Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1773 Baptisms

Joel, son of Jacob Kiefer and his wife, was born in the night before Jan. 26, 1773, and baptized on the 27th. Sponsors were Simon Reuter, Solomon Zant and Dorothea Kiefer.

Christian and Christine, a pair of twins, children of John Remshardt and his wife Margaret, were born Jan. 30, 1773, and both received lay baptism the same day. The boy died half an hour afterwards.

Isaac and Mary, a pair of twins of Isaac Torth, 20 miles from here, were born Feb. 14th and received lay baptism on the 16th, 1773.

Christian, son of John Justus Gravenstein and his wife Catharine, was born May 7th, and baptized on the 8th. Sponsors were Lewis Bunz and Barbara his wife, Urban Bunz.

Sarah Frager, wife to Shadrit Harper, 16 year of Age, was baptized on the 5th of March, 1773. Witnesses were Daniel Burgsteiner and Mary his Wife.

Abraham, Son of% 9 Ravot of Purrisburrow, 3 months old, was baptized the third of March, 1773. Godfathers were John Strohbarth in whose Place stood Mr. Dasher and both Parents.

Salome, a Negro child belonging to John Floerl, was born March, 1773, and baptized. Sponsors were John Floerl and his wife.

Mary, a Negro child belonging to Solomon Zant, was born March 10, 1773, and baptized. Sponsors were Solomon Zant and Apelone Rieser.

The children of John Heinle and David Steiner were not reported.

George, a Negro belonging to Christine Kiefer, was born Jan. 10, 1773, and baptized March 24, 1773. Sponsors were Christine Kiefer and Solomon Zant.

Christian Steiner’s son, was born May 6, 1773, and baptized the next day. Sponsors were Samuel Krauss and Ruprecht Zimmerrebner.

Mary Barbara, daughter of Mary Barbara Wobner, a woman from Switzerland, travelling through here, was born May 8, 1773, and baptized on the following Sunday. Sponsors were Jacob Meier and his wife and Ursula Daescher.

On May 11, 1773, the following eleven children were baptized in Mr. Bacon’s house Anne, 6 years old, and Clermont, 3 years old, both children of Joshua Stafford and his wife Martha. The parents were sponsors.

Sarah, 5 years old, Samuel, 3 years old, and David, 8 months old, all three children of Abraham Wiehle and his wife in Carolina. The parents were sponsors.

William, 6 years old, Susannah, 4 years old, and Anne, 2 years old, children of Samuel Wilkins and wife Mary. The parents were sponsors.

John, 5 years old, and Peter, 3 years old, children of Jacob Kettel and his wife Elizabeth. Sponsors were the parents themselves.

Martin, 3 years old, son of Martin Schuman and his wife Tabitha, was baptized together with the 1o children aforementioned on May 1773. The parents were sponsors.

David, son of John Bassinger in Ogeechee and his wife Barbara, was born March 24, 1773, and baptized May 18, 1773. Sponsors were John Floerl and Mary Magdalene Gruber.

Daughter of Christian Oechsle sen., was born in the night between July 14-15, 1773. Sponsors were Ulrich Neidlinger and his wife Mary Magdalene ; Mary Michler. She was baptized on the 17th.

Sarah, daughter of an Englishman Buts, 3 months old, was baptized July 18, 1773. Sponsors were both parents; the father was represented by

Catharine, daughter of Nicholas Schubtrein and his wife Margaret, was born Aug. 15, 1773, and baptized the next day. Sponsors were Joseph Schubtrein and Agnesia his wife.

Solomon, son of Fredereck Schrempf and his wife Christiana Elizabeth, was born Aug. 16, 1773, and baptized the following day. Sponsors were Solomon Schrempf and his wife.

Catharine, daughter of Matthew Bittenbach and his wife Anna, was born Sept. 6, 1773, and baptized the same day. Sponsors were John Hangleiter and Catharine Hangleiter.

John, son of John Maurer and his wife Mary Magdalene, was born Sept. 6, 1773, and baptized the next day. Sponsors were John Flerl and his wife and Solomon Zant.

John Christopher, son of John Martin Reihlaender and his wife Frederica, was born Oct. 3, 1773, and baptized on the 11th. Sponsors were Christopher Frederick Triebner and his wife Frederica Mary and Mr. Christopher Kraemer.

Anne, daughter of Trowell, an Englishman, and his wife, was born Aug. 12, and baptized Oct. 16, 1773. Sponsors were John Lastinger and Barbara his wife.

Tobias, son of Peter Freyermuth, was born in the night between Dec. 7-8, 1773, and baptized on the 8th. Sponsors were John Caspar Wertsch, Lewis Bunz, Anna Margaret Knoll and Anna Schiel.

Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Gnan and his wife Hannah, was born Dec. 19, 1773 in the night, and baptized the next day. Sponsors were George Gruber and his wife Elizabeth and Lewis Bunz and his wife Barbara.

Voigt, A. G. Ebenezer Record Book: Containing Early Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Effingham, Ga., More Commonly Known as Ebenezer Church. Savannah, Georgia: C.A. Linn, 1929

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