Oneida County ID

Oneida County, Idaho, established on January 22, 1864, from a portion of Owyhee County, is a region steeped in the rich tapestry of American West history and the expansive, rugged beauty characteristic of southeastern Idaho. Named after Oneida Lake in central New York State, the area pays homage to the origins of many early settlers. Its geography features a blend of mountainous terrain and fertile valleys, offering a picturesque setting for agriculture, which, along with livestock ranching, forms the backbone of its local economy. Malad City, the county seat, embodies the county’s historical depth, being one of the oldest communities in the state and serving as a vital center for trade and governance. Oneida County’s establishment predates Idaho’s statehood by over 25 years, marking it as a pivotal area in the state’s early development and settlement.

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