N Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Marriage Records

* Intention not recorded.


James and Mary Shetleworth, Feb. 19, 1719-20.*

NEWEL (see Newell)

Elisabeth of Sherburn [int. Newell of Shearburn], and Oliver Wheelock, Mar. 22, 1798.

NEWELL (see Newel)

Abby W., 20, d. John and Maria, and Emery A. Willey, Apr. 6, 1848.*
Betsey of Dover, and Obed Allen Jr., int Dec. 15, 1835.
Charles and Mary Ann Partridge, June 19, 1836.
Eliza and Cushing Baker, int. Dec. 26, 1827.
George Jr. and Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] Adams, Sept. 17, 1835.
George and Marry [int. Mary] Lawrence, Sept. 7, 1836.
Geo[rge] of Boston, and Olive Plimpton, Jan. 7, 1841.
Jessee of Dover, and Mrs. Lidia [int. Lydia] M. Prince, Mar. 16, 1843.
John A. of Dover, and Caroline Allen, Jan. 6, 1833.
John Fisher and Maria Adams, Apr. 9, 1827.
Mary Cabot [int. C] and David Walter Jones, Oct. 5, 1831.
Rebecca and Jesse Whitney, Nov. 19, 1818.*


Oren of Lowell, and Lydia H. Balch, Oct. 2, 1831.


Henry Otis, 21, b. Dover, of Dover, s. Otis and Nancy, and Angenette Cleavland, Mar. 19, 1848.*

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