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Ancestry of Dr. Charles Richard Hunt

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Dr. Charles Richard Hunt is descended on the paternal side from William Hunt, of Concord, and on the maternal side from Sir Thomas Hayward, one of the early settlers of Duxbury, Mass., both of Puritan families.

William Hunt was born in England about the year 1605. He sailed in 1635 with Peter Bulkley, Captain Willard, the Wheelers, Thomas Bateman and others, and landed at Boston. With others of the company he settled at what is now Concord, Mass., and assisted in the organization of the town. “He was one who petitioned the Governor and Assembly in 1645, concerning matters of finance.” He married (first) Elizabeth Best, who died Dec. 27, 1661, and (second) Mercy Rice. His children, all born to the first marriage, were:

  1. Nehemiah Hunt, born in 1631
  2. Samuel Hunt, born in 1633
  3. Elizabeth Hunt
  4. Hannah Hunt, born Feb. 12, 1640
  5. Isaac Hunt, born in 1647

Samuel Hunt, son of William and Elizabeth (Best) Hunt, born in 1633, married Elizabeth Bedding, and was of Ipswich, Mass. His children were:

  1. Samuel Hunt, born Nov. 17, 1657
  2. William Hunt, born April 23, 1660 (died April 29, 1660)
  3. Elizabeth Hunt, born May 29, 1661
  4. William Hunt (2), born in 1663
  5. Joseph Hunt, born Oct. 28, 1665
  6. Peter Hunt, born Aug. 8, 1668 (died early)
  7. Peter Hunt (2), born May 14, 1670

Samuel Hunt (2), son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Bedding) Hunt, born Nov. 17, 1657, married (first) May 1, 1678, Ruth Tod, and his second wife was Mary. He was of Tewksbury. His children were:

  1. Samuel Hunt, born Feb. 4, 1679
  2. John Hunt, 30th of 10th mo., 1680
  3. Elizabeth Hunt, in 1682
  4. Jeremiah Hunt, March 29, 1685
  5. Elizabeth Hunt, June 3, 1687
  6. Thomas Hunt, Sept. 2, 1689
  7. Peter Hunt, born May 6, 1692
  8. Joseph Hunt, born Sept. 24, 1694
  9. Mary Hunt, born July 1, 1696
  10. Susanna Hunt, born Oct. 2, 1699

Jeremiah Hunt, son of Samuel and Ruth (Tod) Hunt, born March 29, 1685, married (first) in 1709 Abigail Haseltine, (second) June 19, 1722, Rebecca Ballard, and (third) Mary. He was of Billerica, Mass. Children by first marriage were:

  1. Abigail Hunt, born Dec. 1, 1710
  2. Dorcas Hunt, Feb. 13, 1711
  3. Jeremiah Hunt, April 29, 1713
  4. Rebecca Hunt, Jan. 10, 1714
  5. Thomas Hunt, April 23, 1716
  6. David Hunt, 1717
  7. Elizabeth Hunt, Nov. 17, 1718
  8. Jeremiah Hunt, Sept. 2, 1720

Children by second marriage:

  1. William Hunt, May 26, 1723
  2. Rebecca Hunt, October, 1724
  3. Sherebiah Hunt, April 1, 1726

Jeremiah Hunt (2), son of Jeremiah and Abigail (Haseltine) Hunt, born Sept. 2, 1720, married Nov. 26, 1747, Hannah Flint. He was of Concord. His children were:

  1. Jeremiah Hunt, born April 1, 1754
  2. Hannah Hunt, 1756
  3. Abigail Hunt, April 13, 1758
  4. John Hunt, Feb. 15, 1780
  5. Elizabeth Hunt, 1762
  6. Jane Hunt, 1767

Jeremiah Hunt (3), son of . Jeremiah (2) and Hannah (Flint) Hunt, born April 1, 1754, married Dec. 10, 1780, Nancy Blodgett. He was of Northboro, Mass. His children were:

  1. Nancy Hunt, born July 21, 1781
  2. John Hunt, April 18, 1783
  3. Jeremiah Hunt, April 22, 1785
  4. Stephen Hunt, July 17, 1787
  5. Clarissa and Clarinda Hunt, June 22, 1789
  6. Betsey Hunt, Oct. 10, 1791

John Hunt, son of Jeremiah (3) and Nancy (Blodgett) Hunt, born April 18, 1783, married March 6, 1808, Cyrene Foster. He was of Boston. His children were:

  1. Cyrene F. Hunt
  2. J. Earle Hunt
  3. Nancy Blodgett Hunt
  4. Ruth P. Hunt
  5. Caroline S. Hunt
  6. Jeremiah L. Hunt

J. Earle Hunt, son of John and Cyrene (Foster) Hunt, born Feb. 15, 1811, died Nov. 24, 1897. He was of Nashua, N. H. He married (first) in 1834 Mary Hudson and (second) June 26, 1852, Anna E. F. Ulmer. His children were:

  1. John Richards Hunt, born April 2, 1835
  2. Oliver G. Hunt, Jan. 12, 1837 (died in April, 1880)
  3. James P. Hunt, Nov. 12, 1839
  4. Mary E. Hunt, Dec. 10, 1841

J. Earle Hunt graduated from the old Thomsonian School, and practiced dentistry in Boston. He early practiced his profession at various places, including Baltimore, and claimed to have been the first man to use ether in dentistry.

John Richard Hunt, son of J. Earle and Mary (Hudson) Hunt, born April 2, 1835, married Georgiana Maria Hayward, of Easton, Mass., daughter of Capt. George W. Hayward. Their children were:

  1. Charles Richard Hunt, born Oct. 17, 1855
  2. George W. Hunt, born Oct. 28, 1859, who died March 5, 1880

Charles Richard Hunt, M. D., son of John E. and Georgiana M. (Hayward) Hunt, was born in Easton, Mass., Oct. 17, 1855. In his younger days, while his father was in the West, he made his home with his maternal grandparents, prominent citizens of Easton. It was in his native town that he received his early education, and after graduating from the high school at Easton he entered the city engineer’s office in Boston. While in the employ of the engineering department he took special instruction from the professors of the Boston Institute of Technology. Continuing in the engineering department of that city he gained a high reputation for efficiency in his chosen profession, and when American capitalists conceived the idea of building the Mexican Central railroad he was one of the first engineers engaged by the company in the preliminary work, making surveys and locating the road. As resident engineer of the company with headquarters at Aguascalientes, he gained valuable knowledge of that country. After a successful service, in which he received the commendation of his employers, he returned to Massachusetts and was induced to take up the study of medicine with his uncle, Dr. Joseph W. Hayward, of Taunton, one of the ablest physicians and surgeons in the Bay State. In 1884 he entered the Boston University School of Medicine, from which he was graduated M. D. in 1887. Upon his graduation he received the appointment of resident house surgeon at the Massachusetts Homeopathic hospital in Boston. After serving a year in that capacity he began practice in New Bedford, and is today, perhaps, the leading homeopath in the city. Dr. Hunt has been the visiting physician of the Bristol county jail and House of Correction in Few Bedford for eighteen years. He is a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy, Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society, Rhode Island Homeopathic Medical Society, Boston-Homeopathic Medical Society, American Society of Orificial Surgeons, and the Massachusetts Surgical and Gynecological Society. He belongs to Eureka Lodge, A. F. & A. M.; Adoniram Chapter, E. A. M.; New Bedford Council, E. & S. M.; Sutton Commandery, No. 16, K. T., of which he is past commander; Massachusetts Consistory; Aleppo Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.; and New Bedford Chapter, No. 49, O. E. S., of which he is past patron.

He also belongs to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, of Boston, and is assistant surgeon on the staff of the commander.

Dr. Hunt was married Aug. 22, 1888, to Annie Vincent, daughter of Charles L. Haskins, of Raynham, Mass. They have no children.

Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts: containing historical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families. 3 Volumes. Beers & Chicago. 1912.

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