K Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records

KAILIE (see Calley)

Peter, s. Peter (Kalley) and Ruth, July 20, 1670.


James Brown, s. Rev. James A. and Maria B., Oct. 11, 1834.


—- , s. Elisabeth, Jan. — , 1803.


George A., s. Geo[rge] A. and Martha G., Dec. 3, 1837
Mary Frances, d. John E. and Lucy, Apr. 19, 1838.


George, s. Samuel and Sarah, June 22, 1779.
Harriot, d. Hozea and Hannah, Nov. 10, 1817.


Alonzo Allen, s. James and Mary, Jan. 13, 1840.
Amos Plimpton, s. John and Polly, Feb. 16, 1808.
Clarence, s. James A. and Mary A (b. Wrentham), June 20, 1848.
Ellen F., d. Horace and Maria E. (b. Boston), Aug. 31, 1848.
George W., s. Amos P. and Almira W., Dec. 27, 1838.
George Warren, s. Horace and Maria E, Sept. 9, 1845.
Henery Richardson, s. Amos and Mary, Oct 4, 1817.
Herbert Augustus, s. James A. and Mary A., Oct 23, 1844.
Horace, s. John and Polly, May 9, 1817.
James Allen, s. John and Polly, Feb. 10, 1810.
John, s. Amos and Molly, June 13, 1785.
John, s. John and Polly, Nov. 19, 1814.
Martha Everett, d. Amos and Mary, Apr. 28, 181[? 8 or 9].
Martha Everett, d. Horace and Elizabeth, Sept 25, 1842.
Sarah Elmira, d. W[illia]m and Caroline, June 22, 1843.
William, s. John and Polly, Mar. 2, 1812.
W[illia]m Edgar, s. W[Ulia]m and Caroline (b. Cumberland, R.I.), Sept 5, 1848.


Elizabeth, d. Ebenezer and Elizabeth, June 30, 1736.

Birth Records,

Medfield, MA. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts: To the Year 1850. New-England historic genealogical society, at the charge of the Eddy town-record fund, 1903.

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