Owyhee County ID

Owyhee County, Idaho, stands out for its vast, rugged landscape, encompassing a significant portion of the state’s southwestern corner, including part of the Snake River Plain. Established on December 31, 1863, from a portion of Boise County, it is Idaho’s second-largest county by area and was the first county to be created by the Idaho Territory. The county’s unique name is derived from an early anglicization of “Hawaii,” commemorating three native Hawaiian (Owyhee) explorers who disappeared in the area in 1819 while working for the North West Company during its fur-trading operations. Owyhee County’s history is deeply rooted in its rich mineral deposits, leading to a mining boom with the discovery of silver in 1863. This legacy of mining and the subsequent development of agriculture and livestock raising have shaped its economy and cultural heritage.

The Poorman Mine

On War Eagle Mountain, a mile and a half southeast of Silver City, are a group of about twenty mines, in one of the richest belts in that section of the state, a belt which has afforded material to render Silver City famous throughout the civilized world. The Poorman mine has a production record of

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