Ida County IA

Biographical Sketch of G.G. Blair

L.G. Blair, photographer, was born in Ill.; moved to Wis. when quite young, and in 1876 moved to Denison, Iowa. He came to Ida grove in 1879, and established business. He has a branch establishment at Odebolt; is prepared to do first-class work at low prices.

Biographical Sketch of O.J. Blodgett

O.J. Blodgett, attorney at law, Is a native of N.Y.; moved to Warren county, Iowa, in 1868; was admitted to the bar in 1880, and located in Ida Grove in 1881; is now one of the leading attorneys of Ida county.

Biographical Sketch of A.P. Williams

A.P. Williams, real estate and insurance agent, was born in Ind.; moved to Benton County, Ia., in 1856. He has been engaged in business in Cedar Rapids and Omaha. Came to Ida Grove in 1881 and engaged in business as above.

Biographical Sketch of Jasper McArthur

Jasper McArthur, farmer, was born in Linn county, Ia., in April, 1857; came to Crawford county in March, 1878, where he engaged in farming on 145 acres, section 1. His post office in Battle Creek. On Jan. 1st, 1879, he was married to Ella Page, of Linn County. They have one child.

Biographical Sketch of G.W. McIntosh

G.W. McIntosh, furniture dealer, is a native of Wis.; came to Ia. in 1869, and engaged as carpenter and builder. He moved to Red Oak in 1873, and to Battle Creek in 1877. In 1881 he engaged in his present business.

Biographical Sketch of W.E. Churchill

W.E. Churchill, dealer in hardware and agricultural implements, was born in N.Y.; came to Clarence, Ia., in 1862, and was employed as salesman in a hardware store until 1871, when he engaged in business for himself. He moved to Battle Creek in 1878, and engaged in business as above.

Biographical Sketch of C.P. Lund

C.P. Lund, dealer in agricultural implements and stock, was born in Denmark in 1834; came to America in 1861 and farming in Wis. In 1870 moved to Ida County, Ia., and in 1877 came to Battle Creek and engaged in stock and lumber business. In 1881 engaged in the above business.

1884 Silver Creek Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Anderson, James Anderson, Mary Anspach, Jacob Anspach, Levi Anspach, Milton Armstrong, William Austin, George Barley, James J. Baxter, Robert Bennett, E. A. Bleakley, Chris Bray, August Bresnahan, Daniel Buck, Charles Buck, John Buck, Wm. Burrows, James Carter, J. Carter, John Clapsaddle, George Clouse, Collins, J. Condit, R. B. Cooper, J. B. Corey, Matt Corey, Pa. …

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1906 Silver Creek Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Able, W. R. Albrecht, Emil Anderson, Edward Anderson, James Anderson, F. A. Anderson, W. J. Anspach, George Anspach, Milt Baie, Frank Baie, Joseph Baxter, Robert Benedict, Ed Bennett, Chas. E. Bennett, Etta S. Bennett, D. D. Bennett, E. A. Bennett, W. J. Berman, Wm. Bieschke, Julius Blair, W. S. Bleakly, C. Bresnahan, Dan Brown, Thos. …

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1906 Logan Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Alexander, E. L. Back, William Badenhop, George Baldwin, Frank J. Belt, James H. Bergendahl, Henry Boysen, Cornelius Bricker, Henry Briese, August Brockman, Charles Buell, Fred Buss, Bert E. Buss, Ernst H. Carstens, Charles Catherman, Ivan Cipperly, George Clausen, Henry Derksen, John Droegmiller, Rudolph Ebert, Frederick Edson, W. J. Eisenhower, H. J. Ericksen, Peter Ericksen, Wm. …

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