1st North Dakota Volunteers

C Surname

Cadieux, John H., Private, Co. H, Switchman, Oakland, CA.
Cairncross, Charles C., Private, Co. C, Merchant, Grafton, ND. Promoted to Sergeant Major, 2nd Battalion.
Callahan, Ralph E., Private, Co. H, Clerk, Norfolk, NE.
Campbell, Lorne, Corporal, Co. I, Clerk, Wahpeton, ND. Transferred to Hospital Corps, June 21, 1898.
Carney, James E., Private, Co. I, Fireman, East Springfield, PA.
Carpenter, George E., Private, Co. K, Cowboy, Middleton, NY.
Chaloner, John C., Private, Co. K, Liveryman, Dickinson, ND.
Chamberlain, John J., Private, Co. H, Fargo, ND. Member of Bugle Corps.
Chapman, Herbert E., Private, Co. G, Farmer, San Francisco, CA.
Charles, John C., Private, Co. H, Merchant, Tower City, ND.
Charles, Robert M., Private, Co. H, Engineer, Tower City, ND.
Chase, Nathan E., Private, Co. K, Farmer, Dickinson, ND. Discharged by orders, September 2, 1899; re-enlisted in 36th U.S.V.
Chave, Thomas T., Private, Co. G, Bookkeeper, Sanborn, ND.
Christianson, Neal, Private, Artificer, Co. G, Barber, Valley City, ND.
Christopherson, Eddie, Private, Co. G, Farmer, Fingal, ND. Discharged by orders, April 26, 1899.
Church, Walter E., Private, Co. G, Farmer, Valley City, ND.
Clark, Louis P., Corporal, Musician, Co. G, Student, Valley City, ND. Member of Bugle Corps.
Cleary, Burdette, Private, Co. B, Printer, Spokane, WA.
Cleary, Jeremiah, Private, Co. B, Student, Cavalier, ND.
Clubb, Alexander, Private, Co. H, Farmer, Jamestown, ND.
Coggswell, Adelbert W., Captain, Co. D, Druggist, Devils Lake, ND.
Colburn, Clark H., Corporal, Co. K, Farmer, Richardton, ND.
Colburn, Parley R., Private, Co. K, Farmer, Richardton, ND.
Coleman, Winfield H., Corporal, Artificer, Co. G, Electrician. Transferred to Hospital Corps, September 27, 1898.
Collette, Alfred B., Private, Co. C, Clerk, Grafton, ND.
Collins, Albert T., Corporal, Co. H, Farmer, Eldridge, ND.
Conklin, Fred L., Quartermaster Sgt., Co. B, Clerk, Jamestown, ND. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant May 23, 1898; transferred to Co H, October 22, 1898; discharged for disability, December 12, 1898.
Connolly, Frank A., Private, Co. I, Farmer, Wahpeton, ND.
Conrad, Loran E., Private, Co. G, Laborer. Discharged by orders, July 30, 1899.
Cook, Henry F., Private, Co. B, Laborer, Fargo, ND.
Cook, Joseph A., Private, Co. C, Clerk, Minto, ND.
Cook, Thomas R., Corporal, Artificer, Co. C, Engineer, Grafton, ND.
Cooper, Charles C., Private, Co. H, Farmer, Jamestown, ND.
Cornell, Ernest B., Private, Co. K, Farmer, Gladstone, ND.
Correll, Ira A., Sergeant, Co. A, Bookkeeper, Mandan, ND.
Coughlin, William H., Corporal, Co. G, Clerk. Discharged by orders, July 12, 1899; re-enlisted in 36th U.S.V.
Cramer, Harry R., Private, Co. B, Engineer, Lisbon, ND. Enlisted in San Francisco. Discharged for disability, April 3, 1899.
Crooker, Lemuel E., Private, Co. B, Laborer, Ortonville, MN.
Cross, Delbert C., Corporal, Co. G, Farmer, Valley City, ND.
Crowe, Ralph, Private, Co. C, Printer, Grafton, ND. Promoted to Quartermaster Sergeant.
Crum, Paul, Co. B. 40th anniversary roster indicates that Crum was “attached.”
Crumley, William A., Private, Co. A, Cook, Bismarck, ND.
Cunningham, Fred D., Private, Cook, Co. H, Student, Grand Rapids, ND.
Curtis, Timothy B., Private, Co. K, Laborer, Arlington, MN.

D Surname

Dalton, Thomas J., Corporal, Co. A, Cigar-maker, Bismarck, ND.
Davis, Charles P., Private, Co. G, Cook, Valley City, ND. Promoted to Corporal; awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor on April 28, 1906 for valiant service on May 16, 1899 near San Isidro.
Davis, Daniel R., Private, Co. A, Lumberman, Cooperstown, ND. Transferred to Hospital Corps, June 22, 1898.
Davis, Harold H., Corporal, Co. K. Died at sea aboard the Grant, August 19, 1899.
Davis, Jessie A., Private, Co. B, Clerk, Fargo, ND.
Davis, John T., Private, Co. G, Merchant, Valley City, ND.
Davis, Woodbury J., Private, Co. H, Fireman, Jamestown, ND.
Dawson, Philip P., Private, Co. A, Laborer, Bismarck, ND. Discharged for disability, December 14, 1898.
Debbert, Fred J., Private, Co. I, Farmer, Belle Plain, MN.
DeFoe, Charles H., Corporal, Co. K, Carpenter, Dickinson, ND.
DeFrate, Austin O., Private, Co. C, Clerk, Alexandria, MN.
Desmond., John E., Private, Co. I, Woodworker, Wahpeton, ND. Recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor but is not listed on the official roll of medal winners.
Devine, Arthur L., Private, Co. G, Painter, Wyandott, MI.
Diamond, John A., Private, Co. I, Baker, Wahpeton, ND. Discharged by orders, September 1, 1899.
Doherty, Stephen A., Private, Co. K, Herder, Dickinson, ND. Discharged by orders, July 29, 1899; re-enlisted in 36th U.S.V.
Dolan, William J., Corporal, Co. A, Bookbinder, Bismarck, ND.
Dollard, George T., Private, Co. K, Stockman, Bellfield, ND.
Donaldson, Robert R., Private, Co. D, Horseman, Devils Lake, ND.
Donovan, Harry W., Private, Co. H, Clerk, Princeton, MN. Wounded in left wrist at Polo, March 26, 1899; transferred to Regimental Hospital, Steward, September 1, 1899.
Downs, Willis H., Private, later Wagoner, Co. H, Farmer, Jamestown, ND. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor on February 16, 1906 for valiant service on May 13, 1899 at San Miguel de Mayumo.
Doyle, James, Private, Co. B, Railroadman, Honolulu, HI.
Dragoo, George W., Private, Co. D, Carpenter, Devils Lake, ND.
Driscoll, Isador, Corporal, Co. C, Grafton, ND. Killed in action at Paete, April 12, 1899.
Drury, John P., Private, Co. A, Boilermaker, Mandan, ND.
Dumochel, Arthur C., Private, Co. D, Clerk, Devils Lake, ND.
Dunn, Piatt, Private, Co. A, Student, Bismarck, ND. Promoted to Corporal, October, 1898; discharged by orders, August 25, 1899.
Durban, George, Private, Co. C, Decorator, Bemidji, MN.
Durkin, John J., Private, Co. A, Laborer, Bismarck, ND.

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