Biography of Daniel H. Clyne

A captivating address, a cheerful manner and a friendly interest in those with whom one comes in contact will not alone make success for any man, but all things being about equal, these three things will give their possessor supremacy over any competitors who do not possess them or possess them in a lesser degree. This means that some men are able to make many personal friends, well-wishers and helpers, and any warm personal friend is a material assistance to any man in any business. Sheriff Clyne, of Bingham County, Idaho, has this faculty of binding others to him, a faculty which is none the less potent because it is exerted unconsciously, and to the kindly and helpful interest of his friends he attributes much of the success he has achieved. It should be added that a good deal has been expected of him and he has been equal to all demands placed upon him.

Daniel Henry Clyne is of German lineage on the paternal side and was born in Indiana, in 1857. Thomas Clyne, his father, married Miss Sarah A. Keeney, a native of Pennsylvania, and the father now lives in Kansas. They had seven children, four of whom are living. Daniel Henry Clyne, fourth in order of birth, was reared in Nebraska and educated himself in the school of experience. He began life as a cowboy, and later embarked in the stock business on his own account. He came to Idaho Falls in 1890 and for a time was employed in a livery stable. Subsequently he was enabled to open a stable of his own, and by close attention to business and honorable and courteous treatment of all with whom he came in contact, he gained the favor of the public and in a few years built up a large and profitable trade. Indeed, his success in this and in every other enterprise with which he has had to do since coming to Idaho has been most flattering. His home in Idaho Falls is one of the best in that part of the county.

In politics Sheriff Clyne has been a Republican even from the time when he had not yet attained sufficient age to exercise the right of franchise. He was elected town marshal of Idaho Falls and was reelected three times, filling the office for successive terms, with ability and discretion. In 1898 he was elected sheriff of Bingham County. He was the only Republican on the ticket, and in his own town received three hundred and eighty votes out of a total of five hundred. After his election his friends in Idaho Falls had made and presented to him a beautiful gold badge, thus decorating him with the insignia of his office. In 1881 Mr. Clyne married Mary Watson, a native of Missouri, and they have had seven children: William H., Nettie E., Bessie A., Wesley T., Chase D., Frederick C. and Charles C.



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