1st North Dakota Volunteers

John Durand has written a fascinating account of a little remembered event at the very beginning of America’s entry onto the world stage as an imperial power: the struggle to subdue and annex the Philippines. These days if anyone remembers the Spanish American War it is probably with images of Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, yellow journalism, the island of Cuba, and the slogan Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain. But that was Cuba. The war in the Philippines was far bloodier, it lasted far longer, and it created tensions and legacies that continue to affect American foreign policy to this day. Durand s The Boys: 1st North Dakota Volunteers in the Philippines recounts the experiences of a group of men, mostly young, who volunteered to avenge the sinking of the battleship Maine by joining a quickly assembled regiment of North Dakotans.

From the first day of enlistments until the last man was mustered out of federal service, the roster of the 1st North Dakota Volunteers changed constantly. New men joined the regiment, others resigned, transferred to different units, or were discharged. And some died. According to official sources the regiment mustered in 685 men May 13-16, 1898 at Fargo. When they were mustered out in San Francisco September 25, 1899, the Army’s Adjutant General’s report indicated that 719 men had served with the regiment, of which the following 702 have been identified.

Note: Soldiers were “Discharged by orders” for such reasons as being under age, lacking ability, being a chronic disciplinary problem, for transfer to another unit, for hardship at home. Soldiers were “Discharged for disability” when they were too ill or incapacitated to continue in service.

A Surname

Abraham, Albert F., Private, Co. H, Farmer, Princeton, MN.
Abraham, Herman, Private, Co. H., Laborer, Princeton, MN.
Adams, Charles J., Private, Co. I, Farmer, Wahpeton, ND.
Adelman, Antone, Private, Co. K, Farmer, Gladstone, ND.
Albin, Bert, Private, Co. D, Glassblower, Crary, ND.
Allen, Clarence J., Private, Co. H, Teacher, Turen, NY.
Discharged for disability, March 10, 1899.
Allen, William C., Private, Co. B, Laborer, Manistee, MI. Promoted to Corporal, May 1, 1899.
Allen, William N., Private, Co. G, Electrician, Valley City, ND.
Almen, Alfred C., Private, Co. C, Student, Grafton, ND.
Killed in action at Paete, April 12, 1899 at age 19.
Alwardt, Edward, Private, Co. D, Laborer, Devils Lake, ND.
Amo, Charles M., Private, Co. G, Laborer, Minneapolis, MN.
Amundson, Ocar W., Private, Co. G, Student, Valley City, ND.
Anders, Frank L., Private, Co. B, Machinist, Fargo, ND. Promoted to Corporal, February 18, 1899; discharged by orders, September 9, 1899; awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor on March 3, 1906 for valiant service on May 13, 1899 at San Miguel de Mayumo.
Anderson, Andrew, Private, Co. A, Cook, Bismarck, ND.
Anderson, C. A., Private, Co. G, Carpenter, Valley City, ND. Discharged by orders, March 13, 1899.
Anderson, Charles A., Private, Co. D, Laborer, Devils Lake, ND. 40th anniversary roster shows an “alias” of Charles A. Flattum
Anderson, Charles H., Private, Co. I, Farmer, Wheaton, MN.
Anderson, Fred C., Lance Corporal, Co. K., Mechanic, Tracey, MN.
Anderson, Lewis N., Private, Co. B, Laborer, Fargo, ND.
Anderson, Louis E., Private, Co. I, Farmer, Clitheral, ND.
Anderson, Rockie W., Private, Co. D, Butcher, Crary, ND. Transferred to Hospital Corps, January 23, 1899.
Andrews, Edward M., Private, Co. B, Student, Wallahalda, ND.
Andrews, Samuel, Sergeant, Co. K, Printer, Dickinson, ND.
Anfinson, Jacob, Private, Co. I, Laborer, Wahpeton, ND.
Armstrong, Patrick F., Private, Co. D, Butcher, Devils Lake, ND.
Arnold, William H., Private, Co. G, Teacher. Discharged by orders, July 15, 1899; re-enlisted in 36th U.S.V.
Arthur, Samuel, Private, Co. C, Teacher, Minto, ND.
Aspinwall, William B., 1st Lieutenant, Co. I, Printer, Wahpeton, ND.
Atkinson, XXX Stonewall, Jr., Private, Co. D, Farmer, Cando, ND. Promoted to Corporal, May 15, 1899.
Auld, George, Captain, Co. K, Register of Deeds, Dickinson, ND.
Auld, Storey E., Quartermaster Sgt, Co. K, Cowboy, Dickinson, ND.
Auman, William H. Jr., Corporal, Co. I, Fireman, Breckinridge, MN.

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  1. Robert A Peterson

    Good article, except the U.S. never had an Empire nor did we ever try to. The definition of Empire is: “an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress.” “the Roman Empire” . We have never been under one supreme authority, not even our presidents have supreme authority even though trump tried it on Jan. 6th 2021.

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