J Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Marriage Records

* Intention not recorded.


Lucretia R., 22, d. Walter and w., and Henry S. Brown, Oct 2, 1848.*
Walter of Bangor, Me., and Evelina Smith, Sept. 10, 1835.


Thomas and Susannah Bullard, Nov. 23, 1714.*

JERALD (see Jerauld)

James, Dr., and Susannah Green, Nov. 27, 1771.*

JERAULD (see Jerald)

Susanna and Seth Wheelock, June 14, 1797

JOHNSON (see Jonson)

Betsey, 23, d. Samuel and Catherine, and Afred E. Sloan, Apr. 15, 1846.*
Eneas and Sarah Allen 2d, wid., Apr. 29, 1801.
Jemima and John Pelton, Feb. 4, 1704-5.*
Jesse and Sybbil Corson [int Sibil Cosson], Aug. 1, 1805.
Joseph [int Johnston] of Holliston, and Kezia [int. Keziah]
Pratt, wid. [int. omits wid.], Nov. 9, 1780.
Julius L., 27, b. Bellingham, s. Eleazer and Sally of Bellingham, and Betsey Ware, May 20, 1844.
Martha and Obadiah Morse, Mar. 27, 1665-6.*
Mary of Frankland [int. Franklin], and Eliakim Allen, Apr. 2, 1779.
Millitiah, 21, d. Oliver and Hannah, and Benj[amin] J. Babcock, July 4, 1847.*
Moses H. and Lucretia Chenery, int. Mar. 4, 1843.
Oliver and Hannah Cass, Nov. 13 [1825].
Phebe and John Fisher, Nov. 4, 1806.
Samuel and Betsey Fisher, Mar. 31, 1812.*
Samuel and Catherine Hartshorn, Mar. 28, 1816.*
Samuel Jr. and Frances P. Thayer, int. May 10, 1839.
Sarah and John Allin, Sept. 4, 1710.*
Sarah Ann and Sabin M. Smith, July 17, 1834.
Sybil, wid., and Josiah Cheney, Nov. 30, 1809.*
Walter R. Esq. of Germantown, Pa., and Nancy M. Danielson, Sept. 2 [1823].
Walter R. [int. omits R.] of Woodstock, Conn., and Harriet [int. Harriot] C. Adams, Mar. 15, 1834.


David and Sarah Boydon, Nov. 14, 1710.*
David Walter of Boston, and Mary Cabot [int. C] Newell, Oct. 5, 1831.
Harriet A. of Canton, and George L. Parker, May 4, 1831.
Mary and Edward Gardner, May 9, 1734.*
William N. and Sarah H. Bogle [? Boyle], int. [Apr.] 29, 1826.

JONSON (see Johnson)

Marie and William Tayler, Nov. 15, 1671.*
Mehettable and Samuell Hinsdell, Oct. 31, 1660.*
Nathaniell and Marie Plimpton, Nov. 14, 1671.*


Charles of Wrentham, and Milla Farrington Wood, Feb. 4, 1828.*

Marriage Records,

Medfield, MA. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts: To the Year 1850. New-England historic genealogical society, at the charge of the Eddy town-record fund, 1903.

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