World War One Soldiers from Pulaski County Georgia


Douglas Anderson
H. P. Anderson
Robert Anderson
Emory Asbell
DeLamar Atkinson
Lee Attaway
Max. Bagby
J. H. Bagby
C. B. Bailey (April, 1918, December, 1918. First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, Camp Greenleaf, Chickamauga Park).
C. H. Bailey
E. H. Bailey
0. D. Bailey
H. Barfield
Isadore Barker
W. H. Barlow
D. M. Barnes
Sterling Barrow
J. T. Bartow
Emory Bass
John Bembry
C. L. Bennett
L. M. Bigsby
Harry Black
J. L. Black
J. Y. Black
Wiley Black
W. C. Black
N. J. Bozeman
E. E. Bragg
Leon. Branan,
Tandy Thomas Branen
D. E. Brazeal
E. J. Brown
J. P. Brown
Lawton Brown
Lincoln Brown
Maylon Bryant
J. D. Buchan
R. D. Buchan
A. Bullard
C. T. Burrows
Norman Busbee
J. H. Busbee
Lee Cabero
Edwin William Caldwell (May 12, 1917, December 22, 1918. First Lieutenant Co. B, 320th M. G. Bn., 82 Div. Overseas April 25, 1918-Sept. 3, 1918. Returned as instructor. Under fire three months, Toul section, St. Mihiel drive; led his platoon without a casualty. On board transport “Mt. Vernon,” torpedoed September 5, 1918).
Sam Calhoun
Reginald Cartle
Eddie Chalker
Grady Chalker
Max Chalker
C. P. Cloud
W. E. Cogland
H. Gilmore Cochran
A. B. Coleman
Henry Coleman
J. B. Coley
C. A. Conner
J. H. Conner
Leonard Cooper
S. E. Copeland
W. W. Copeland
George Crinshaw
Sam Crinshaw
William Crinshaw

Grady Daniel
J. K. Daniel
J. R. Daniel
W. Daniel
W. E. Davidson
Coleman Davis
G. 0. Davis
Jefferson Davis
John Davis
Wiley Davis
Willie J. M. Davis
T. S. Dawson
W. B. Dean
Jimmie Lee Digsby
Malcom Dixon
A. B. Dobbs
Fred Dobbs
F. A. Dodson
Sam Dobkins
George F. Doolittle
Allen Dortch
Foster Dortch
Frank Dortch
William Douglas
Harold Durden
J. W. Durden
J. H. Eason
B. P. Edwards
Lee Edwards
Chester Estill
H. M. Everett
W. W. Everett
Edward A. Farmer
Mark Ferguson
E. C. Finleyson
Leon. Finleyson
C. B. Fitzgerald
Red. Fletcher
Robert Fleming
Roy Flint
W. W. Floyd
S. J. Foster
H. S. Fountain
Charley Franklin
Virgil Franklin
J. A. Frazier
William Funderburk
W. K. Fuqua
J. K. Gatlin
W. J. Gatlin
C. A. Gilbert
Olin Giles
J. L. Grinstead,
Wiley Grubbs
Dewey Gunn
E. B. Hairs
George Hairs
Jimmie Hair
J. C. Hair
Ferrell Harvard
Henry Harvard
J. Elton Harvard
J. J. Harvard
J. W. Harvey
W. J. Head
Dennard Henderson
Leon. Herrington
Alger Hill, Alonzo Hill
G. E. Hill, W. T. Hill
Charlie Holder
Frank Holder
B. B. Holt
J. U. Holt
John W. Holt
Otis Horne
O. C. Horne
Parker Hutchins

Dr. Albert A. Jelks (v) Mar. 1, 1918-Apr. 3, 1919. Sergt., Med. Corps, Base Hos. No. 43. Overseas, June 4, 1918-Mar. 26, 1919.
Pate Jelks
W. O. Jelks (entered the service on May 16th, and for a short time was stationed at the U. S. Training Detachment, unassigned, being stationed at Athens, Georgia. Was shortly transferred to the Field Artillery, Central Officers Training Camp, located at Camp Zachry Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, where he received a commission of Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery, U. S. A., and was then assigned as an officer and instructor in the above Officers Training School, and at the time of his discharge, December 7th, was Battery Commander of the 49th Training Battery, F. A. C. 0. T. S. The year of his enlistment and discharge were one and the same, 1918).
Garret Jennings
Roscoe Johnson
John Leroy Joiner
Frank Jones
Horace Jones
Rubin Jones
Thomas W. Jones
George Jordan
John Kemp
J. H. Kirkpatrick
Luther Kirkpatrick
Thomas Kirkpatrick
H. J. Knight
J. T. Knight
Joe Lamar
J. B. Lamar
Grady H. Lamb
Thomas Lancaster
Wilson Lancaster
Oscar Lanier
Charlie Layfield
A. C. Lee
B. M. Lee
C. M. Lee, Jr
Harry Lee
Joe Lee
Robert Lee
Joe Leopold
C. A. Love
Stanley Love
W. C. Lytle
J. L. Lowery
Aaron Mannheim
E. R. Malone
S. N. Malone
John Maloy
H. H. Mangham
John A. Market
Frank Marshall
Howard Martin
E. H. Martin
G. E. Matthews
Lee Matthews (commissioned First Lieutenant August 11, 1917. Fort Oglethorpe, December 25, 1917, to January 25, 1918. Base Hospital 18, Camp Sheridan, Ala., January 25, 1918, to August 30, 1918. Evacuation Hospital No. 27, Camp Dodge, Iowa, August 30, 1918, to November 5, 1918; then to Camp Upton, N. Y. Sailed for overseas, November 12, 1918, with Evacuation Hospital No. 27, on S. S. Sierra; landed at Bordeaux, November 24, 1918. Served in France with Evacuation Hospital No. 27 from November 24, 1918, to February 2, 1919, Bordeaux-Vickey, Base Hospital 118, Savauay, February 2, 1919, to June 25, 1919. Relieved from service August 10, 1919. Practiced medicine at Cumberland, Maryland, since August 19, 1919)
B. P. Matthews
Murphey Matthews
Scott Matthews
Robert A. Mathis
Earl Mays
E. K. Mays
S. C. Mays
Portell Mays
J. M. Means
Robert Medley
Ruel W. Merritt
W. E. Mitchell
D. T. Moore
Henry Moore
Howell Moore
Marshall Moore
Max. Moore
W. J. Moore
Cecil Morris
J. E. C. Morris
B. F. Mullikin
Leander Mullis
Frank Murray
Harrold Murray
Roger Murray
George Myers
S. J. McAllister
George McCullogh
Henry McDougald
J. A. McDougald
Malcolm McDougald
Norman McDuffie
Horace McEachern
J. Otis McEachern
Carlton McKinney
C. E. McKinney
Grady McKinney
J. W. McKinney
Roy McKinney
L. C. McKinney
John McLemore
Grover McLeod
J. G. McNeese
J. M. McNeese
Paul McWilliam

Claude Nelson
W. F. Noble
Mack Oakley
Eddie Owens
Ellis Owens
Fernander Owens
J. O. Owens
T. W. Owens
Jessie Outlaw
Jim Pace
W. R. Pace
Joe Miller Parker
J. A. Parsons
Clinton Duncan Pate (entered army August, 1917, Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia; transferred to Camp Wheeler, Macon, Georgia, winter 1917. Leon Springs, Texas, January, 1918. Officers Training Camp. Commissioned April, 1918, Second Lieutenant. Transferred to duty 116th Field Artillery, May, 1918, Battery B. Capt. D. 0. Hickey. Transferred to Camp Jackson, summer 1918, Columbia, S. C. France, August, 1918, Camp Mells, December 22, 1918, New York, N. Y. Mustered out Camp Gordon, January 19, 1919).
L. M. Pate
R. A. Pate
W. N. Pate
J. W. Pitts
DeVaughn Polhill
Frank Polhill
H. M. Pollock
James L. Pollock
Jessie Pollock
J. E. Pope
John W. Pope
Ossie Pope
Joe F. Pratt
A. A. Pritchett
Tom Pritchett
J. S. Ragan
E. M. Reed
Hugh Reed
Joe Reynolds
C. L. Richardson
H. G. Richardson
Olin Richardson
Spencer Richardson
W. B. Richardson
Watson Ridley
Clarence Rivers
Clyde Roberson
Page Robinson
C. B. Roden
C. C. Royal
Thomas Ryan
Zack Ryan
Leopold Rudich
Louie Rudich
F. W. Saussy (First Lieutenant in Quartermaster Department),
Ivey Sanders
W. E. Sanders
M. L. Sapp
Gus. Scarborough
J. C. Scarborough
J. M. Scarborough
E. T. Seals
E. M. Simmons
J. A. Simmons
R. R. Simmons
Victor Simmons
Charlie Smith
Eddie Smith,
Ossie Smith
Richard Smith
W. T. Smith
Sam. Sommer
Oscar Staples
Woodie Staples
Willie Stephen
I. L. Stewart
Horace Stokes
Walter Stokes

B. J. Taylor
Dan. Taylor
J. F. Taylor
C. F. Thompson
Joseph Thompson
T. W. Trammell
Ralph Trice
Aria Vaughn
J. H. Wade
Loften Wade
Oliver Wade
Pink Wade
Charlie Walker
Chester Walker
A. A. Wat
H. A. Watkins
Lawton Ware
Pate Watson
W. M. Watson (May 15, 1917, to August 14, 1917. William Watson, member of second company of the Seventh Divisional Training Regiment, was commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry, Officers Reserve Corps, at Fort McPherson, Georgia, on August 14, 1917. Commanding officer, R. H. Wescott, Major Infantry.
William M. Watson, Second Lieutenant, Infantry, R. C., 326th Infantry. Headquarters, Camp Gordon, Georgia, from August 15, 1917, to April 15, 1918. Headquarters, 82nd Division A. E. F. April 15. 1918, to July 16, 1918. Commanding officer, Capt. Clark Howell;
First Lieutenant William M. Watson, Inf., Central Officers Training School. Camp Gordon, Georgia, August 15, 1918, to December 16, 1918. Commanding officer, Major-General Cameron, N. Snizlagzi, Major. Adjutant General.
E. F. Way
Zach. Webster
A. A. West
L. A. Whipple
L. B. Whipple
J. A. Whitehead
Vernon Wimberly
Joe Wingate
Herman Wrye
H. H. Wynne
James Wynne
Wilmer Wynne

World War 1,

Pulaski County GA,

Baggott, Rev. J. L. History of Pulaski County Georgia. Daughters of American Revolution. 1935.

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