Bingham County ID

Bingham County, located in the southeastern part of Idaho, offers a landscape characterized by its agricultural plains, part of the larger Snake River Plain, and is bordered by mountains that provide a picturesque backdrop. Established on January 13, 1885, from Oneida County, Bingham County was named in honor of Henry H. Bingham, a U.S. Congressman and Civil War veteran, reflecting the area’s historical connections to broader American history. Its creation was part of the westward expansion and settlement patterns encouraged by the U.S. government during that period. The county seat, Blackfoot, is known for the Idaho Potato Museum, a nod to the region’s significant role in potato farming. Bingham County’s economy has historically been dominated by agriculture, including potatoes, grains, and livestock, due to its fertile soil and favorable climate.

Biography of Hon. George B. Rogers

Some men achieve success almost instantaneously, some by slow accretion, others only after long and patient working and waiting. The experience of men who are willing to work persistently and intelligently and wait calmly goes to prove that success may surely be attained during an ordinary lifetime, and no man not cut off at an […]

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Bingham County

While not one of the most populous nor one of the most wealthy counties in the state, Bingham county does not by any means stand at the foot of the list. In 1891 the Idaho Register, published at Idaho Falls, in giving a description of Bingham County, stated that it was the largest county in

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