Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1758 Marriages

James Fletcher and Margaret Pigg were joined in marriage Feb. 6, 1758 in Halifax.

John Caspar Greiner was united in marriage with the widow Caroline Magdalene Bornemann, Feb. 7, 1758 in Halifax.

Jacob Mohr, from Gosen, was united in marriage with the widow Elizabeth Walliser, here in Ebenezer, March 2, 1758.

John Caspar Wertsch and Miss Hannah Elizabeth Gronau were united in marriage March 14, 1758. The wedding sermon consisted of the urging of beautiful passages only, which treat of the good, that believers in Christ have and enjoy here in their discipleship of the cross, as wisdom 3:9; Ecclus. 34:14-20; Isaiah 45:24; I Cor. 1:30, from which may the Lord grant to them and all who heard them an abiding blessing.

John George Schneider and Anna Barbara Schneider were joined in marriage March 21, 1758.

James Ducker and Alice Heaton were joined in marriage April 15, 1758.

John Schneider and Catherine Grimminger were joined in marriage June 7, 1758.

Jacob Caspar Waldhauer and Agnesia Ziegler were joined in marriage June 27, 1758.

Nicholas Schubdrein and Anna Mary Zuercher were joined in marriage July 4 of the same year.

Thomas Schweighofer and Hannah Flerl were joined in marriage Aug. 1, 1758.

Thomas Davis of Mount Pleasant and the widow Jane Southerland were joined in marriage Aug 17, 1758.

Samuel Greves and Margaret Huber were joined in marriage November 7, 1758.

George Gruber and Elizabeth Schwartzwalder were joined in marriage Nov. 14, 1758.

John Michael Zishler was united in marriage with the the widow Barbara Lackner, nee Haeusler, Nov. 21, 1758 in the church in Goshen.

John Martin Rheinlaender and Mary Kalcher were united in marriage Dec. 12, 1758.

John Jacob Heuseler and Anna Mary Haefner were joined in marriage Dec. 12, 1758.

Luke Moser was united in marriage with the widow Anna Catherine Kuebler from Goshen, Dec. 28, 1758.

Voigt, A. G. Ebenezer Record Book: Containing Early Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Effingham, Ga., More Commonly Known as Ebenezer Church. Savannah, Georgia: C.A. Linn, 1929

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