1906 Griggs Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Albers, Charlie W.
Albers, Christ
Andresen, Henry
Arp, Fred

Bagenstos, Arthur
Bauer, Charley
Bauer, Christian
Bauer, John F.
Bauer, Lena
Bergmann, Henry
Blenner, V. P.
Bremer, Henry
Buckley, Charley S.

Clancy, Martin
Corregoux, Herman

Dittmer, Hans
Dochla, Henry

Ehrp, Nicholaus
Ehrp, Peter
Ehrp, William
Ewoldt, Herman
Ewoldt, Julius

Farley, A. W.
Ferguson, R. B.
Foresman, Wm. C.
Frahm, John
Fritz, August
Fritz, John
Fritz, William
Fuerchtenicht, Herman

Giese, C. P.
Goettsch, Henry
Goettsch, William
Groepper, Herman
Groepper, William
Grones, Anton

Hansen, Thomas
Hoeck, Thomas
Hollander, Ferd

Indorf, Fred

Jatho, F. C.
Johnson, Thomas
Jurgensen, J.

Kahl, William
Kistenmacher, Charley
Klotz, Fred H.
Kroeger, Emil
Kuchel, August
Kuehl, H. E.

Lage, Emil
Lage, Henry
Lamp, C. G.
Lamp, G. N.
Lee, J. E.
Leonard, Hiram J.
Leonard, Ransom
Lingle, Thomas
Lohafer, A. F.
Ludwigson, Lars

Meidell, H. H.
Meidell, J. H.
Meidell, O. H.
Meyer, Henry
Meyer, William
Michael, Herman
Mighell, Burton
Mohr, Henry

Nagel, Ferd
Negless, Adam

Paulsen, Gustav
Paepke, E.
Peters, Herman
Peters, William
Putensen, John
Putensen, William

Raabe, John
Roehlk, Henry W.
Roehlk, Henry C.
Rolfs, Earnest F.

Scherner, Claus
Schlintz, Henry
Schlintz, John
Schneckloth, P.
Schmidt, Adolph
Schmidt, A. W.
Schroeder, Carl
Schroeder, Charles
Schroeder, Claus
Schroeder, James
Schroeder, William
Schuett, Hugo
Schuett, William
Seglem, Jens
Smith, Albert
Smith, Thomas W.
Sones, Anna
Sorensen, Henry

Thede, William
Thorburg, Henry A.
Timmermann, Herman
Timmermann, Theodor

Ungar, Sherman

Watters, William
Warenas, Thoris T.
Warenas, T. T.
Weber, Fred
Werner, Wm.
Whyte, Stewart
Wieben, Henry
Wienert, A. H.
Wienert, Geo. N.
Wienert, William
Wiese, Henry
Will, C. L.
Wink, Fred
Witt, Christ

Yule, Henry

Zoch, Fred

Directory, Land,

White, Judy. Ida County Iowa Genealogy. Web. © 2012.

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