Location: Benton Missouri

Biographical Sketch of William Ward

William Ward was born in Clinton county, Missouri, December 8, 1844. He is a son of Rev. A. J. Ward, a minister in the Baptist Church and now laboring in this and adjoining counties. His father was a native of Kentucky, and his mother whose maiden name was Nancy. Sharp, was a native of Tennessee; she died when he was about ten years of age. At about the age of seventeen years he enlisted as a member of Company C, Eleventh Missouri Cavalry, and served about three years and was with the regiment in its many scouts and marches and

Biographical Sketch of William P. Erwin

Was born in Wayne county, Indiana, October 30, 1829. His parents, John and Elizabeth Platt Erwin, were natives of Delaware and of Scotch-English descent. They moved to Indiana in 1828. Young Erwin was brought up on a farm and received his education at the excellent schools in the neighborhood where he lived and received a good English education. In August, 1851, he married Miss Eliza Cabberly, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, born in 1827. After marriage he was engaged in farming in Indiana till 1879, then moved to Missouri and located in Daviess county. Here he owns a fine farm

Biography of William M. Williams

William M. Williams was born in Greenup county, Kentucky, February 9, 1834. His parents, John D. and Eleanor Williams, nee McCosky, were among the first settlers of Kentucky. They came to Missouri in 1841, and, on April 20th, of that year, camped on Grand River in this county near where William M. Williams now lives. His father was a member of the legislature for two terms from this county. He sold goods in Old Pattonsburg for quite a number of years and had an extensive acquaintance over northwest Missouri. He died January 31, 1872; his wife, the mother of the

Biography of William Earl

William Earl was born in Monroe county, New York, April 13, 1816. His parents, John and Frances Earl, were natives of New Jersey. They located near Rochester, New York, and Mr. Earl engaged in the mercantile business. When young Earl was five years of age his father died and four years later his mother also died. At this early age he started to earn his own living. He first worked near Buffalo, New York, next in different parts of Ohio; and after making a little money attended school at Carthage and by hard study acquired a fair education in the

Biography of William C. Atkinson

William C. Atkinson is a native of Rockingham county North Carolina, born April 25, 1809. His parents, William and Mary Atkinson, nee Clark, were both born in Maryland; his father forty miles east of Baltimore and his mother in Annapolis. His grandfather, Royal Clark, was the founder of Clarksville, Maryland. The parents of our subject moved to North Carolina and both died in Rockingham county, his mother in 1835 and his father in 1843. His half brother, Thomas Atkinson, was one of the first settlers in Daviess county and died near Gallatin in 1837. At the age of twenty-two years

Biographical Sketch of W. T. Miller

W. T. Miller was born in Hawkins county, Tennessee, December 4, 1828. His parents Obadiah and Susan A. Miller, were early settlers of Missouri; his mother died May 5, 1876, and his father, May 25, 1878. When twenty-one years of age he began by renting a small piece of land, was industrious and saving, and in 1853 was able to buy forty acres of raw land. He has kept steadily increasing his possessions until he now owns over four hundred acres of highly improved land. On June 23d, 1853, he was married to Miss Charity W. Nance, a native of

Biographical Sketch of W. H. Deskin

W. H. Deskin is a native of Pike county, Kentucky, born June 5, 1854. His parents, W. H. and Louisa Deskin, nee Atkins, were natives of Kentucky and are now both dead. January 26, 1863, his father was commissioned lieutenant of cavalry to rank from October 4, 1862, by Governor John Letcher of Virginia; served till the close of the war, and participated in many memorable battles; was taken prisoner at Alexandria and while in prison contracted a disease that ended in his death, August 8, 1866. His wife, the mother of the subject of our sketch, only survived him

Biography of W. G. Weldon

W. G. Weldon was born in Hart county, Kentucky, November 29, 1835; son of Jonathan and Sarah Weldon, nee Burch. They were both natives of Pittsylvania county, Virginia, and were reared there, but moved to Hart county, Kentucky, and were there married and lived from 1830 till 1856, then moved to Missouri and located in Harrison county. His father died on April 20th, 1880, but his mother is still a resident of Daviess county. Young Weldon was an apt and industrious student and after graduating at Camden Seminary, Kentucky, he began school teaching and after coming to Missouri was engaged

Biographical Sketch of Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker is a native of Stokes county, North Carolina, born December 9, 1814. His parents, Owen and Susannah Walker, were also natives of North Carolina, but moved to Monroe county, Indiana, and lived there about two years, and there, in 1846, the father died. The mother and family then moved to McLean county, Illinois, and lived there two years, then in the fall of 1849 they moved to Missouri and located in Daviess county, and here the mother died in 1856. On January 19th, 1835, Mr. Walker was united in marriage to Miss Cynthia Evans, born in Stokes county,

Biographical Sketch of Thomas J. Mattingly, M. D.

Thomas J. Mattingly is a native of Richmond, Madison county, Kentucky, born September 30, 1828; son of Ignatius and Mary Daft Mattingly, both natives of St. Marys county, Maryland, and early settlers of Kentucky. His father died in 1832 and his mother in 1867. At the age of eighteen years he went to Lawrence county, Indiana, and there began the study of medicine and lived in various parts of the State till 1852, when he came to Missouri and located at Plattsburg. He was engaged in the land office department till 1861, and then began the practice of medicine at