Biography of Frebun Elwin White

FREBUN ELWIN WHITE – The immigrant ancestor of this family, Captain Thomas White, is believed to have come to America with Captain Gorges, in 1623 as the latter came to Weymouth, Massachusetts, in that year. Captain Thomas White was born in England and died in Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1679. He was admitted a freeman March 3, 1635, and lived in Weymouth the rest of his life. He was deputy to the General Court from 1637 to 1657, and again in 1671, and held other offices of trust and responsibility. His children, born at Weymouth: Joseph, Hannah, Samuel, Thomas, Ebenezer, of whom further. Captain .Thomas was one of the first settlers of Weymouth, and commanded a military company there, a post of distinguished honor and responsibility.

(II) Captain Ebenezer White, son of Captain Thomas White, was born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, and married in 1651, Hannah Philips, daughter of Nicholas, Jr., and Abigail Philips, and they had nine children, one of whom was Samuel, of whom further.

(III) Deacon Samuel White, son of Captain Ebenezer White, was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1676, died in 1757; married, about 1700, Ann Pratt, daughter of Matthew Pratt, Jr., and Sarah (Hunt) Pratt They had nine children, one of whom was Ezekiel, of whom further.

(IV) Ezekiel White, son of Samuel White, was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, January t, 1712, removed to Chesterfield, Massachusetts, in 1777. On April 18, 1744, he married Abigail Blanchard, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Vinson) Blanchard. They had ten children. Ebenezer, of whom further, served in the War of the Revolution.

(V) Ebenezer White, son of Ezekiel White, was born at Weymouth, Massachusetts, April 1, 1761, died September 17, 1831. He married (first) Calista Partridge, who died February 29, 1808 aged forty-five Years; and (second) Hannah Ripley, who died June 3, 1836, aged seventy-one years. He had nine children, all by his first marriage, one of whom was John, of whom further.

(VI) John White, son of Ebenezer White, was born October 26, 1799, died February 20, 1871. He married Sarah Curtis, and they had children: Josiah, of whom further; Augusta, Sally, Nancy, Hannah, Augusta (2). He was a stone mason by trade, and farmed at Williamsburg.

(VII) Josiah White, son of John White, was born in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, died in Goshen, Massachusetts, June 12, 1888, aged sixty-eight years. He was a stone mason by trade, and went to the adjoining town of Goshen about 1865, where he farmed and did an extensive lumbering business. He was a member of the school board, taught singing school, and led the church choir in singing. He married, in 1846, Sarah Bradford Thayer, of Williamsburg, Massachusetts, who died in March, 1913. Children: Josephine, Isabelle, Harriet, Frebun E., of whom further; Wilbur, Melvin, Charles, Bertha, Mariette.

(VIII) Frebun Elwin White, son of Josiah White, was born in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, February 18, 1853, and educated in the schools of Williamsburg and Goshen. He went to Goshen with his parents when a boy, and worked at home with his father as a young man. He came to Williamsburg in early manhood and worked at the forge in the cutlery works in town for twenty years. About thirty-five years ago he bought a village farm of some fifteen acres in Williamsburg, where he has since lived. He bought out an express business in Williamsburg and conducted it for eighteen years, he also kept cows and sold milk. He is now retired from active life, and is still a strong, virile man. Mr. White is known as a rugged, stalwart citizen, whose word is as good as his bond, and he is held in the highest respect and esteem by his townspeople. Mr. White has been a member of the American Order of United Workmen.

Mr. White married, in 1875, Julia E. Webster, of Goshen, Massachusetts, and she died in February, 1915. She was a daughter of Robert Franklin and Mary (Partridge) Webster. They had children:

  1. Reginald Elwin, who married Ida Warner, and has children:
    1. Warren,
    2. Marjorie,
    3. Dorothy
    4. Reginald, Jr.
  2. Marian Franklin, deceased, who married John Walter Nash, and left twelve children.
  3. Alice Parsons, who married Arthur Tilton.
  4. Carroll Frebun, who married Myrtle Ingram and has children:
    1. Doris
    2. Kenneth.


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