James Davis of Haverhill, Massachusetts

E112 JAMES DAVIS: B. about 1584. He came to New England as early as 1634 and was one of the original settlers of Hampton, 1638. Removed to Haverhill, 1646, being one of the twelve who petitioned the General Court for authority to settle at Pentucket where they founded the present city of Haverhill, Mass. His son

E113 JOHN DAVIS: b. in Gloucestershire, England, 1621; m Jane Peasley. In 1650 he was on a committee to lay out a boundary between Haverhill and Salisbury. About 1653 he went to Oyster River where he settled near Davis Creek. Had numerous grants of land, was selectman seven
times, constable, surveyor of lands. Called ensign as early as 1662. Ch. include:

(1) Sarah: b. 1649; m. James Smith; killed by Indians, 1694.
(2) John: b. 1651. He and his wife and several ch. were killed in the Massacre of
1694 and two daus. were carried as captives to Canada.
(3) Moses: b. 1657; m. Reuhamah Dow, 1681. He was a private, under his brother,
Capt. James Davis in a scout against the Indians in 1712 and he and his son,
Moses, were killed by the redskins in 1724.
(A) John: b. 1682; m. Abigail Meader. Ch. include:
(a) John: m. Judith (?) about 1797.
(b) Nathaniel: b. 1716; m. Hannah Davis.
1. John: bapt. 1746.
2. Elijah: bapt. 1750.
3. Solomon.
4. George.
5. Lemuel.
6. Eleazer: b. 1742. In 1771 m. Sarah Cook. Ch. include:
A. Hezekial: m. (?) Nutter
B. Eleazer: m. Polly Sanborn. His son m. Ann Waldron, 1846.
C. John: m. Mercy McDuffee.
D. Nathaniel: b. 1777; m. (1), Mary Stevens, (2), Clarissa Gordon.
12 ch.
a. Stevens: b. 180~; m. 1827, Satira Crowell; had a large family.
b. Franklin: b. 1804; m. Emily Gilmore, 1827.
c. Seth F.: b. 1806; m. Charlotte Heal and had James H. (b.
1843), Frank (b. 1852).
d. John: b. 1808; m. (1), Rhoda Merrill, (2), Rhoda Maxfield; had
a large family.
e. Eleazer: b. 1810; d. 1886.
f. Charles: b. 1825; m. Esther Sargent. He d. 1890.

(B) Moses: B. 1686; m. and had among others:
(a) Moses: m. Elizabeth Davis. Had Aaron (who in 1776m. Susannah Otis),
Elisha (who settled in New Durham), Elizabeth (who m. Paul Demeritt),
Lois and Martha (who m. Jonathan Woodman).
(B) James: B. about 1687; m. (1), Mary Stevenson, (2), Elizabeth Dunn;
had Mary, bapt. 1726 and Samuel, bapt. 1729.
(c) Solomon: b. about 1695; m. Elizabeth Davis.
(d) Jabez: b. about 1701; m. Abigail Willey.
(e) Ebenezer: b. 1702; m. and had Solomon, B. 1755 (in. Temperance
Colbath) and Timothy, bapt. 1755.
(f) Aaron: d. unm. before 1772.
(4) Joseph: b. 1660; m. Mary Stevens. Lieut, 1712 and was a con­stable in 1714. He had four daus. and one son, Benjamin, who m. Miriam Roberts.

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(5) James: b. 1662; m. Elizabeth Chesley; was a colonel.

(A) James: b. 1689; m. Ruth Ayer, (2), Elizabeth Payne. He had two daus. and James, b. 1744; Daniel, b. 1748; Thomas, b. 1750, m. Joanna Keating; and John, b. 1754.

(B) Samuel: b. 1692; m. Martha Chesley.

(a) Samuel: b. 1720; m. Abigail (?).

1. Moses: d. about 1769; had two ch.

2. Eleazer: bapt. 1743; m. Keziah Langley.

(b) Eleazer: b. 1722.

(c) James: b. 1724 and d. 1752.

(d) Thomas: b. 1732; m. (1), Elizabeth Roberts, (2), Abigail Jones.

(C) Daniel: b. 1695.

(a) Obadiah: b. 1764; m. Deborah Lord and had Frank, Sarah and Obadiah.

(b) Thomas: b. 1748; m. Sally Drew. Served in Revolution. Settled in Maine and had John (b. 1784), Bradstreet (b.

1786) and Samuel (b. about 1790).

(c) Francis: bapt. 1752. A blacksmith of Yarmouth, Me.

(D) Ephraim: b. 1704; m. Ruth (?). Selectman in Durham, 1743.

(a) James: b. 1734, m. Elizabeth Durgin (?).

(b) Ephraim: b. 1739. In 1764 he m. Lois Drew and had one d au.

(c) Josiah: b. 1743.

(E) Eleazer: b. 1709 and d. 1748.




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  1. James Davis was an early pioneer of Kentucky. His father, perhaps Enoch or Ephraim Davis (may have been Davidson earlier) was killed at the Battle of Guilford Court House, leaving 3 children, James, William, and a sister. His mother’s name is unknown, but I think she was a Sleet.
    They were supposed to have been raised by an uncle, Joseph or Jonathan. William was said to have gone south as a preacher. James married Nancy Hawkins and died in Washington County, Indiana.

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