Prominent British Bakers of Today

ALFRED BAKER: M.A., LL.D.; Prof. of Math.; b. Toronto; educ., Univ. of Toronto; mem. of var. committees, including Senate of Univ. of Toronto. Add.: Muskoka.

PROF. ALFRED THOMAS: Litt. D.; Ph.D.; F.R.S.L.; Prof. of French and Lt.; b. 1873, s. of late Rev. Thomas; educ., Univ. of Heidelberg. Publications: Sur Robert de Blois. Add.: London.

COMMANDER ARTHUR BANNATYNE: D.S.O., 1918, R.N.; y. s. of Major Richard; commanded (B.M.S.) Cyclamen in Persian Gulf, 1924. Club: United Service.

BRIG.-GEN. ARTHUR SLADE: C.M.G. 1915; b. 1863; served in S. Africa, 1900-01. Club: Junior Constitutional. Add.: Peans Wood, Sussex.

LT.-COL. BERNARD GRANVILLE: D.S.O. 1918, F.R.G.S.; F.R. Hist. S.; b. Poona, 1870; s. of Montagu Bernard. Publications: “The Walls of Constantinople”; educ. Winchester; served with 21st Hussars, India. Club: St. George’s.

BEVAN BRAITHWAITE: M.A., B.Sc., D. Sc., F.R.S.E.; Prof. of Math. in the Univ. of London; educ., Sidcot School. Publications: of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. Add.: London.

BRYANT: Sculptor; b., London, 1881; s. of John; educ., City and Guilds Technical Institute; executed Woodrow Wilson Memorial for the League of Nations. Add.: New York City.

C. ALMA: C.B.E. 1919; went to Malaya and New Zealand surveying; became a pioneer in planting rubber. Add.: Perak, F. M. S.

CHARLES: Edit. and Direc. of The Newspaper World; b., Maidstone, 1851, y. s. of Charles. Founded The Newspaper Owner Club: Whitefriars. Add.: London.

CHARLES HENRY COLLINS: Keeper and Sec. of the National Gallery; b., 1880; s. of John Collins. Add.: London.

CHARLES MAURICE: C.I.E., Indian Civil Servs., retired 1927; b., Cobham, 1872; s. of Thomas Henry; educ., Tonbridge. Add.: Kent.

EDMUND WILFRID: I.S.O. 1912; Registrar, Gov’t of India Finance Department; b., 1869; e. s. of late Alexander; educ., St. Xavier’s Coll. Add.: Simla, India.

REV. EDWARD MORGAN: Headmaster of the King’s School; b., 1874; s. of late Edward; educ., Denstone Coll. Club: University. Add.: Parramatt, N. S. Wales.

ERNEST A.: M.A.D. Lit.; Director Univ. of London School of Librarianship; lecturer in Eng. Club; Univ. of London. Add.: London.

BT.-COL. EUSTON EDWARD FRANCIS: D.S.O. 1919; M.C.; educ., Sherborne. Club: Junior Army and Navy. Add.: London.

FREDERICK SPENCER ARNOLD: Master of the Supreme Court of Judicature; b., 1885; 3rd s. of late Frederick Arnold; educ., Oriel Coll.; called to Bar, 1909. Add.: London.

FREDERICK GRENFELL: M.R.C.S., Eng. L.R.C.P.; ed., L.S.A., London; Surgeon, retired; b., India, s. of Lt.-Col., F. M. Pub.: “The Model Republic”. Add.: London.

GEORGE: Baritone singer; b., 1885; e. s. of Walter; educ., privately. Birkenhead Institute. Has sung at all principal concerts in Great Britain. Add.: London.

RT. HON. HAROLD TREVOR: P.C. 1915; M.P. (L.) Accrington Div.; mem.

of H. M.’s Army Council, European War; b., 1877; s. of late Sir John; educ., Winchester; called to Bar. Add.: London.

HENRY FREDERICK: Sc.D.; F.R.S.; Lowndean Prof. Astronomy and Geometry; educ., Perse School. Add.: Walcott, Cambridge.

SIR HERBERT: Kt., cr. 1926; A.R.A. 1922; F.R.I., B.A.; Gold Medallist; s. of T.H., b., 1862; mem. of Athenaeum Club of Art. Add.: London.

HERBERT BRERETON: C.B.E., 1917; M.A., D.Sc. (Oxon); Member of Council. Publications in Journal of Chemical Soc.; educ., Oxford. Add.: London.

J. PERCY: Mus. B., Dunelm. F.R.A.M.; Sect’y of Musical Ass’n; Edit. of Organists Quarterly Record; b., Islington, 1859; s. of J. H. Publications: “Church Music”, “Choir Boys’ Handy Book”, etc. Add.: London.

SIR JOHN: M.D.; Kt., cr., 1919; late Supt. of Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum; b., 1861; educ., Marischal Coll. Add.: Surrey.

JOHN: F.F.I., F.S.S., Ass’t Sec’ty, Iron and Steel Trades Confed. Born, Stockton-on-Tees; s. of John. Add.: London.

JOHN RANDAL: M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon); Demonstrator in Zoology, Oxford; b., 1900; y. s. of Rear-Admiral Julian A.; educ., Boxgrove School. Add.: Oxford.

JULIAN LEVETT: F.I.C.; technical chemist; editor of the Journal of the Institute of Brewing; b., 1873. Publications: “Brewing Industry”. Add.: London.

OLIVER: R.E., 1881, R.C.A., 1908; A.R.C.A., 1894; artist and antiquary; b., Birmingham, 1856; 4th s. of Samuel Henry. Publications: “Lodlow Town and Neighborhood”.

PERCY M.: M.B.E., B.Sc., Eng., B.Sc., A.M., I.E.E., A.M., I. Mech. E.; b., 1872; educ., Mason College, Birmingham. Clubs: Royal Societies. Add.: London.

PHILIP J. NOEL: M.A.; b., 1889; s. of late J. Allen. Publications: “The Geneva Protocol”. Club: New Univ. Add.: London.

LT. COL. SIR RANDOLF LITTLEHALES: 4th Bt. of Ashcombe; cr. 1802; D.S.O., 1918; b., 1879; s. of 3rd Bt. and Amy. Served, European War, 191418. Add.: Dorsetshire.

RICHARD THOMAS: Lecturer on Forestry; b., 1854; s. of Richard Thomas. Educ., Woolwich. Publications: “Hard Woods of Australia”. Club: Old Newingtonians. Add.: London.

MAJOR ROBERT JOSEPH: D.S.O., 1902; late Royal Dublin Fusiliers; b. 1857; s. of late John Baker, Co. Dublin; served South African War, 1900-02; retired, 1911. Add.: Co. Dublin.

WALTER JOHN: M.P. (Lab.), East Bristol, since 1923; b. 1876. Add.: London.

WALTER REGINALD: C.V.O., 1911; b. 1852; educ., York; connected with Allan Steamship Co.; Club, Mt. Royal. Add.: Montreal.

WILL C.: M.A.; Professor of Physics, Queen’s Univ.; educ., Queen’s Univ.; publications: “Hall Effect in Gold for Low Fields”. Add.: Canada.

SIR WILLIAM FREDERICK: Kt., cr., 1918; late Senior Master in the Supreme Court Taxing Office; retired 1918; s. of late Henry; club: Junior Carlton; add.: London

ADMIRAL WM. HENRY BAKER: O.B.E., 1919; Royal Navy; D.L.; b. 1862; y. s. of late Henry John Baker. Educ., H. M. S. Britannia, Dartmouth. Add.: London.

MAJOR WILLIAM HENRY GOLDNEY: D.S.O., 1917; 13th D.C.O. Lancers, I.A.; b. 1888; entered Indian Army, 1910. Served during European War; Marri Campaign, 1918; Afghan War, 1919. Add.: c-o India Office, S. W.

REV. WILLIAM JAMES FURNEAUX VASHON: Rector of Brandesburton since 1887; b. 1851; educ., Shrewsbury School. Publications: “Selections fromthe Epistles of Horace, with notes. Add.: Brandesburton.

REV. WILLIAM WING CAREW: M.A.; Vicar of Southill; b., Long Melford, 1800; e. s. of Rev. W. S.; educ., King’s Coll., London. Add.: Southill, Old Warden.





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