Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine

Darling Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

After the death of Dea. Savage, F. A. Darling, who had married Phebe Wood Savage, daughter of the deacon, lived on the old Savage place, took down or rebuilt the old house into two stories and occupied it until his death.

F. A. Darling was the son of Jedediah and Lydia (Stinson) Darling, born Oct. 1, 1815; married Phebe Wood Savage, Feb. 1, 1838, to whom were born the following children:

  1. Augusta M. P. Darling, born June 7, 1839; died Jan. 27, 1888.
  2. Ellen Ann Darling, born Oct. 23, 1842.
  3. George F. Darling, born June 2, 1845; died June 29, 1878.
  4. Frank Kimball Darling, born Jan. 28, 1854; died June 3, 1875.

Mr. Darling taught school in his younger days, and the writer was one of his scholars; in after years he was a stone-cutter. He died a few years ago, but the house in which he lived still stands.

Candage, R. A. F. Historical Sketches of Blue Hill, Maine. Ellsworth, Maine: Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers. 1905.

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