Location: Hutton Illinois

Biographical Sketch of J. B. Flenner

J. B. Flenner, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Westfield; was born in Butler Co., Ohio, Nov. 18, 1829; up to the age of 24, he remained engaged in farming with his parents; in 1853, they started West, stopping in Clark Co. for five years, when they moved to Coles Co., reaching here in August, 1858, and settled on a farm in Sec. 30, Hutton Tp., near “Otterbein Cemetery,” where his mother died Aug. 1, 1859; shortly after, Mr. Flenner settled upon the farm where he now resides, his father, since the death of his mother, residing with him; his farm

Biography of Daniel Evinger

Daniel Evinger, farmer, carpenter and millwright; P. O. Westfield; is a native of Ohio, having been born in Hamilton Co., of that State, Sept. 10, 1820. In November, 1831, when he was 11 years of age, his parents moved to Coles Co., and settled upon Sec. 19, Hutton Tp., where Mr. Daniel Evinger now resides. His parents died upon the homestead, his father in the year 1835, his mother in the year 1855. His father carried on the business of carpenter and millwright, and was also a minister of the United Brethren Church in Hamilton Co., Ohio. After coming to

Biographical Sketch of T. L. Endsley

T. L. Endsley, merchant, Salisbury; was born in Coshocton Co., Ohio, Nov. 21, 1842; his parents, Thomas and Matilda, were natives of Harrison Co., Ohio; his father was born in August, 1801, and is still living in Coshocton Co., Ohio, having lost his eyesight in the year 1876; his mother died about the year 1854; the subject of this sketch remained with his parents until he was 25 years of age, when he came to Hutton Tp. in the fall of 1866, and, the first winter, taught school; in the spring of 1867, he went to Westfield, Clark Co., Ill.,

Biographical Sketch of C. P. Davis

C. P. Davis, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was the eldest of nine boys, and was born in Lawrence Co., Ind., Sept. 13, 1829. In 1829, while he was still an infant, his parents, John C. and Elizabeth Davis, moved to what was then Clark Co., and settled in what is now Hutton Tp., of Coles Co., and first having lived in different localities in the township, about the year 1840, settled on Sec. 34, where they lived up to the time of their death, Mr. Davis dying Nov. 30, 1871, Mrs. Davis’ death having occurred January, 1862. Mr. Davis was

Biographical Sketch of J. W. Dallas

J. W. Dallas, farmer; P. O. Westfield; was born in Hutton Tp., Coles Co., Jan. 16, 1849; his parents, Hiram and Sarah, were natives of Ohio, and, in the year 1839, came to Coles Co.; in the spring of 1840, they moved to Clark Co., where, after remaining five years, again returned to Hutton Tp., of this county, and settled on Sec. 35, where they lived up to the time of the death of Mr. Dallas, which occurred March 5, 1878; the subject of this sketch was born on the homestead, where he still resides, containing 120 acres, his mother

Biographical Sketch of William R. Cox

William R. Cox, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in Bedford Co., Virginia, Feb. 25, 1832; when he was 16 years of age, his parents, Joel and Margaret Cox, moved to Ross Co., Ohio, living there eight years; they came to Coles Co. in 1856, and, three years afterward moved to Independence, Warren Co., where they died, his mother in 1874, and his father in March, 1876. While living in Ohio, Mr. Cox married Miss Hannah C. Thompson, April 28, 1853; she was a daughter of Nathan Thompson, who was a native of Virginia, and moved to Ross Co., Ohio,

Biographical Sketch of Adam Cox

Adam Cox, farmer; P. O. Westfield; was born in Hutton Tp. July 26, 1840. His father, Anthony, was one of the first settlers of this county, a native of Virginia; he was married twice, his first wife being Miss Gilbert, and his second wife Miss Eliza Fuqua; his father died when the subject of this sketch was quite an infant; his mother still lives near her son, between 65 and 70 years old; at the age of 21, Mr. Cox married Miss Mary Garrison (daughter of Peter Garrison, another of the early settlers), on Dec. 5, 1861, and soon after

Biographical Sketch of James A. Cox

James A. Cox, farmer; P. O. Westfield, Clark Co.; was born in Hutton Tp. Oct. 26, 1846; his parents came to this county about the year 1829, and were among the first settlers; his mother died Feb. 2, 1877; his father is still living, in Cumberland Co., Ill.; the subject of this sketch remained with his parents until he was 25 years of age, when he married Miss Lucinda R. Morris (daughter of Janie,: Morris, of Clark Co.) March 21, 1872; shortly after his marriage, he moved to a farm on Sec. 11, remaining there until the fall of 1872,

Biographical Sketch of F. E. Cottingham

F. E. Cottingham, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in this township March 17, 1849; his father, John J., was born in Kentucky Nov. 23, 1816, and his mother, Sarah J., in Harrison Co., Ind., in 1821; his father first went to New Albany, Ind., and Louisville, Ky., working at brickmaking and as a brickmason, and, in the year 1836, came to this county and first settled near Westfield, Clark Co., and from there to this township; in the year 1859, he moved to Charleston,Coles Co., and died on Oct. 9, 1863; his mother is still living, and is at

Biographical Sketch of Jeremiah C. Cooper

Jeremiah C. Cooper, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in Franklin Co., N. C., April 25, 1786, being now 93 years of age, hale and hearty; he remained with his parents up to the age of 21, working upon farms in the neighborhood, when he purchased a farm in Randolph Co., N. C., and lived there until 1841, when he came to Coles Co., and on April 22 of same year purchased the farm on Sec. 24, upon which he has ever since resided. While living in Randolph Co. he was elected Sergeant of the 18t Regt. of North Carolina