Biographical Sketches of Distingushed Officers of the Army and Navy

The following seventy-five biographies feature distinguished officers from the Army and Navy during the last half of the 19th century. Included with each biography is a photograph, which we have included as a gallery at the bottom of this page. These particular men were chosen by the editor for their patriotism to the flag.

Biographical Sketches of Distingushed Officers of the Army and Navy

AshbrookJoseph188View Bio
AstorJohn Jacob16View Bio
BarkerAlbert S10View Bio
BenhamDaniel346View Bio
BensonEdwin North360View Bio
BinghamJudson D74View Bio
BrownR M G240View Bio
BurtisArthur46View Bio
CadwalderCharles E342View Bio
CarrCamillo C C154View Bio
ChaffeeAdna R6View Bio
ChurchWilliam Conant64View Bio
ClemJohn L372View Bio
ColahanCharles E274View Bio
CollumRichard S58View Bio
CottonCharles Stanhope114View Bio
CromelienAlfred290View Bio
CurtinRoland Gideon96View Bio
DaySelden Allen102View Bio
De PeysterJohn Watts82View Bio
DickSamuel R352View Bio
DixJohn A280View Bio
DrakeFrancis Marion158View Bio
DraperW F130View Bio
DuffLevi Bird198View Bio
DyerH Mayo118View Bio
EcksteinHenry C330View Bio
EwingThomas362View Bio
FarleyJoseph P170View Bio
FiskeBradley Allen320View Bio
ForneyJames376View Bio
FortesqueGranville Roland230View Bio
GobinJohn P S192View Bio
GreeneDavid M298View Bio
HarrisonThomas skelton328View Bio
HendersonDavid Bremer270View Bio
HobsonRichmond Pearson142View Bio
HoustonA Ross246View Bio
IsaacsDavid338View Bio
JouettJames E36View Bio
LambertWilliam H264View Bio
LawtonHenry Ware250View Bio
LeeSamuel Philips80View Bio
LlawrenceAbram R226View Bio
MacArthurArthur90View Bio
MannWilliam D'Alton318View Bio
MeadeRobert L300View Bio
MelvilleGeorge W40View Bio
MillerJ W68View Bio
NaileFrederick I166View Bio
OberlyAaron S308View Bio
OtisHarrison Gray210View Bio
PauldingTattnall176View Bio
PeckGeorge284View Bio
PilcherJames E214View Bio
QuayMatthew Stanley148View Bio
ReidGeorge Croghan50View Bio
RixeyPresley Marion258View Bio
RodgersC R P32View Bio
RooseveltTheodore2View Bio
SampsonWilliam Thomas108View Bio
SmedbergW R312View Bio
StevensThomas Holdup24View Bio
StevensThomas Holdup28View Bio
StevensBenjamin F54View Bio
StevensThomas H276View Bio
StevensonHoward A234View Bio
SwayneWager354View Bio
TannerZera L136View Bio
TrumbullHenry Clay336View Bio
TryonJames Rufus304View Bio
WainwrightRichard182View Bio
WarrenLucius Henry126View Bio
WoodLeonard202View Bio
WymanWalker254View Bio

Distingushed Officers of the Army and Navy Gallery



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