Town Officials of Fryeburg, Maine


Richard Kimball, 1777-78; Capt. Joseph Frye, Jr.,1779- Paul Langdon, 1786-91; Joseph F. Swan, 1792-98; Wm. Russell, 1799-1801; Paul Langdon, 1802; John McMillan, 1803-06; Jos. F. Swan, 1807-08; Wm. Russell, 7 809-11; Paul Langdon, 1812; Wm. Russell, 1813; P. Langdon,1814; Wm. Russell 1815, Dec. 4, died; N. G. Jewett, Dec. 4, 1815; James Osgood, 1816-18; Joseph F. Swan, 1819; Thomas Webster, 1820-22; Asa Charles, 1823-30; Andrew McMillan, 1831-32; Charles Abbott, 1833-43; Joseph Chandler, 1844-56; Marshall Walker, 1857-64; Thos. S. McIntire, 1865-74;
1). Lowell Lamson , 1875; T. S. McIntire, 1876-86; Norman
Charles, 1887-1907.


Jas. 0. McMillan, 1850-56; Geo. B. Barrows, 1857-59; A. H. Walker, 1860-61; Timothy C. Ward, 7.862; Henry Hyde smith, 1863-66; T. C. Ward, 1867-68; John Locke, 1869-91; .) , h’. Merrill, 1892-1907.

Selectmen and Assessors

1850-Edw. L. Osgood, H. D. E. Walker, James Walker.
1851-Edw. L. Osgood, H. D. E. Walker, Simeon C. Wiley.
1852-Asa Charles, S. C. Hobbs, Benj. W. McKeen.
1853-54-Asa Charles, H. D. E. Hutchins, S. C. Wiley.
1855-Edw. L. Osgood, 13. D. E. Hutchins, S. C. Wiley.
1856-Edw. L. Osgood, S. C. Wiley, James Walker.
1857-A sa Charles, James Walker, S. A. Bradley.
1858-Asa Charles, S. A. Bradley, Henry G. Walker.
1859-Asa Charles, H. G. Walker, James Walker.
1860-Geo. B. Barrows, H. 13. Walker, Caleb Frye.
1861-Geo. B. Barrows, Peter Charles, Enoch W. Wiley.
1862-64-Asa Charles, Henry G. Walker, Caleb Frye.
1865-Asa Charles, Henry D. E. Hutchins, Asa 0. Pike.
1866-Asa Charles, S. C. Hobbs, Samuel 13. Charles.
1867-68-Asa Charles, S. C. Hobbs, P. A. Bradley.
1869-70-S. C. Hobbs, Wm. Gordon, 2d., Albion P. Gordon.
1871-Asa Charles, P. A. Bradley, Chas. W. Waterhouse.
1872-73-Wm. Gordon, 2nd., J. L. Farrington, W m. G. Walker.
1874-S. C. Hobbs, Wm. G. Walker, Henry Andrews.
1875-F. Y. Bradley, Henry Andrews, W. B. Hutchins.
1876-F. Y. Bradley, W. B. Hutchins, H. K. Hobbs.
1877-F. Y. Bradley, H. K. Hobbs, Wyman H. Jones.
1878-S. C. Hobbs, W. H. Jones, Thos. S. Pike.
1879-S. C. Hobbs, Thos. S. Pike, Samuel Frye.
1880-S. C. Hobbs, Wm. G. Walker, Deane A. Ballard.
1881-S. C. Hobbs, D. A. Ballard, Carleton H. Walker.
1882-D. A. Ballard, C. H. Walker, Jas. A. Jones.
1883-D. D. Carlton, C. H. Walker, Jas. A. Jones.
1884-86-C. H. Walker, Jas. A. Jones. D. D. Carlton.
1887-C. H. Walker, D. D. Carlton, D. H. Chandler.
1888-John I. Greenlaw, D. H. Chandler, C. F. Smith, 3d.
1889-D. A. Ballard, D. H. Chandler, C. F. Smith, 3d.
1890-D. A. Ballard, D. H. Chandler, H. K. Hobbs.
1891-D. A. Ballard, Wm. Gordon, Sherman Hapgood.
1892-93-D. A. Ballard, D. H. Chandler, M. M. Smart.
1894-95-D. A. Ballard, A. W. McKeen, Fred A. Holt.
1896-97-D. A. Ballard, F. A. Holt, A. W. McKeen.
1898-1901-Wm. Gordon, D. H. Chandler, Thos. Charles.
1902-Thos. W. Charles, D. H. Chandler, H. D. E. Hutchins.
1903-04-Wm. Gordon, H. D. E. Hutchins, E. C. Buzzell.
1905-H. D. E. Hutchins, E. C. Buzzell, C. C. Warren.
1906-E. C. Buzzell, D. H. Chandler, Wm. H. Hill.
1907-E. C. Buzzell, Wm. H. Hill, J. W. Hutchins.


Barrows, John Stuart. Fryeburg, Maine: An Historical Sketch. Pequawket Press. 1938.

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