, born May 4, 1867; in Delaware District and married November 28, 1886 and died July 2, 1902, was born September 29, 1888 at Grove, Delaware District.

He was educated at Grove and Male Seminary.

He married September 26, 1912, Martha Elizabeth, daughter of John Martin Daniel (born October 2, 1843 married August 31, 1876 and died October 10, 1913) and Alice R. (Smith) Daniels (born June 10, 1854 at Fayetteville, Arkansas and died November 10, 1905 ), born April 13, 1888 and married September 26, 1912 at Vinita.

Elbert J. and Martha E. Snider are the parents of Genevieve M. born October 27, 1913 and Elbert Jacob Snider, born November 22, 1915.

John Martin Daniel was elected Sheriff of Delaware District August 4, 1873 and member of council from same district August 6, 1883 and his son, James Henry, the eldest brother of Mrs. Martha E. Snider was elected a member of the Council in 1902.

Elbert Jacob Snider is the grandson of Jacob and Martha (Fields) Muskrat; great grandson of Ezekial and Polly Ann (Sexton) Fields and the great great grandson of Richard Fields, Chief of the Texas Cherokee from 1822 until his death in 1827. Elbert J. Snider, has three brothers, James Floyd, born January 1, 1890; Roy Clinton, born May 3, 1892 and Cecil Freeman Snider born May 3, 1897.

Mrs. Martha E. Snider’s brothers and sisters are Marmaduke, born October 9, 1877; James Henry, born April 9, 1879 and died May 5, Robert John born May 9, 1881; Lulu May, born January 21, 1884; Eliza J. born March 25, 1886; Emma E. born February 19, 1880; William A. born August 26, 1892; Edgar Jackson, born February 14, 1895 and Walter Scott Daniel, born Dec. 12, 1898. Elbert J. Snider had one sister, born Nov. 16, 1900 and died July 7, 1902.


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