Genealogy of Eber Baker of Marion Ohio

Genealogy of Eber Baker

N158 EBER BAKER: (see M157a); 1780-1864; b. at Bowdoin, Maine, d. at Marion, Ohio; m. Lydia Smith; m. (2), Susan Wilson.

  1. George W. (Rev.): 1803-1881; m. Louisa D. Davis; minister of the Free Will Baptist Church.
    1. Oscar E.: 1826-1893; m. Jane E. Powell; entered the ministry of the Free Will Baptist Church when eighteen; m. (2), Augusta E. Wilson. Ch.: George P. (1854-1873).
    2. Allen D.: 1828-1906; m. Alida Van Osten; m. (2), Elsie A. Dockey; m. (3), Lucinda F. Fowler; served in the 136th Ohio National Guard; was in garrison duty at a part of the defenses of Washington, south of the Potomac.
      1. Oscar Albertus: b. 1850; m. Emma Reitenour.
        1. Chester Allen Albertus; b. Union City, Ind., 1880; m. Anna Gottschall. Ch.: Ray Albertus (b. 1909).
    3. Eber S.: b. 1883; m. Mary E. Trimble; served in the Civil War and was in the battle of Gettysburg; held at Libby Prison and Belle Isle; Wichita, Kansas.
      1. Herman E.: b. 1865; m. Emma Soudermilk. Ch.: Howard Eber (b. 1904).
  2. Charles: 1804-1896; m. Mary Anderson; m. (2), Tacey Anderson; helped brother George build first house on the original town plot of Marion; first postmaster of Lima.
    1. Alonzo Walter: 1828-1878; m. Charlotte Peters; served four months as Major of the 136th O.N.G.; appointed Collector of Internal Revenue; probate judge of Van Wert county.
    2. Charles Eber: b. 1845; m. Susan Howard Stevenson; served in the Civil War, and was Captain of his company at the age of nineteen; chemist and metallurgist; Chicago.
      1. Charles: b. 1874; m. Nellie Caroling Jillson. Ch.: Charles Jillson (b. 1906).
      2. Howard: b. 1887; m. Mary Elizabeth Dellinger.
    3. Elwood Thomas: b. 1853; m. Sallie Wilson; one of the pioneers in the telephone business; accountant for the Public Service Commission, New York City. Ch.: Elwood Wilson (b. 1881; m. Delia Crosby Smith), Charles Graham (b. 1883), Donald Mitchell (b. 1889), Leslie Stuart (b. 1895).
  3. Lincoln: 1809-1883; m. Hannah Geller.



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