James Wilson Genealogy

I. The ancestor of the Daniel2 Wilson family came from Tyrone, Ireland, in 1737, with the famous Scotch Irish emigrants. These emigrants were a hardy, industrious, long-lived, honest and sturdy race of people. A great proportion of New Hampshire’s most distinguished sons are found among their descendants.

One of these emigrants was James1 Wilson. The history of Peterborough gives his name as WILLIAM. Later researches favor JAMES, but we are not positively sure of the name. Nor do we know who was his wife. They brought with them from Ireland a son, Robert2, and a daughter, Lettuce2. In this country they had at least two more sons, Daniel2 and James2.

Robert2 lived in Peterboro’ and was the father of Anne3 (killed by a log falling from a fence upon her, in childhood), Hon. James3, William3, Anne3 (who m. Jeremiah Swan), Mary3 (who m. Gen. John Steele), Hon. John3 of Belfast, Me., (in the U. S. Congress in 1813-1814), Joseph3 and Sarah3 (m. Hon. John Scott Harrison, son of President William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the U. S. and father of Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the U. S.)

Hon. James3 Wilson of Peterboro and Keene was the father of Gen. James4 Wilson, the well known lawyer and orator of Keene and a member of the 30th and 31st U. S. Congresses; Col. Robert4 Wilson, who was a well known character in Keene; Elizabeth Jane4 (who m. William G. Hunter); and Sarah M. A.4, who m. Col. Frank Lee of Boston.

The emigrant, James1 Wilson, spent the winter of 1737-8 in West Cambridge, Mass., and then moved to Townsend, Mass., where was b. Daniel2, Nov. 6, 1745.

1. Daniel2 Wilson, son of James1, lived in Keene, in the ancient house on Court St., near the Glue factory, known as the Daniels’ place; in Sullivan, where C. F. Willson and George Hubbard have lived. He was a farmer; d. in Sullivan Nov. 13, 1815, “after a long and painful illness.” He m. (date unknown), Abigail Morse, b. Sherborn, Mass., June 28, 1746 (this date is from a family record, and is probably correct–other authorities give her birth as June 7 and June 17); d. in Sullivan, Aug. 26, 1825; dau. of Thomas and Mary (Treadway) Morse of Dublin. Nine ch. b. Keene, and the two youngest in Sullivan:

  1. Daniel3, b. Nov. 11, 1770, was a farmer, and res. Keene, N. Y. and Charleston, Pa.; m. May 20, 1805, Sarah Dart, b. Surry, May, 8, 1780; d. Charleston, Pa., Mar. 26, 1850; dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Wilcox) Dart of Gilsum and Surry. Six ch.:
    1. Luman4, b. Keene, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1806, was a farmer, also Register of Deeds of Tioga Co. Pa.; res. Wellsboro, Pa., where he d. Sept. 2, 1849; m. Aug. 10, 1844, Zerviah Sayre, b. Horse Heads, N. Y., May 7, 1808; d. Wellsboro, Pa., Aug. 11, 1871; dau. of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Seely) Sayre. Two ch. b. in Wellsboro:
      1. Harriet Louise5, b. May 7, 1845, m. Sept. 10, 1866, Henry Augustus Van Valkenburg, b. Slaterville, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1838, son of John and Sarah (Brainard) Van Valkenburg. He was a commercial traveler and res. Wellsboro, Pa., where were b. five ch.:
        1. Sarah Louise6 Van Valkenburg, b. July 20, 1867;
        2. Kate Sayre6 Van Valkenburg, b. Jan. 25, 1871; m. Aug. 22, 1894, Arthur Hiram Dartt, b. Wellsboro, Oct. 19, 1867; son of Hiram W. and Adeline (Potter) Dartt. Res. Wellsboro; he is a carriage manufacturer.
        3. Anna Zerviah6 Van Valkenburg, b. Sept. 28, 1873.
        4. Helen6 Van Valkenburg, b. Oct. 23, 1877.
        5. Harriet Emma6 Van Valkenburg, b. Mar. 22, 1886; d. May 26, 1895.
      2. Sarah Elizabeth5, b. Jan. 4, 1847.
    2. Daniel4, b. Keene, N. Y., July 4, 1808; d. Aug. 14, 1810;
    3. Sarah Lovisa4, b. Keene, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1811; d. Charleston, Pa., July 30, 1833;
    4. Hannah Adams4, b. Charleston, Pa., Feb. 25, 1814; d. unm. Sept. 10, 1896;
    5. Isaiah Adams4, b. Charleston, June 7, 1815, was a farmer and res. on part of the old homestead in Charleston, Pa.; m. Mar. 8, 1838, Margaret Hart, dau. of Ludwig or Lewis and Anna Barbara (Seyford) Hart, b. in Little Falls, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1818; d. Warren, Pa., Oct. 29, 1893. Three ch. b. Charleston:
      1. Sarah Emeline5, b. Mar. 23, 1840, m. July 26, 1866, Lorenso M. Johnson, M. D., b. Bethany, N. Y., son of Nicholas and Lucy (Reynolds) Johnson. He graduated in medicine at Ann Arbor, Mich., practiced a short time in N. Dakota, and then in Wellsboro, Pa., where he d. Nov. 13, 1904. No children.
      2. George Porter5, b. Apr. 27, 1842, is a farmer and lives on a portion of his grandfather’s estate or homestead in Charleston, Pa.; m. Mar. 22, 1874, Ella Gertrude Griffin, b. Canajohorie, N. Y., July 10, 1850; dau. of Henry K. and Dorothy Ann (Arnold) Griffin. Seven ch. b. Charleston:
        1. Kate6, b. Dec. 15, 1874, m. June 29, 1897, Leon Clifford Gerow, b. Charleston, Pa., Mar. 13, 1877; son of DeWitt Clinton and Laura Emma (Weat) Gerow. He is a farmer at Charleston, where was b.
          1. Lorenzo Max7, b. Oct. 1, 1898.
        2. Louise6, b. Apr. 14, 1876; m. May 15, 1894, Samuel John Ludlam, b. Osceola, Pa., Dec. 25, 1871; son of George and Mary (Brown) Ludlam. Two ch.:
          1. Earl7 Ludlam, b. Charleston, Pa., Mar. 26, 1895.
          2. Laura Louise7 Ludlam, b. Wellsboro, Pa., Apr. 7, 1897; d. Sept. 6, 1897.
        3. George6, b. Nov. 30, 1878;
        4. Ernest6, b. Apr. 28, 1881;
        5. Margaret6, b. Dec. 18, 1887;
        6. James Tanner6, b. June 9, 1889;
        7. Rena6 b. Aug. 18, 1894.
      3. Daniel Moses5, b. Nov. 27, 1848, m. Dec. 11, 1867, Lydia Stickley, b. Wellsboro, Pa., Feb. 15, 1848, dau. of Henry and Lydia (Watkins) Stickley. A son b. in Charleston, Pa.,
        1. Henry Isaiah6, b. Apr. 10, 1869, 28. Henry Isaiah6 Wilson, son of Daniel Moses5, 25, m. Apr. 4, 1893, Blanche Bacon, b. Delmar, Pa., Aug. 7, 1874, dau. of Seth and Helen (Bartle) Bacon. They have no children. He is a lawyer, and res. at Big Run, Pa., and is a very brilliant man. He was in the Pennsylvania legislature in 1898-99 during the famous contest of Senator Quay for re-election. He was an intimate friend of Gov. Strong and championed Quay.
    6. Fanny Jemima4, b. Charleston, May 20, 1817, m. (1), Nov. 4, 1841, Hiram F. Young, b. Manheim Township, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1813; d. Wellsboro, Pa., Sept. 22, 1842, son of George and Catherine (Petrie) Young. He was a lawyer, just established in business, when he died of consumption. She m. (2), Sept. 18, 1861, Benjamin Austin, b. Charleston, Pa., Nov. 1, 1823; d. Wellsboro, Nov. 4, 1873; son of Caleb and Clarissa (Peters) Austin. He owned a large farm in Charleston, which he sold to the County for a poor-farm. He then went to Hamilton, Mo., and operated a flouring mill for a time, and later returned to Wellsboro, where he built a sash and blind factory. His death was due to lock-jaw, caused by cutting his thumb with a circular saw in his factory. He died Aug. 31, 1889. She had no children.

    Mr. Wilson brought up a young man named Daniel McLain, who was drowned in the Arkansas River, Oct. 25, 1845, aged 20 yrs., 8 mos., 2 days.

  2. Hannah3, b. June 27, 1772, m. Jan. 20, 1793 by Roswell Hubbard, J. P.; Moses Adams, b. Dublin, Nov. 10, 1768; d. there Apr. 30, 1844; son of Moses and Mary (Swan) Adams. They lived in Dublin on a farm which is now in the new town of Harrisville. Three sons:
    1. Samuel4 Adams, b. May 3, 1794; d. Peterboro’, July 26, 1887; lived in Dublin and Peterboro’; was a farmer, but a mechanic of a fine order, capable of performing the work of a carpenter, mason, blacksmith, etc. He was a good scholar for his time and a man of good intellect and large and liberal ideas. He was usually known by his military title of Capt. Adams, and was frequently honored with town offices and represented Peterboro’ in the Legislature of 1847. Three times married; (1), June 19, 1817, by Rev. E. Willard, Almira Kendall, b. Dublin, Apr. 3, 1795; d. there, June 26, 1823; dau. of Joel and Abigail (Babcock) Kendall. m. (2), Dec. 23, 1824, Martha Broad, b. Needham, Mass., Sept. 17, 1791; d. Dublin, June 20, 1825; dau. of Seth and Azubah (Saunders) Broad. m. (3), Jan. 23, 1827, Azubah Saunders Broad, sister of preceding, b. Needham, Mass., Mar. 6, 1794; d. Peterboro’, May 31, 1854. He had five ch.:
      1. A son5, b. Dublin, June, 1818; d. June 12, 1818;
      2. John Quincy5 Adams, b. Dublin, Oct. 18, 1827. Like his father, he was a man of strong intellectual qualities. He possessed rare good judgment and served his town in many ways. He was entrusted with the settlement of important estates and the care of property and was one in whom his fellow citizens had the greatest confidence. He m. Sept. 29, 1853, Abbie Warren Fiske, b. Weston, Mass., June 8, 1831, d. Longmont, Col., suddenly, Nov. 16, 1890; dau. of Sewall and Martha (Stearns) Fiske. He lived on the homestead in Peterboro’, where were b. five ch.:
        1. Wallace Parker6 Adams, b. Dec. 23, 1854, d. Nov. 30, 1864;
        2. Henry Fiske6 Adams, b. May 30, 1857, d. Peterboro’, Sept. 8, 1892. He was a graduate of Harvard Medical school with high honors, and began the practice of medicine in Newburyport, mass., where he achieved marked success from the start, taking rank with the best physicians in the city. An uncertain condition in his health compelled him to move to Pasadena, Cal.; m. Sept. 27, 1880, Alma Florence Buswell, b. Acworth, Dec. 26, 1860; dau. of Lyman Buswell. They had no ch.; she m. (2), Rev. William H. Walbridge of Milford.
        3. Herbert Gleason6 Adams, b. May 14, 1860; d. Aug. 31, 1865;
        4. Helen Frances6 Adams, b. June 25, 1864; d. Peterboro’, Feb. 11, 1914;
        5. Mary Maria6 Adams, b. Aug. 6, 1873.
      3. Sarah Broad5 Adams, b. Dublin, July 18, 1829, d. Peterboro’, Aug. 10, 1869; a refined and intellectual lady; she was clerk of the Union Manufacturing Co. about twenty years; unm.
      4. Samuel5 Adams, b. Dublin, Sept. 14, 1831; d. E. Jaffrey, July 23, 1914. He had a very ingenious mind and was at home in the use of fine machinery; he inherited intellectual and literary tastes and, like his father and brother, often filled town offices. He was representative in the General Court; lived in Peterboro’, Rochester, N. Y. and Dublin. He m. Apr. 21, 1853, Matilda Jane Nay, b. Peterboro’, Apr. 13, 1832; dau. of John and Jane (Farnsworth) Nay. Three ch.:
        1. Loren Warner6 Adams, b. Peterboro’, Nov. 14, 1857; m. Sept. 13, 1884, Addie Camilla Spalter, b. Groton, Mass., Aug. 20, 1851; d. Keene, Nov. 22, 1899; dau. of John H. and Martha A. (Hildreth) Spalter of Keene. One ch.:
          1. Marion Clara7 Adams, b. Keene, Dec. 23, 1886; m. Earl Parkhurst.
        2. Clarabel Fidelia6 Adams, b. Peterboro’, Oct. 1, 1861; m. July 13, 1887, Charles Place Ricker, b. Newburyport, Mass., Sept. 8, 1864, son of John Wesley and Hannah Gilman (Merrill) Ricker; res. Waltham, Mass., where was b.
          1. Gladys Sterling7 Ricker, Dec. 30, 1889.
        3. Kate Adelle6 Adams, b. Peterboro’, Sept. 2, 1864; m. Dec. 25, 1888, John Gates Townsend, b. Dublin, Dec. 19, 1864; son of Charles M. and Charlotte Mitchell (Gates) Townsend. Res. Dublin and E. Jaffrey (1919) where he is cashier of the Bank. No ch.
      5. Hannah Almira5 Adams, b. Dublin, July 8, 1833, d. Peterboro’, Nov. 1, 1857, unm.
    2. Moses4 Adams, b. Dublin, Aug. 27, 1795, d. there, Nov. 7, 1873. He was a man who was fond of books and of improving the mind; he was a very good botanist, and had a good musical taste and performed well on the bass viol. He had a good idea of school work and made some valuable suggestions with respect to school methods which were adopted by the Rev. Dr. Leonard who had charge of the Dublin schools for so many years. He m. Apr. 12, 1821, Sally Morse, b. Dublin, Mar 29, 1802, d. there, May 11, 1881; dau. of Thaddeus (Esq.) and Betsey (Mason) Morse. They lived on the old homestead, where were born six ch.:
      1. Harriet5 Adams, b. Mar. 10, 1822, d. Oct. 1, 1833;
      2. Emily5 Adams, b. Feb. 18, 1824; d. June 11, 1903, unm.;
      3. Eliza5 Adams, b. Mar. 11, 1826, d. Dublin, Sept. 4, 1907, unm.;
      4. Charles Wilson5 Adams, b. Jan. 29, 1828; m. Dec. 26, 1855, Maria Abigail Henry, b. Chesterfield, July 1, 1836; dau. of John P. and Laura (Stone) Henry. He has lived in Rockford, Ill., and in Sacramento and San Francisco, Cal. Three ch.:
        1. (1.) Charles Henry6 Adams, b. Rockford, Ill., Oct. 16, 1857, is m. and res. Cal.;
        2. (2.) Idella Maria6 Adams, b. Sacramento, Cal., Aug. 10, 1865;
        3. (3.) Laura May6 Adams, b. Sacramento, Jan. 12, 1874;
      5. Henry Albert5 Adams, b. Dublin, Dec. 11, 1837; d. there, Feb. 19, 1881; m. Oct. 22, 1874, Julia Wilkinson Eastman, b. Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1843, d. Lancaster, N. H., Apr. 21, 1899; dau. of Richard Holt and Sarah Urania (Fuller) Eastman. He lived on the homestead, and his death was quite sudden. He left no ch.
      6. Frederic Morse5 Adams, b. Dublin, Oct. 27, 1840; m. (1), Sept. 1, 1869, Ida Estelle Goodrich, b. Milford, N. Y., Mar. 6, 1883, dau. of Reuben and Margaret (Cheseborough) Goodrich; m. (2), Dec. 16, 1884, Mary Louisa Magee, b. Toledo, Ohio, July 28, 1849, dau. of James Warren and Mary Ann (Livermore) Magee. Res. New York City, where was b.
        1. Frederic Eliot6 Adams, b. Apr. 21, 1886. Mr. Moses Adams reared an excellent family of children; the daughters, Emily and Eliza were well educated and Eliza taught school many years, and was an eminently successful teacher. Frederic M. is a lawyer and stenographer in New York City, with an office in the Tribune Building. He studied at Phillips Exeter Academy. He is one of the best stenographic reporters in New York, and has a large force at work for him. He was admitted to the bar in 1879.
    3. Isaiah4 Adams, b. Dublin, Jan. 11, 1797, d. there, Nov. 26, 1865. He was an apt scholar, but was prevented from advancing far in consequence of nearly losing his eye-sight, said to have been caused in part from over study. He was a bright man, and his misfortune was especially to be regretted. He never married.
  3. James3, b. Feb. 22, 1774, was a farmer; res. Sullivan, Keene, N. Y., and Plattsburg, N. Y. He was mortally wounded in the battle of Plattsburg, Sept. 11, 1814, and was removed to a house near the field, where he died at 2 A. M., Sept. 12, 1814. He m. June, 1803, Sally Rider, b. Natick, Mass., d. in Pharsalia, (?) N. Y.; dau. of Thomas and Anna (Haven) Rider of Sullivan Three ch.:
    1. Miranda4, b. Mar. 23, 1806, m. Lyman Bonner of E. Bloomfield, N. Y. Three ch.
      1. Sally Ann5 Bonner;
      2. Corydon5 Bonner;
      3. Matilda M.5 Bonner.
    2. Caroline4, b. 1808, m. in 1834, Aaron Cleveland of Brookfield, Vt. They had two ch.:
      1. James Wilson5 Cleveland, b. 1836, lived in Washington, Ohio, about 1872, and had, at that time, six ch., 4 sons and two daus.
      2. William Pitt5 Cleveland, also lived in Ohio.
    3. Matilda4, b. Plattsburg, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1810; m. John Jr. Mason (q. v.)
  4. John3, b. Sept. 30, 1776; d. Aug. 31, 1777;
  5. John3, b. June 19, 1778, res. in Sullivan on the “C. F. Wilson”, now George Hubbard place, succeeding his father in the ownership of the farm. He was also a carpenter, and made coffins; m. Nov. 22, 1809, Betsey Nims, dau. of Zadoc (q. v.) She d. in Sullivan, Sept. 14, 1843, and he d. Dec. 3, 1830. Four ch. b. Sullivan:
    1. Dauphin White4, b. Aug. 18, 1810, lived on the “D. W. Wilson” place, formerly the Philander Nims place. Later he lived in Keene. He was a successful farmer.
      1. One son b. in Sullivan, Aug. 12, 1837; d. Aug. 14, 1837.
    2. Charles Franklin4, b. Aug. 8, 1812, m. (1), Feb. 20, 1838, Sarah Griffin Marshall, b. New Ipswich, Aug. 21, 1813, d. Sullivan, Oct. 21, 1867; dau. of Silas and Abigail (Heald) Marshall of Bennington, Vt.; m. (2), Sept. 11, 1877, Mary Mehitable Burbank, b. Fitzwilliam, Feb. 19, 1834, d. Keene, Sept. 7, 1880; dau. John and Hannah (Lyons) Burbank; m. (3), May 3, 1882, Mrs. Elizabeth Currier (Tate) (Dunlap) Nims, b. Salem, Mass., Apr. 6, 1824; dau. of William and Mary Baldwin (Hall) Tate, and widow 1st of James Dunlap and 2nd of Lucius Nims of Sullivan In Sullivan he resided on the old homestead of his father and grandfather. Later he lived in Keene where he d. Nov. 18, 1894. Two ch. b. in Sullivan:
      1. 1. Charles Carroll5, b. Oct. 19, 1839; killed at the battle of Opequan, near Winchester, Va., Sept. 19, 1864.
      2. 2. Abbie Maria5, b. Apr. 20, 1842, d. Keene, Mar. 20, 1877, unm. She was finely educated at Meriden. She had taught school, and was an accomplished Christian lady. After her mother’s death, she was her father’s housekeeper as long as she lived.
    3. Harriet Nims4, b. Apr. 5, 1814; m. Dr. Edward Barton (q. v.);
    4. Betsey Maria4, b. Jan. 29, 1817, m. June 12, 1842, William R. Morse, b. Feb. 26, 1819; d. Orange, Mass., son of Elisha and Sally (Robbins) Morse. She d. in Orange, Mass., June 11, 1861. Two sons b. in Orange:
      1. Edward W.5 Morse, b. Apr. 2, 1843.
      2. Charles W.5 Morse, b. Mar. 3, 1845.
  6. Abigail3, b. May 29, 1780; m. Nathaniel Osgood, (q. v.);
  7. Josiah3, b. May 3, 1782, was baptized in Keene, in his infancy, and when his father was asked the usual question (“by what name shall this child be christened?”) answered in blundering, Yankee fashion, “Siah,” a common shortened way of pronouncing that name. Such was the superstition regarding the sacredness of a baptismal name, that he used that appellation, and the same is found on his gravestone. He d. Charleston, Pa., Aug. 17, 1835; m. May 31, 1811, Irene Dart, b. (place unknown) Dec. 19, 1790; d. Canton, Bradford Co., Pa., July 16, 1881; dau. of Justus and Hannah (Gleason) Dart of Surry. They had no ch. but adopted four, two of whom d. early, and the other two, P. Jane and B. Shipman Dart, were children of Justus Dart, Jr., who had lost his second wife. Their names were not changed. After the death of Josiah Wilson, his widow m. (2), William Knapp.
  8. Polly3, b. Mar. 23, 1784; m. Josiah Seward Jr., (q. v.);
  9. Betsey3, b. Feb. 25, 1786; m. James W. Osgood (q. v.);
  10. Samuel3, b. Apr. 15, 1789, was a miller; res. in Hopkinton and Nicholsville, N. Y.; d. in latter place, Mar. 28, 1881; m. at Hopkinton, N. Y., Apr. 3, 1821, Sally Blanchard, b. Sudbury, Vt., Mar. 27, 1801, d. in Nicholsville, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1881; dau. of Amasa of Sudbury, Vt. They had ten ch. b. in Hopkinton, N. Y.:
    1. Maria Nancy4, b. Jan. 6, 1822, m. in 1846, Hon. George Wilkins, b. 1817 in Stowe, Vt., son of Uriah and Nancy (Kittredge) Wilkins. He was a leading lawyer in his vicinity, and at one time President of the Vermont Senate. No children.
    2. Hiram Roswell4, b. Apr. 9, 1824; d. Mar. 9, 1826;
    3. Harriet Jeannette4, b. May 23, 1827; d. Feb. 20, 1828;
    4. Hiram Fayette4, b. May 23, 1827, killed in his father’s grist mill, Nov. 20, 1843;
    5. Edson James4, b. Mar. 4, 1829, m. in 1851, Helen Chandler, and lived in Vallejo, Cal., where he d. Sept. 1, 1894. Three ch.:
      1. 1. George Wilkins5, b. Mar. 1, 1852;
      2. 2. Caroline5, b. 1861;
      3. 3. Harriet5, b. 1863.
    6. Mary Louisa4, b. Nov. 9, 1831, m. Sept. 17, 1855, Abial Harrington Slayton, b. Stowe, Vt.; son of Abial and Rachel M. (Christie) Slayton. He went to California in 1852, with a few friends from Stowe, and was very successful in mining operations. He returned to Stowe and owned a farm there; represented the town in Vermont legislature. Mrs. Slayton d. Hopkinton, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1856, where was b. Mary5 Slayton, b. Sept. 3, 1856; d. Stowe, Vt., Mar. 23, 1862.
    7. Friend Warren4, b. Feb. 28, 1834, married and lived in California. Had several ch.
    8. Luman Osgood4, b. Aug. 10, 1837, was an undertaker in Nicholville, N. Y.; m. Sept. 5, 1876 Florence E. Ferris, b. Lawrenceville, N. Y., Mar. 7, 1848, dau. of H. Noble and Laura A. (Day) Ferris. One dau.,
      1. Laura Emily5, b. Nicholville, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1879.
    9. Martha Eliza4, b. Feb. 7, 1839; d. Dec. 7, 1839;
    10. Emily Calphernia4, b. May 24, 1841, m. in June 1870, Capt. James Henry Swift, b. New Bedford, Mass., July 4, 1816; d. Coupeville, Wash., May 1892; son of James and Hannah (Noon) Swift. He was a sea captain. She d. in Vallejo, Cal., Mar. 22, 1900. Res. Coupeville and Vallejo. Five ch.:
      1. Harriet Wilson5 Swift, b. Coupeville, June 9, 1872; m. Puget Rau of Coupeville.
      2. Maud Maria5 Swift, b. Coupeville, Sept. 18, 1876; m. July 28, 1895, Harry Chadwick Fullington, b. Johnson, Vt., Apr. 11, 1871; son of Birney Stewart and Helen M. (Chadwick) Fullington. He graduated from Vermont Academy and Chicago Veterinary College. Res. Seattle, Wash. Two ch.:
        1. Mary Wilkins6 Fullington, b. Johnson, Vt., May 8, 1896, a graduate of the University of Washington;
        2. Birney Swift6 Fullington, b. Worcester, Mass., Mar. 31, 1900.
      3. Myles Standish5 Swift, b. Coupeville, May 16, 1878; d. Apr. 1, 1880.
      4. Mary Elizabeth5 Swift, b. Coupeville, Jan. 31, 1881; d. Stowe, Vt., Dec. 17, 1907; m. Oct. 23, 1906, Eugene Beauchard, b. Port Henry, N. Y., son of Louis and Phyllis (Ringer) Beauchard. They lived in Essex, Vt.
      5. George Wilkins5 Swift, b. Coupeville, Aug. 29, 1882, is a doctor in Seattle, Wash.
  11. Sally3, b. Apr. 15, 1789; m. Roswell Nims (q. v.) Sullivan records give the birth of the twins at April 16, 1789. I presume the family register is correct (Apr. 15).

Daniel2 Wilson was in the battle of Bennington, and, while the little boy, John, was sick on his death-bed, Mrs. Wilson claimed to have heard the firing. For further War record see page 509.


Seward, Josiah Lafayette. A History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire 1777-1917. Keene, New Hampshire. c1921.

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