Location: Hutton Illinois

Biography of E. R. Connely

E. R. Connely, farmer; P. O. Westfield; was born in Lawrence Co., Ind., March 6, 1829; his parents, Joel and Effie Connely, came to this county in the spring of 1832, and were among its earliest pioneers; having raised one crop, they returned to Indiana, and, in the fall of same year, brought out their family, consisting of six boys and five girls accompanied also by their grandfather and grandmother Pennington; they made the journey the whole distance in wagons, driving their stock, composed both of sheep and cattle, with them. His grandfather Pennington was a Baptist minister, and among

Biographical Sketch of George Bidle

George Bidle, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Westfield; was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, Sept. 25, 1833; he remained there until he was 17 years of age; his parents having died in Germany Mr. Bidle emigrated to the United States, landing in New York City in April, 1852, and first went to New Jersey, remaining there four months working upon a farm, after which he went to Louisville, Ky., and worked at the wagon-maker’s trade for two years, when he came to Westfield. Clark Co., Ill., and from there, in the fall of 1865, moved to Coles Co., and settled upon

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Sarah Ann Bryant

Mrs. Sarah Ann Bryant; P.O. Westfield, Clark Co.; was the daughter of Samuel Jack, of Ohio, who was a native of Virginia; she came to Coles Co. with her parents when she was 19 years of age, where they both died. She married James Parker May 26, 1842; he was the son of George Parker, and died May 7, 1864; they had ten children, two only living – Matilda J., now Mrs. John Anderson, of Hutton Tp.; Harriet R., now Mrs. Wm. Mars, of Johnson Co., Mo.; eight deceased-Jonathan, who enlisted in Co. “F,” 123d Regt. Ill. Vols., was killed

Biographical Sketch of Elijah Adams

Elijah Adams, farmer; P. O. Diona; was born in Licking Co., Ohio, Oct. 23, 1824; in the year 1838, his parents, John Adams, who was a native of New York, and Susanna Adams, a native of Maryland, moved to Coles Co., and settled on Sec. 17, where the son now resides, having entered the land; both died there, his mother in October, 1877, and his father, June, 1878. The subject of this sketch has always resided in this county with the exception of the years 1850 and 1851, when he was mining and prospecting in California. He has held the

Biographical Sketch of Elias Anderson

Elias Anderson, farmer; P. O. Diona; is a native of Ohio, and was born in Champaign Co. June 16, 1807; he remained with his parents until he was 32 years of age, his father having died about the year 1833; he remained with his mother until her removal to Michigan, where she died in the year 1844; Mr. Anderson, before his removal to this county, married, Sept. 20, 1835, Miss Hannah Place, her parents being natives of Pennsylvania; in the year 1839, they came to this county and settled where he has ever since resided; they had five children, four

Biographical Sketch of Matthias Beavers

Matthias Beavers, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in Meade Co., Ky., June 6, 1823; his parents, William and Nancy, came to Clay Co., Ind., while he was an infant, and settled near Bowling Green, and after remaining there some six or seven years, came to Clark Co., and lived in the ” Rich Woods,” near Westfield, and about the year 1833, came to Coles Co. Mr. Beavers remained with his parents up to the age of 21, when he married Miss Elizabeth Endsley, daughter of Andrew Endsley, of Hutton Tp., on Jan. 2, 1845; shortly after, he came to

Biographical Sketch of William Beavers

William Beavers, farmer; P. O. Hutton; is one of the pioneers of this county, and was born in Loudoun Co., Va., on 23d day of July, 1797; at the age of 17, he left home, driving a team to Barren Co., Ky., remaining there for four or five years. In the year 1818, he married Miss Nancy Bradenburg (daughter of Henry Bradenburg), and after remaining at the home of her parents one year, rented a farm for one year, and, in 1820, went to Clay Co., Ind., remaining there for seven years; in 1827, he came to Clark Co., Ill.,

Biography of Richard O. Wells

Richard O. Wells, farmer; P. O. Westfield; was born in Bourbon Co., Ky., Dec. 29, 1809; he remained there with his parents until he was 25 years of age assisting on the farm; his father died there in the year 1835; his mother surviving him until the year 1860. Mr. Wells, while at home in Kentucky was married August, 1831, to Miss Jenette Boston (daughter of William Boston of Kentucky); she was born July 15, 1815; shortly after his marriage, he moved upon a farm near that of his father’s, where he lived until his removal to Clark Co., in

Biographical Sketch of G. W. Smith

G. W. Smith, farmer; P. O. Westfield; was born in Pulaski Co., Ky., April 17, 1813; when he was ten years of age his parents moved to Lawrence Co., Ind., and remained there about six years engaged in farming; from there they moved to Vigo Co., Ind., where his parents died. In 1839, Mr. Smith came to Coles Co., and first settled on Sec. 27, in this township, living there until 1863, when he moved to his present farm on Sec. 26, containing 87 acres. He held the office of School Director several terms. He married Miss Eliza Boland (her

Biography of John Sargent

John Sargent, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in this township March 20, 1846; his father, Stephen, was born in Candia, N. H., July, 1, 1797, and at the age of 13 went to New Jersey, remaining there three years, and from there traveled on foot to Ohio, working one year upon a farm in that State; he then went to Kentucky, near the city of Louisville, working at tine trade of stone-mason, and while there made a trip upon a flatboat from Louisville to New Orleans and back. In the year 1836 he came to New Richmond (now Westfield),