Genealogy of Henry Austin

Austin as a surname is a variation of Augustine or Augustus. The Austin line enters the Spracklin line with the marriage of George E. Spracklin to Grace Belle Austin on 29 March 1903.

There have been several Austin coats of arms granted as early as 1660 but many of the lines have died out.

This particular Austin line came early to Calvert Co., Maryland. They were planters, that is, owners of plantations and more than likely raised tobacco on the land there. To help them with their plantations, they owned slaves as evidenced by wills. And it is quite possible, that the early Austin’s had close associations with the Quakers of early Maryland.

According to the wills, the Austin men remembered their God who blessed them with all that they had. Many of the heraldic symbols in Austin’s’ arms were crosses. The motto: “Trust in God and He will give strength” seems quite appropriate.

It is quite probable that the Austin family came from England to New England sometime around 1665. Likewise the Harrisons, Lyles and quite possibly the Marshalls all came to Maryland around the same time. Samuel and Henry Austin, sons of Thomas Austin, came to Calvert Co., Md.

Henry Austin was born before 1687 and died in Calvert Co., Md. He had married twice: first, to Elizabeth Lyles, widow of Robert Lyles who had died around 1705. From that marriage he had a son Samuel who was born around 1710. By 1729 Henry married the second time to Jane Harvey, widow.

Henry’s will of 1745 reads:

“In the name of God amen. I Henry Austin of Calvert County in the province of Maryland being in good health of body and of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and forms following

First I desire that my debts be paid and discharged at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named and as touching the temporal estate that it halt pleased God to bestow upon me I do give and bequeath in manner and forms following.

I do give and bequeath unto my son Samuel Austin one half of my estate of what sort or kind solves. The other half I do give and bequeath unto Henry and Elinor Austin son and daughter of Henry Austin deceased to be equally divided between them when they come to full age but if one or both of them should die before they arrive at full age then his or her or their parts I do give and bequeath unto Henry Austin son of Samuel Austin.

I do give and bequeath unto my loving wife Jane Austin one Negro girl celled Janey during the natural life of her the said Jane Austin and at her decease I do give and bequeath the said girl Janey unto Elizabeth the daughter of Samuel Austin. And the first child that the said Negro girl brings I do give and bequeath unto Hary the daughter of Samuel Austin.

I do give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Lyle daughter of William Lyle two young ewes. And I do hereby constitute ordain and appoint my loving wife and my son Samuel Austin joint executors of this my lest will and testament revoking and disannulling all other will or wills by me heretofore made and I desire that my body may. be decently buried on the plantation that I now dwell upon between my late wife and daughter. In witness hereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 19th day of January 1743/4.

Henry Austin (Seal) Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of us
William Lyles
Elinor Lyles

My further will and pleasure is that my grandson Henry Austin son of Henry Austin may have unto his part one Negro boy named Caesar and that my granddaughter Elinor have one Negro girl named Nancy

Henry Austin (Seal

The above will was entered for probate the 31 ,August 1745 by William and Elinor Lyles.

Samuel Austin, his son, entered accounts for the estate in November of 1750 and November of 1752. In the record of 1752, Stephen Jest was guardian to Eleanor and Henry Austin, minor heirs of Henry Austin.

101 Henry Austin born before 1687 married circa 1708 Elizabeth Lyles, widow of Robert Lyles who died 1705 married 1729 Jane Harvey, widow

Children of Henry Austin and Elizabeth Lyles:

  1. 201 Samuel Austin born 1710 Calvert Co., Md. married circa 1730 Elizabeth Marshall died Jan. 1765 Calvert Co., Md.
  2. 202 Henry Austin died before 1743/4 Calvert Co., Md.
    ch: Henry, Elinor
  3. 203 Elinor Austin married William Lyles.
    ch: Elizabeth, prob. William, Samuel, Henry, Thomas
  4. 204 daughter died before 1743/4 Calvert Coot Md.

Austin Backward Time Progression

  1. Author
  2. Lena May Stoneburner born 13 Feb. 1925 Shelby Co., Ill, married 19 Sept. 1942 James Harvey Cox died 23 Oct 1982, Shelby Co., IL
  3. Goldie Ardath Spracklin born 8 April 1904 Shelby Co., Ill. married 26 Feb. 1924 Lawrence Albert Stoneburner died 2 April 1983 Christian Co., IL
  4. Grace Belle Austin born 5 Sept. 1884 Henry Co., Mo. married 29 March 1903 George Elias Spracklin died 27 June 1971 Champaign Co., I11.
  5. Belfield Kirtley Austin born 10 Aug. 1856 Madison Co., Va. married 28 Oct. 1883 Gertrude William Rhodus died 15 Aug. 1943 Shelby Co., I11.
  6. John Austin born circa 1824 Madison Co., Va. married circa 1854/5 Louisa J. Broyles died circa 1863 Missouri
  7. Willis Austin born circa 1796 Albemarle Co., Va. married circa 1822/3 Jane Malone died after 1850 Va. or Mo.
  8. Henry Austin, Jr. born 1760 Calvert Co., Md. married 2 Jan. 1788 Nancy Ann Watts died Nov. 1808/9 Albemarle Co., Va.
  9. Henry Austin, Sr. born 1736 Calvert Co,, Md. married 1758 Sarah Harrison died Feb. 1822 Albemarle Co., Va.
  10. Samuel Austin born 1710 Calvert Co., Md. married circa 1730 Elizabeth Marshall died January 1765 Calvert Co., Md.
  11. Henry Austin born before 1687 England married circa 1708 Elizabeth Lyles, widow married 1729 Jane, Harvey, widow died Aug. 1745 Calvert Co., Md.
  12. Thomas Austin born 1630/60 England

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