Location: Ida County IA

Biographical Sketch of Matt M. Gray

Matt. M. Gray, attorney at law, was born in Hancock county, Ill., in 1850; moved to Mo. and engaged in the practice of the law. In 1872 he came to Ida Grove; opened the first law office in the town, and in 1873 was elected county auditor, which office he held until 1876; then was obliged to resign on account of his large and increasing law business. He has been associated in business with Hon. R.T. Shearer.

Biographical Sketch of G. H. Gingrick

G.H. Gingrick, of the firm of G.H. Gingrick & Co., dealers in general hardware, is a native of Ohio; came to Iowa in 1878. He moved to Ida Grove and engaged in present business with A.M. Gingrick, who is also a native of Ohio.; came to Iowa county, Ia., in 1856 and to Ida Grove in 1880. They carry a large and well-selected stock of hardware.

Biographical Sketch of E.A. Porter

E.A. Porter, proprietor of the Porter House, is a native of O.; moved to Guthrie County, Ia., in 1856, and engaged in the grain business. He came to Ida Grove in 1881, and opened the above named house, which was newly furnished. It is a first-class house with good sample rooms.

Biographical Sketch of Patrick Scanlan

Patrick Scanlan, agent for the C. & N.W.R.R. Co. at Ida Grove, came to this place in 1881 and took charge of the above office; is also agent for the American Express Co.

Biographical Sketch of L.T. Burd

L.T. Burd, attorney at law, was born in Pa.; moved to Ill. when quite young. He read law in the office of the Hon. J.W. Mcdill; came to Ida Grove in Jan., 1882, and opened an office. Buxton & Clark, real estate, loan and insurance agents. The firm is composed of Will. B. Buxton and C.J. Clark; they were formerly engaged in mercantile business at this place; sold out and engaged as above in 1881. They also have a complete set of abstracts.

Biographical Sketch of H.H. Perry

H.H. Perry, proprietor of Ball’s Hotel, is a native of Ill.; moved to Marshalltown, Ia., in 1868, and engaged in the mercantile business. In Dec. 1881, he became landlord of the above house. This hotel is a first-class house, has large sample rooms, and all the comforts required by travelers.

Biographical Sketch of H.B. Pierce

H.B. Pierce, deputy recorder, is a native of Ill.; moved with parents to Cedar County, Ia., in 1865. He moved to Carroll county in 1874, and engaged in school teaching; came to Ida Grove in 1878, where he was principal of the schools for three years. In 1881 was appointed deputy recorder.

Biographical Sketch of Isaac Bunn

Isaac Bunn, clerk of the courts, is a native of England; came to America in 1851 and located at Cleveland, O.; removed to Dubuque, Ia., in 1856; thence to Ida Grove in 1871, where he engaged in wagon making and blacksmithing. He was elected to his present office in 1874, and has been re-elected each term since.

Biographical Sketch of J.H. Macomber

J.H. Macomber, attorney at law, was born in Piscataquis county, Me. Was admitted to the bar and practiced law in his native state until 1876; he then moved to Ida Grove, where he opened an office and resumed the practice of law.

Biographical Sketch of H.H. Moorehead

H.H. Moorehead, manager for the Green Bay Lumber Co., came to Ida County, Ia., in 1856. He engaged in the mercantile business in the spring of 1869, which business he continued until 1878. In 1880 he engaged as above.